Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Amazing Race - 02/22 - "Your Target is Your Partner's Face"

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Yes, it's time for ... The Amazing Race! Yay! I'll be writing a more thorough review for TV Squad a bit later tonight, but this is the place for the party! I'll update the post here with important events and all are welcome to join us in the comments area.For the second week in a row, we're starting on time here on the East Coast. We're going to get spoiled, eh?

Off to Germany!

Pit Stop
1. Tammy and Victor
2. Mel and Mike
3. Amanda and Kris
4. Margie and Luke
5. Brad and Victoria
6. Jaime and Cara (14 hours after the first team)
7. Kisha and Jen
8. Mark and Michael
9. Christie and Jodi
10. Linda and Steve - Philiminated


Delee said...

Good luck all!!!

Delee said...

I brought the refreshments!

Jackie said...


Delee said...

If you have some pass em around...haha

Laurie said...

Hello everyone! We won't see the show for another 3 hours but I will stick around here for the party. *Adds chips and guacamole to the feast on the table*

Delee said...

Yummy thanks Laurie

Delee said...

Paraglide 6000 ft, lol, that is over a mile down

becky said...

I brought popcorn.

becky said...

I love these soft chocolates. Petals, it looks like our team may be in trouble. Hope the wind changes.

Jackie said...

I have paraglided in my life, but not that sort of distance or steep mountains. I did mine in the Catskills of NY and the Berkshires in Massachusetts. SO MUCH FUN! That said, I hope the wind changes -- I have Mike and Mel in the pool!

SueGee said...

Gee - I made the party for a change instead of just reading things after the fact! I made some large prawns (shrimp to those on the East Coast) so I will toss in some great shrimp cocktails for everyone!

Since I'll have the Oscars on here until TAR starts, anyone want me to list the winners as they happen?

Laurie said...

Pardon me as I dive into the Shrimp Cocktail. Divine!

Jackie said...

Sure, SueGee!

Anonymous said...

Mel caught the right wind!

Linda is lost, didn't see the arrow sign. And she's crying cause she's afraid Steve will be really mad at her.

becky said...

Steve has been so much nicer this week to Linda. I was ready to break his legs last week! He has been very sweet to her this week. I hope they make it.

Petals, our team pulled it out. #2! I am glad the mother and son are safe.

SueGee said...

best supporting actress is up first and being presented by 5 previous winners

And the winner is: Penelope Cruz

Anonymous said...

Steve and Linda are still in this but maybe only because Christie and Jodie are kind of being idiots. READ THE DIRECTIONS, people!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Linda and Steve. An A for effort. Linda should have realized this race would be too hard for here. Or Steve should have.

becky said...

I wish Steve and Linda had been safe. Guess I will go check email. See you all Thursday night.

SueGee said...

Best Original Screenplay (presented by Steve Martin and Tina Fey)

And the Oscar goes to: Milk

SueGee said...

Best Screenplay, Adapted

Slumdog Millionaire

Laurie said...

Steve and Linda are out? That means I'm out of both pools in record time! Oh well, I can still root for the teams I like and party with you.

Linda really isn't fit enough to do the race so I'm not surprised they are out. I'm surprised they even let her try. Now it makes me wonder what kind of health releases they must sign to even be on the show.

SueGee said...

ok You are all on your own for the rest of the Oscars.

Now that I have a laptop I might have to do this again!


Jackie said...

Thanks, SueGee!

Laurie said...

Thanks SueGee. Laptops rock!

Margo said...

*********TAR POOL UPDATE**********

Laurie, nomad & Margo I'm sorry to have to tell you - you have been Philimiated.

Amanda & Kris – Caroline, Sizzie & Lynn1
Cara & Jaime – Nana in NW, Monty924 & Donna in AL
Mark & Michael – Sydney, Jennasmom & MEB
Tammy & Victor – Rbennie, Delee & Dusty
Brad & Victoria – Rozee & ORKMommy
Christie & Jodi – Zoetawny & SueGee
LaKisha & Jennifer – KarenJC & Patti
Margie & Luke – PDX Granny & Jeannemarie
Mel & Mike – Jackie & Becky

Jennifer & Preston – Donna in FL, Karen & Leslie
Linda & Steve – Laurie, Nomad & Margo

Sydney said...

Watching Oscars... Tivo'd it! Miss ya but won't read til I get to watch it :-(

Jennasmom said...

Meb & Sydney - our little guys survive to race again!
I loved the background scenery tonight. Have always wanted to go to Germany/Austria/Switzerland. Have always heard how beautiful and clean they are.

Felt a little sorry for Steve & Linda - probably their only chance to see the world. She runs the race like I would! SLOOOOWWWW....

Delee, those drinks look good!

Jennasmom said...

my word verification just came up "aggies"

My dear little friend, who is a Texas A&M Aggie girl, was here visiting today. Guess, this one is for you, Teri! Good luck on that test this week! Love ya!

Petals said...

G'morning e'one! I was Oscaring last night, but I flipped over to the race on commerical break and WOW - I have found my new home: Austria! I was gonna bail to Canada after the election, but why stop there? I'm goin' to Austria.

The upset of the Oscars was Mickey being robbed. Hugh did a great job, all fun, song & dance (except for SP, who just HAD to get in a dig).

Tomorrow is FAT TUESDAY!

lynn1 said...

Last night's TAR was a trip down memory lane for me. My Hubby, Al, and I spent 8 years living and working in Europe. We spent a lot of time in the Tyrolian area of Austria and the Barvarian area of Germany.
We have been to Innsbruck numerous times but usually didn't spend much time in the city as the mountains and quaint villages just outside of Innsbruck were more to our liking.
I can't even count how many times I have been to the Konigsee. Probably dozens.
We had a favorite pension there called the Ziller. We loved a certain room because the furniture was hand carved with hearts in it! LOL
Maybe someday before I get too old and feeble we can go back there.

I am really sorry to see Steve and Linda go but I agree she was not in shape for TAR.
From the previews for next week it looks like Caroline, Sizzie and I may have a rough time with team Chris and Amanda.

Anonymous said...

I just finished watching season 1 of TAR this weekend. While production has been upped, it's nice to see it is the same show. I admire Steve and Linda for trying, for getting out of a comfort zone. So far, there's really no one I don't like.

ORKMommy said...

Gosh...where to begin...

I can't watch network TV right now because of the stupid DTV conversion. My antenna wasn't high powered enough so we finally got a new one yesterday. I had it set up in my living room (it's fairly small) but I can't get CBS or ABC on it yet. I hope that doesn't happen once we get it on the roof!

Work is totally crazy now and to be honest I completely forgot about the Survivor pool because I haven't been able to watch it and I have NO time to check in here! So without further adieu, here are the results from the last two weeks of the Survivor Pool...

Bejamin "Coach" Wade - Terry in CA & Gayle
Brendan Synnott - Jennasmom & Jodie
Debra "Debbie" Beebee - Becky & Petals
Erinn Lobdell - Dixie & Zoetawny
Jerry Sims - Rbennie & Karen
Joe Dowdle - Lynn1 & Nana in the NW
James "JT" Thomas Jr. - Margo & Donna in FL
Sandy Burgin - Joyce & Nomad
Sierra Reed - Meb & Rozee
Spencer Duhm - dla & KarenJC
Stephen Fishbach - Caroline & SueGee
Sydney Wheeler - Sydney & Leslie
Tamara "Taj" Johnson-George - Jackie & Delee
Tyson Apostol - ORKMommy & Barbwire

Candace Smith - PDX Granny & Sizzie
Carolina Eastwood - Laurie & Donna in AL

Hopefully I'll get the antenna & work situations figured out before Thursday/Friday so I can get on the ball here!

Anonymous said...

So happy to see Sean Penn win last night. Love Kate Winslet but had hoped Meryl Streep would pull out ahead somehow. Well, win some, lose some.

meb said...

I missed the party and everything and I'm upset. Bet the chocolate and shrimp and drinks, etc. were so good. I couldn't get my computer to get to Jackie's last night. No matter what I did. My Internet Explorer won't let me in.

Becky, can you send your son over to fix my computer like he did yours. I'd be ever so grateful!

Sydney and Jennasmom... we got through again, but I have to admit, the boys are so laid back that they get me really nervous. I guess it might be why they are doing so well... no conflict... I should be happy about that.

I saw little of the Oscars and am not that much into it anyway. I tried to watch, but just no interest.

Anonymous said...

Steve and Linda ought to just relax and enjoy being at the Elimination Station. Instead, they're acting a little paranoid. Steve especially needs to chill out.

Donna in AL said...

Jackie, do you know why all the CBS shows are still reruns for tonight?

sizzie said...

I finally got to watch TAR today. One day late is better than I am doing with Survivor, though. I am glad I watched because I thought Kris and Amanda were two women...they are my team so good to know they are a couple. : )

I loved the enthusiasm the brother and sister (first place team) gave to the pie throwing. That made me laugh.

I hope the eliminated team gets some good resort time while the others are running the race.

Orkmommy, thanks for updating the Survivor list. My girl is gone and I still wasn't sure which one she was. PDXGranny, sorry I didn't help you cheer her on. I'll catch up, soon, I hope

Laurie said...

Just watched the show tonight. Even though I knew how it ended (and that I would be Philiminated) it was still fun to watch. The scenery was gorgeous and I have added a vacation spot to my long list of places to see.

The good thing about my team being eliminated is knowing I can stop worrying about Linda's health, mentally and physically. Whew!

Petals said...

Happy Fat Tuesday Ms Jackie & Everyone!
I will be bringing a King Cake to my office and wearing my beads. Guess you can take the girl out of the Gras but you can't take Gras outta the girl, right?

Anyway...enjoy the day everyone.

RBennie said...

Good morning all. I'm still loving Delee's and my team (Tammy & Victor) so far. I hope they continue to work well together, though there are signs of a communication breakdown next week.

lynn1 said...

I am going off topic...
To those of you who watch and love "24" did last night's episode seem more predictable and less suspenseful than usual?

Al and I are usually so hyper after the show from all the unexpected twists and turns but last night was different for us.

We anticipated and predicted much of what happened before it happened.

Just wondering if anyone else noticed it?

Happy Mardi Gras from the Big Easy!

RBennie said...

Hi Lynn, I DVR'd 24 last night. I plan to watch it tonight and will comment about it tomorrow. I can usually predict a few of the things that happen, but there is almost always something that I never saw coming.

lynn1 said...

Rbennie I am with you that on every episode some things are pretty easy to predict but it seemed like last night everything was predictible. Nothing really had me going Wow I didn't see that coming.
Maybe as one crisis gets somewhat resolved it is easier to predict the outcome before another event produces a new cliffhanger.

meb said...

I guess I wasn't trying to predict what was going to happen. The story line was pretty clear where some of it was going from the week before. So I don't think I can say I predicted anything. I just love 24 so I don't try to second guess it.

My wv is colvert... hmmmmm.

RJM said...

I know there are a few Real Housewives of Orange county fans on here and I was wondering what your take on last nights reunion was. I have always thought Tamara was jealous that Gretchen was hotter than her. Wasn't sure about Gretchens sincerity with Jeff. If what Tamara said was true about Gretchen, what do you think about how she outted her on national tv?

Anonymous said...

I think Tamara wants everyone who watches to hate Gretchen as much as she does. Whether all she said is true or not, Tamara was being mean and spiteful to announce it there and Mrs. Insurance Workaholic Queen (forget her name) was egging her on just as spitefully.

Patty said...

lynn1-24 is a show me and my hubby watch together. We said the exact thing you did after watching bizzare. Great minds must think alike!

My wv is:stundun I hope this is not an indication that 24 will be a big disappointment. LOL!

RBennie said...

OT - Although I agree that the last episode of 24 was a little predictable, I think it was mostly because it was the end of that part of the story line. I think next week will go back to leaving us stunned and amazed.