Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Today and Tonight on TV

If decorative kale could shiver, it would be shivering. It's been really cold here for over a week. But that didn't stop Roofus the cat from catching some early morning rays today. Read on for TV stuff!

I've learned my lesson. Never again will I whine about nothing on television. Tonight I'll be watching the three hours of Lost. The first hour is actually that questions answered thing they previously aired. However, with the long hiatus, I need a refresher. I won't be blogging the show in depth here as I found I was missing too much when I did it. But I'll surely zap up a short commentary post on it.

I plan on recording both American Idol and Criminal Minds. I haven't even really thought about the 10 PM (ET) hour -- chances are that I'll be recording something then, too. And I have yet to watch my Bonnie Hunt Show I recorded today while I was at work. So much to watch, so little time.

What are your TV plans for tonight?


Donna in AL said...

Hey Jackie, glad you posted tonight. I am with you on watching Lost but then I can't blog and watch anything. I have been reading so much on the internet lately, I haven't half paid attention to what I was watching anyway. I think I need to close my laptop tonight or I will be LOST!

I saw Life on Mars returns next Wednesday. I really liked that show and I'm glad it will be back. I wanted to watch that show about Lies too but I think it is on at 9 (ct) tonight.

My WV is tap hog...what does that mean?

Zoetawny said...

Just had to take a moment to stop by before the big event starts tonight...LOST. With all the problems I've been dealing with these last few months it doesn't take much to get me pumped and excited about something fun for a change.


I hope your computer issues have been resolved. We do worry when we don't see a daily entry from you. Seems as though computers have become another life line and I can't imagine being without one. Even though I haven't been posting much I still read and enjoy all your great photos. I've gotten an insider "taste of NY" thanks to you.

The inauguration coverage was enlightening and inspiring. We are still the greatest country in the world. Yes we can!

Keep the faith!

Laurie said...

What am I doing tonight? Well right now I'm watching the end of American Idol. Earlier tonight I enjoyed the wonderful PDX Granny while we ate Chicken Picatta here in Portland. So good to see her again!

Zoetawny, we were just talking about you tonight, wondering how you are doing and how your stepson is doing. You are in our thoughts!

dla said...

Thank you, Jackie, for the Roofus update. Those pictures will always bring a smile. :)

I had a low key night with the TV as background noise (Law & Order) as I took care of some computer business.

I now have three fur kids sleeping on my bed, and I think I will pull up the season premiere of Big Love from my On Demand.

Sydney said...

I will be out of town til Monday so I will probably not get much chance to watch anything... we did start watching Friday Night Lights and my husband is a big is it Battlestar Gallactica? fan.

It may be hard for me to post from my iphone but I will be reading!

meb said...

Jackie, watched last week's two hour Lost then the first hour of this week's. Wanted to watch the rest, but by that time, it was nitety nite time. I'll watch tonight.

Zoetawny, so glad to see your comment and know you're still among us. Really miss you when you don't comment.

Laurie and pdxgranny... I'm so jealous that you two get to spend time together and have become kindred spirits.

And yes Jackie... thanks for the Roofus update. Love seeing him sunning himself and staying warm.

RBennie said...

I don't know why, but I was exhausted last night. I watched AI, when I wasn't dozing off. I taped Criminal Minds and Top Chef. I'm glad you guys are enjoying Lost. I could never get into it, it left me lost, LOL.

Petals said...

Roofus! And kale. If I could, I'd cover both with warm, fuzzy blankets.