Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Roofus the Cat, the American Idol Kansas City Auditions

We're in the beginning of a bitter cold spell here in New Jersey. But early this morning on my way to work, I spotted a certain Roofus the cat taking a nap in his favorite spot. I think the sun probably heats the bricks some. He didn't look uncomfortable, but I was shivering. (Remember, if you click on the image it will open up in a new window much larger than it is here.)

Now it's on to American Idol ...

Heh. Yes, I'm using this for the bad auditions. In reality, it's on the side of the Friends Meeting House (Shakers) in Plainfield, NJ and it's regarding the war. But it fits this situation to a lesser extent.

The bad were bad once again tonight on American Idol. However, I was more impressed with the folks they showed making it through tonight in the Kansas City auditions than I was with the ones from Phoenix. I'm not too keen on Jason Castro's younger brother, but I doubt he'll make it through Hollywood (two) Weeks. The last young woman (mother of three children, living in hotel with husband and kids due to tornado) was the best of the women so far. As for the guys, I liked the ones the judges enjoyed -- the welder, Anuup, the teacher who recently lost his wife, and the marching coach guy.

Don't you love that the only name I remembered was Anuup? ;-)

Stay warm!


monty924 said...

Hello, hello! I've been AWOL for awhile, and I see that I'm first here... huh? Always happy to see our blog buddy Roofus safe and sound and warming herself (I still maintain Roofus is a she) in the sun.

I agree with your picks on AI tonight, Jackie. I liked the welder, teacher, band coach and the last female.

I've been watching the new Survivor videos on CBS and my early favorites are Taj, Jerry, Candace and Benjamin. Taj is my early pick to win it. Looks like a fun cast.

Are we doing the survivor pool again? I hope so and look forward to the fun Thursday blogging with everyone here.


Sydney said...

Yay -- Hi Monty!!!

I didn't watch -- too much to do right now. The last few years I boycotted the auditions as I haven't found entertainment in the judges attitudes or people's willingness to make fools of themselves.

That said, I would take a look this year with the new judge and also, to see if indeed they are toning it down a bit.

Love seeing Roofus -- he is one tough cat. When it's this frigid out, I wish someday you could actually bring him home but maybe he's just too wild. ANd he made it through the last two winters, so he must have somewhere to go. Thank goodness for the little man who feeds them all... I guess Roofus avoids a lot of fights and cars by staying up on his little terrace. Smart kitty!

Petals said...

G'morning Miss Jackie & all!
So I live in the KCMO area, and you can just imagine the AI hype around here. Personally, I abhor talent shows, including AI, and have never seen an episode (a Petal rule), but it is impossible to ignore the show with it's latest local links. David Cook is from here and when the auditions were going on, you'd think The Beatles were in concert!
I'll be glad when the warbling ends and Big Brother is back! hhahhaaaa

PS - I love Roofus

meb said...

Hey monty... if you'd been gone much longer we may have had to come looking for you.

Haven't watched last night's AI, so anxious to see KC auditions.

This working three days one week and two the other takes up 5 days of blogging. I mean REALLY!!!! And it also causes me to have too much to watch at night, which also messes with my blogging.

Jackie... Still great to see Roofus safe and sound. I agree, he's soaking up that sun while there is some. Thanks for keeping us up to date.

Donna in AL said...

Glad to see Roofus is warming himself, maybe the wind can't hit him on the roof. I'll be his coat is extremely thick.

The sign reminds me of "24" but of course, I haven't watched AI. I'm holding off until Hollywood.

Monty, are you volunteering to get the pool started and keep the list? I'm in on the Survivor pool!

Donna in AL said...

Oops, that should be: "I'll BET his coat..."

RBennie said...

I DVR'd AI last night, so can't comment yet. Always a pleasure to see Roofus, though I wish he could find a warmer spot.

becky said...

I didn't watch A-I last night. Like some others, if I watch at all it will be after they get to Hollywood.

Loved seeing pictures of Roofus! Glad he has made it through the winter so far.

Did anyone watch Lost last night. There were some things I forgot about.

becky said...

Monty, are you volunteering to get the pool started and keep the list? I'm in on the Survivor pool!

I want to be in on the Survivor pool too. Also, if you get an A-I list going, please include me.

Susan in FL said...

Jackie, The "Friends" are Quakers, not Shakers. Shakers are celibate, Quakers do that thing. Some of my ansectors were Quakers. My WV today is "mindo"

Anonymous said...

Were you affected by the airplane crash in anyway today? I was so happy that everyone made it out safely. What a blessing that is. But I couldn't help but think of you and if it had an impact on your daily commute.

sizzie said...

Thanks for the Roofus update, and I hope you , Jackie, found a warm spot, too.

Tonight's TV evening will begin with a press conference, so you might have to change your recording times. Maybe not.

meb said...

I know you're not flying today Jackie, and I also know everyone got out of the airplane, but you were in my thoughts.

Sizzie: I'm having to work late... what Press Conference... Hopefully I'll get home in time. They're doing a "soft test" regarding changing over to the HD "box" on our TV stations and we're expecting a lot of calls so they asked if I could stay and redirect the calls to the appropriate people. Can always use the $$, so of course I said yes. It's gonna be a 13 hour day at work. That's a first for here since I started 3 years ago.

And I'm doing it whioutpa... oh, that's my wv. LOL

sizzie said...

meb, my listings show it is George Bush's farewell address. It begins at 7pm central and is 30 minutes on some stations and 1 hour on others. I guess we'll have to wait and see what it does to the other line ups.

Sydney said...

Meb and Siz, thanks for bringing that up. The cold front is going to hit us tonight (better bring the plants in off the patio) and my husband is out taking a walk while the temps allow (and before the sun sets completely). I am making some pork chops and we'll settle in to watch George say goodbye. I've not been able to get through more than a few minutes of his speeches in recent years... just had to turn it off.

Amazing to hear about this plane -- thank god that the plane landed in the water and not among the buildings on either shore and that all made it out alive! Some GOOD news for once! It's out there!

Delee said...

Watching the end of Guiding Light, the countdown began on CBS. Signaling something was happening, since 9/11, I dread the news interruptions. Of course, they start of with a plane had crashed in NYC. Panic-fear started to set in, then they said a USAirways had made an landing in the Hudson, I let out a sigh of relief. Don't get me wrong I am glad are all safe and it is a miracle and that pilot had many angels on his shoulders. Just wish we were informed without the countdown!

My listing say his address is 15 minutes, we will see. New tonight:
Kitchen Nightmares/The Beast.

Delee said...

OH yes...Sydney, love you are awaiting a cold front. I will take your cold front over ours any day!!! Try sub-zero without the wind! HAHA

Sydney said...

Delee -- I know I KNOW!! This is nothing like when I lived in CHicago where it was brutal, and apparently, while Chicago is bitterly cold right now, there are places that are even worse.

I welcome the cold front here because it reminds me of home in a much more palatable way.

Anonymous said...

off topic remark alert:
i really think i am gonna like laurence fishburne in CSI from what i saw in the previews...quirky, i like!


meb said...

joyzjen.. haven't watched CSI yet, but I like Fishburn, so I'll bet it will still be good. I didn't like him as Ike Turner, but it was because it was Ike Turner, the wife beater, he was portraying.

Sydney, don't know what your temps are but we're going down to 9 degrees tonight. That's in North Carolina folks... you know, the South. I want to go back to Florida, where I understand is also going in the the below freezing degrees. What's a body to do.

As my wv says: holyzess!!!!!

meb said...

For those of you, if any, who are reading Shuffle (The Texas Woman)... Chapter 13 has you on the edge of your seat.

Who can tell me (or will tell me) how to put a link in whatever you're writing and you're referring to it. Jackie and Sydney do it all the time. I just don't know how to do it. Anyone?

Sydney said...

Hi Meb -- Jackie told me how to do it once here in the comments where you would be able to click on the word you write, like chapter 13 and it would take you there. I can';t find those instructions. I know how to do it on your blog...

But you could just copy the link as it looks in your field when you are reading her, and come over here and paste it as is into your comment. While we'd have to cut and paste that link into our own browser to see it, that will work fine and is easy enough.

I would still love to know how to do the highlighted thing here though Jackie -- if you don't mind telling us again.

meb said...

Thanks Sydney...

I have a couple new posts on my blog for anyone whose interested. Would love to have you visit and leave your comment.

Clementine said...

Hi Meb!

Example of a link:


Now here's the html code to use, except anywhere I have these brackets [ ] use these brackets < > instead:

[a href=""]JACKIE'S BLOG[/a]

Put any website address between the parentheses and name it whatever you want (where it says JACKIE'S BLOG).

Have fun!

Clementine said...

And, whoops, my link didn't work because I added an extra letter in Jackie's web address!

But you get the idea.

[a href=""]MEB'S BLOG[/a]

Change the brackets from this [ ] to this < > and you get:


Sydney said...

Oh yay, thanks Clem!

lynn1 said...

I watched Flashpoint last night and thought it was good.
I think I will continue to watch it.
Friday night TV has been so crappy to me but now I feel like I have something decent to watch.

becky said...

lynn1 said... I watched Flashpoint last night and thought it was good.
I think I will continue to watch it.

I watched it for the first time too and will watch it again. I will be glad when I get the people straight on it.

meb said...

I love Flashpoint. I watched last season and was glad when it came back this season.

I have so many taped shows, that I think that's what I'll do... go watch them and get caught up.


sizzie said...

Big Love comes on HBO tonight. I am just in the middle (Sunday afternoon) of watching Friday Night Lights. I like that show. Mentalist will be on tonight after football. My listings show it will be a new one.

Hi Jackies, hope all is well with you.

Anonymous said...

Sizzie- you and I are going to need to be in touch over Big Love. Can't wait to see what the Henrickson's have in store for us!

Lars going in circles? said...



Janet said...

I like their marriage in FNL Sizzie. Seems real in ways we never see on TV.

sizzie said...

flipflop, I haven't watched yet (Big Love) , but recorded. I am waiting for the house to clear when I can actually hear the diaglogue.

Janet, Yes! At least the way they should be. : ) I have heard that the director lets the actors 'talk' instead of scripting everything and I think that gives it a very real feel. I hope FNL says on.

Anonymous said...

Long time,no hear
Hope all is well with you Jackie,


Sydney said...

sorry folks -- that was me signing on as Janet -- I am doing an open house with Janet and we made a gmail account for RSVP's -- I was checking on them and still signed in to our account, lol.