Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What a Wednesday Primetime TV!

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I'm writing this up during commercials as I watch Life on Mars. Now, tonight was one darn good television night for me! First, there was American Idol (which I'll write a bit about here), then Lost (will write more about tomorrow), now Life on Mars (which I probably won't do much more than touch on in this entry). One quick time quibble with Life on Mars -- All in the Family started in 1971. This show is supposed to be 1973. In 1973 everybody knew who Archie and Meathead were! How did that get by the producers, editors, etc.?

I didn't write up anything on last night's American Idol and ended up hitting the sack not much after it ended as I had to get up extra early today. Had the Jacksonville auditions had anyone who really impressed me, I would have written a quick entry last night. But, blech for the most part. A few were okay, but they'd have a long way to go to win it all.

Tonight's auditions from Salt Lake City were different for me. First off, there was an Osmond -- the son of Alan Osmond, the eldest singing Osmond. I didn't realize Alan had been sick and he does really look like he's been through the wringer. But he has a son much cuter than Donny ever was! I thought the Osmond could sing, too. He made it to Hollywood.

As a sidenote, I saw Donny on The Bonnie Hunt Show recently. He will be doing Dancing With the Stars.

I also liked Megan (very pretty stay-at-home-mom with tattooed arm) and blond girl at the end whose parents passed away. Yeah, another sob story. There are a million sob stories on the show and she's but a one. However, I enjoyed her voice. She could be very interesting.

Did anyone catch your eye? And, how do you like the new graphic by rockin' Zoetawny?


Petals said...

G'morning everyone.
Federer advances to nother well-deserved major final. Love him.
I have never seen American Idol, never will. A rule. I have a few strange rules, and one is that I'll never ever ever watch an episode of AI (among other things).

Petals said...

oh - and I'll never see an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond. And I'll never watch a Robin Williams comedic movie.

Petals said...

or fictional crime drams - I have never (and never will) watched a fictional crime drama, like CIS or one of those shows. Why watch fiction when TruTV has the real thing?

Petals said...

Besides, I'll probably end-up on my own episode of Snapped one day. If I ever run into Michael Vick, that encounter will make headlines. Grrrrr

Delee said...

OK Petals....LOL....enough.

I think it was David Osmond. Quite a looker for sure...the girl who lost her parents is Rose (I believe), quirky but different. She is so lucky to have a family that took her in the past year. Even Simon said she was memorable, but then joked with Ryan later what was her name!!!

meb said...

I can excuse you Petals for not watching AI... I do, but not my favorite show.... but to never watch an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond... what's wrong... don't you like to laugh... one of the funniest shows ever and I'm very hard to please...

And Robin Williams used to get on my nerves... now, after watching his movie Patch Adams (I think that's what it was called), and loving what he was trying to do with those kids in the hospital, I now won't miss him if he's on. He truly is funny but I can take him or leave him.

Jackie...great post and Zoetawny...
WOW! Love the new graphic. You really do Rock!

Haven't had a chance to watch anything yet. Worked all day yesterday, had 90 emails from friends and family and that took me all night to go through. (don't count the ones who solicit...just delete them without looking) Love it, love it, love it!


meb said...

Guess it sounds like I contradicted myself... I meant, re Robin Williams, I can take him or leave him, but if he's on, I'll watch and if I like him I'll keep watching, if not I turn him off.

becky said...

Hey, Jackie and all. I have been having major computer service problems. Thank you, MEB for sending me the link to this blog. I can't get into my favorites file and am suffering major Jackie Withdrawal.

Loved the Roofus picture. Hate to hear that you will have to suffer through another surgery -- but it will be nice for us when you are recovering at home. I know, I can be downright selfish.

I watched Lost again last night. I really noticed Richard's eyes last night. They are drop dead to die for I think. I thought the ones who escaped had been gone only a few months. But then it showed Desmond and Penny with a baby who became a toddler during the show. I admit I am still Lost, but am hooked on the show.

Forgive if I have any misspelled words. I can't even do spell check now.

Delee said...

Everyone One Loves Raymond is a hoot. I can not imagine my in-laws dropping in whenever they feel like it and watching Debra and Ray you wonder how they stay together. One of my favs is when Rasy takes over the bill paying and pays all off, then discover all the checks start to bounce. So he sets up a check book to show Debra to hide his goofs.

Robin Williams in Mrs Doubtfire is another funny movie with Sally Fields/Pierce Brosnan. Catch it sometime!

Anonymous said...

DWTS now says that Donny Osmond is definitely NOT going to be a contestant.

sizzie said...

Petals, I am with you on AI. But, I love Zoetawny's AI graphic.

I liked the Raymond flashback where Debra thought it was sweet of his mother to be so caring and near her. The earlier ones were better...Debra got a little too cranky told the end. But, I loved when the mom was making brownies and put nuts in and took them out. Any one remember that one? that was so something I would do.

Zoetawny said...

I did manage to watch Idol last night with a few interrupting phone calls. The two that stand out in my mind are the same girls that you mentioned, Jackie. Simon seemed to really like "tattooed girl". We've got to learn her name. Hollywood should be good next week. I have mixed feelings about David Osmond. He's very good looking, nice personality and has a great voice for sure, but with the Osmond name why is he auditioning for AI? I would think he wouldn't have any problems getting a record contract. In my opinion, AI auditions are for the anonymous people with talent and no resources who would go otherwise unnoticed.

LOVED LOST!!!!!!...not enough time to write about it right now.

BTW, I wrote a long droning post to let you know what's going on with me on Jackie's Happy New Year and off topic entry.


Sydney said...

Thanks Zoe -- I will go look for that post.

Jennasmom said...

Zoetawny - great graphic!

Jackie - what's this about more surgery???? I am way behind on everything -

I didn't catch it last night, but both David Osmond and his dad Alan have the same disease. I was rewatching last night's show with my daughter & heard him say he had been in a wheelchair but was now in remission. He looks great now, but that MS can come back to get you at anytime. I liked Rose, too. Just something about her.