Sunday, February 01, 2009

The Amazing Race 14: Meet the Teams, Part One

As with my Survivor cast, I'm breaking this one down into parts. I apologize to folks on dial-up as these might be slow loading for you with the videos. But I have to give CBS folks kudos for making the videos embed-capable! It's so much easier to comment along with the video! You go, CBS!

Brad (age 52) and Victoria (age 47) Hunt are a happily married couple from Columbus, Ohio. Keyword is "happily." I'm so tired of bickering use the race to get back together couples! He's a distribution dispatcher while she's a tax manager. I'm a bit worried about her health issues (as described on their bio page), but I think I'm going to enjoy watching them in the race.

Mel (age 68) and Mike (age 38) White are a father and son team from Lynchburg, VA and Santa Monica respectively. I wrote about them in my TV Squad post on spoilers early in January. Mel told his family that he was gay when Mike was 11, then went on to become "
a gay-rights activist, has worked as a writer, professor, filmmaker and a pastor." Mike is a successful screenwriter in California with hits like School of Rock starring Jack Black. According to their bio on the CBS site, they are the most traveled and most opinionated team. I enjoyed their video clip and think they'll be fun to watch on the show. I do think the elder White's age might hinder them, but he seems in good shape.

Amanda Blackledge (age 23) and Kris Klicka (age 24) are a happy dating couple from San Diego, California. Note the word "happy." They've been together for three years and aren't seeking to find out whether they belong together or not. Phew! She's a student while he's a sales rep. They come across as energetic and personable in their video clip. The strikes against them include not being well-traveled and being so young. I bet they're going to get along pretty well with the other teams which might outweigh their shortcomings, though.

Cara Rosenthal (age 26) and Jaime Edmondson (age 29) might look like a sister team, but they aren't -- they're former NFL cheerleaders for the Miami Dolphins. Cara is now a law student out of Boca Raton, Florida while Jaime is former police officer out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. They don't mention what Jaime is doing now on the CBS site. I often tend to groan at some of the female "all looks" teams on the show, but I think these two gals might be the strongest female team ever. They're well-traveled, used to rushing, very physically fit. Could they win it all? I say a definite "maybe."

Stay tuned for more teams!


meb said...

It's exciting that the two shows are coming back on. Can't wait. Looking forward to more notes on the teams. Thanks Jackie.

dla said...

I actually enjoyed each of the teams that you highlighted, but I may already have a special place in my heart for Mel and Mike. I like their vibe!

Looks like some serious potential for a great season. Yahoooooo!!

Laurie said...

Thanks for posting this, Jackie. I look forward to getting to know the couples. Those young folks from my city (San Diego) might have to be my team!

Delee said...

I was away most of Sun, getting home around 6p. Did not check the blog till this am, Jackie you were a busy girl.

At this point I have not seen a AR team I do not care for, but we will see cracks develop as the race deepens. I had checked Reality TV World last week and read about the teams, but with Jackie breaking it down helps to learn who is who faster!

Thank you Jackie and when is your next DR appt since last one was XCL'ed!

RBennie said...

Let the race begin!

nomad said...

Oh, I can't wait for this one to start again either! I always miss the first half hour because I am away until 8:30, but oh well, what can ya do, eh? At least there is Jackie!