Monday, January 26, 2009

Some TV, Some Off Topic, and Happy New Year!

This sign for is way off base -- "18 million people in NYC and only 70,000 Broadway seats." Um, NYC is more like 8 million, not 18. What's up with that? I apologize for the quality of the image. I took it out the train window.

In TV doings, my latest review of Cold Case and my latest Reality Clack column are both up over on CliqueClack TV.Tonight's Big Bang Theory is a repeat, so I won't be rewriting the review I posted a while back. At least Letterman is new this week. Phew!

Today marks the Year of the Ox. Happy New Year! The big parade in Chinatown is Sunday. I'm toying with the idea of going into the city for it. A lot will depend on the weather and, of course, how I feel.

I've got a bit of bad news for the regular readers ... well, for me, at least. It's nothing which will affect the blog or anything. But I've been having problems with my right knee (my original bad knee which was operated on ten years ago). I have a visit scheduled with the orthopedic surgeon this coming Friday. Right now I have to work longer before I can have any sort of operation as I have to build up my short term disability. I generally don't put too much stock in them, but I'm going to ask for a cortisone shot in the knee to buy me a few months. I'm probably going to end up with a second knee replacement. Thankfully, I only have two knees!

In better news, I saw Roofus the cat on Saturday morning and forgot to post the photos! (Clicking on them will make the image open larger in a new window.)

Today's musical non sequitur:
Workin' in a coal mine

Goin' down down down
Workin' in a coal mine
Whoop! About to slip down
-- "Working in a Coal Mine" by Lee Dorsey


Donna in AL said...

For some reason I cannot see your pictures, they are just a box with the red X in the corner.

I am so sorry to hear about your "good" knee. Hopefully, it will not have to be replaced again. All your faithful readers need to get the band of prayers going for you!

I would think you would get some great colorful pics if you make it to Chinatown!

Petals said...

Jackie, you know me. I'm Jodie, a long-time fan & loyal poster. So please understand that this comes from a good place: You're killing me with Roofus.
I am pet-less for the first time in my life, and all I wanna do is drive up there and scoop that sweet kitty from that roof.
Hell, at this point, I am so needy for pet affection I'm about to adopt a pet kale plant! And it's all your fault, Jax, cuz your wonderful photog-art makes me LOVE Rooofus and Kale.

dla said...

Jackie, I sure hope you can hang on to your original knee! Try the cortisone. I was able to avoid a second surgery on my back by submitting to weekly epidural steroid injections for a period back in the day (90's). Hated it, but I would have done anything to avoid going under the knife again.

I hope you get to Chinatown for the parade! That would be great, and you could pick up some faux designer bags while you are there! lol

Great to see Rufus. I have been meaning to ask you if Rufus' building is the same building from a photo you posted on 2.8.06 on your personal blog?? I was going back in time one evening, and, low and behold, there was a picture that looked like Rufus' perch...

Have a great week, and take it easy on your knee!

meb said...

Roofus really looks zonked out in that first picture. I couldn't see him in the second pix even tho I enlarged it.

Sorry about the knee Jackie... hopefully with our prayers you won't have to have anything done... it'll just heal!!!!!

Petals, get to an animal shelter quick. You know they have so many babies, young and old, who need adoption.

Delee said...

That sure is not wonderful news about your other knee. Hopefully, it is sore because of your new knee and you are still have posture adjustments happening. Does that make sense?

I know if I have one knee bothering me, I walk differently then the other knee or hip starts to hurt. Keep us informed.

Chinatown parade sounds like fun. Hope you can make it. Pic's of Roofus always welcome. It has been a hard winter for him and now we have more crap coming Tues into Weds. He must have a great hide'y hole somewhere to stay dry and warm.

RBennie said...

Oh no Jackie, I really hope you won't have to have another knee replacement. Hopefully the shots will do the trick. You'll be in my prayers.

I agree with MEB Petals, there are so many animals in shelters that need a loving home like yours.

It's always good to see Roofus.

Nana in the NW said...

Petals--my vote is that you go to your nearest shelter and find a kitty that needs someone to love him/her. There are always so many strays that are put to sleep each year because there is no room in the shelters.
*About our area the Humane Society have raided several puppy mills in the past week. It has been determined that the of dogs seized 80% are pregnant and due to give birth within the next 2 weeks! These dogs could deliver as many as 1,000 PUPPIES!!! All local breeders and boarders have been contacted about housing some of these animals.

Jackie--as for your you think you damaged it in the fall you took about a month ago? Hopefully, the shot will buy you some time. We may have to start calling you "the bionic blogger". LOL

I finally got to watch the first 2 episodes of The Beast...I'm still on the fence about it.

I am really ready for Survivor and AR to start!

ORKMommy said...

Hi all!! Yes I am alive...

I got everyone's emails about the Survivor pool for this season but things have been crazy here at work. I'm averaging about 10 hours a day & haven't had a day off in 9 days...probably won't get one until Saturday :)

Once things slow down I'll put the list together and post it before the season starts.


sizzie said...

Orkmommy, please count me in on the pool, if you have room. And you have plenty of time before the show starts in Feb. Is it Feb 12 or did they change the date? Thanks for doing it.

meb said...

Man orkmommy... no days off for 9 days and still counting??? That's got to be tiring and still no relief. Take it easy when you do finally get a day off. No worry about the pool, we know you'll get to it.

nana... so glad they raided the Puppy Mill... wish they'd do it with all of them... those poor animals being bred just so somebody can say they have a pure bred animal... who cares... I've always had mutts and they are the best and they're cheaper to obtain.

American Idol on tonight. Just watched last weeks that I taped. You know the auditions as to the judges are ridiculous. Simon and Paula argue all the time, but when they changed the seating, she had to get over to him and sit on his lap and then when all was done, she was sitting next to him. What's with that???? Jerks all except Cara and it won't be long before she's one of them for real.

RBennie said...

I totally agree with you about the AI judges MEB. I am sick to death of Simon, Paula and Randy's antics. I would love to see a whole new crop of judges. I like Cara so far, but we'll see how long before she starts acting like them.

Sydney said...

Jackie -- I am always amazed when I see the long shot of where you look to see Roofus. I mean, It's amazing you ever spotted him. I know how far away it is, and have for more than a year, but every time I see the true distance I marvel at your ability to pick him out.

Since I KNOW he's there, thanks to you, I can see him easily -- the black and white on that roof... but in real life, would I ever have? And I am a detail person!!!

Petals, I totally know what you mean. I want to take him home. It's FRIGID outside. Clearly he is warmer on that roof and has food. He is feral and prolly would not be able to be caught, scampering away from any person...

Anonymous said...

check with your ortho about the chicken shots, they are new and work well about 75% od the time when it works it does great.
It works better than a cortisone shot. I've been where you are had the bad one replaced 2 years later the other went.

Petals said...

Thanks guys. I know i need a new baby, but I am temporarily in a small apartment, but the MINUTE the ink is dry on the title of the house we'll move to this summer, I will get a new baby!

Okay - so now I need to find a picture of kale....

Petals said...

Okay, I'm kaled.

Zoetawny said...

I finally found the time to post. Yea!!!!


I'm sorry about your "good" knee continuing to cause you grief. I know you've thought it was heading in that direction. I hope the cortisone shot will give you enough relief until your insurance benefits will allow more short term disability. I have every confidence in your making good decisions about your health.

Off topic...

Last week was really a rough one for me. My son had to go to the ER with very alarming and strange symptoms. He had an EKG, echo-cardiogram, chest x-ray and blood tests. Nothing obvious was detected but I'm still unsettled about it.

My stepson is still battling cancer and may be admitted to UCLA for a bone marrow transplant soon. He's had to undergo a barrage of tests to qualify and was ambivalent about the treatment. He has been through so much he was about ready to give up. But, the doctor told him the transplant was the only treatment that could possibly save his life. There's no certainty that it will work so it was a big decision for him.

Then to put my stress threshold over the top, my granddaughter (9 yrs. old) presented with macular degeneration at a routine optometrist appointment. This progressive disease which causes total central vision loss can affect juveniles as well as seniors. Needless to say we were devastated. But, when she saw the opthalmologist a week later he found no pathology. I don't understand how there could be two different diagnoses but I'm hoping and praying that the opthalmologist is the accurate one. My daughter will seek a second opinion from another opthalmologist to be certain.

Last but not least, my Zoe had to see the vet again this week. She has a "sore" (for lack of what to call it) on the outside of her lower lip which is bleeding slightly. The vet called it a skin infection when we saw him for this and her eye problems just before Christmas. He prescribed a new oral antibiotic. If this doesn't clear it up she will have to be anesthetized for a biopsy. I'm very concerned about what this skin infection could possibly be.

Loved the photos as usual, Jackie. Roofus must have more than the proverbial 9 lives.


I totally understand how you must be feeling. Maybe you can get a furry stuffed animal until you get settled in your new place and get a new furbaby. It might be better than kale. :D


It's sad to hear about the puppy mill but it's good to know it was raided by the Humane Society. I could write a book about this subject but I've already taken up too much space here. I hope Josie is behaving herself and feeling fine.

I hope you all stay safe and warm with the wicked snow/ice storm arriving in many areas.


dla said...

Zoetawny, you and your family are in my thoughts.


Sydney said...

Zoe, I am so sorry, you have been going through the wringer! I have known several people for whom bone marrow transplants, though rough, worked miracles! I hope that for him... and that the second eye doc is right. And that your son is OK too. Keep us posted.

dla said...

For my Prison Break buddies ~

Here is an update.

sniff sniff... :(