Tuesday, February 17, 2009

American Idol - The First 12 Group

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Now, I can't promise to do this each night, but I'm here now with a look at the first group of twelve. I'll be updating this post sporadically as the show airs. From this group, all but three will be eliminated. The judges seem to be playing Three Nice Judges against One Mean Judge. Guess who is whom? Interesting, each contestant's parents have been with Ryan for the after performance interview. What if there are family issues?

Jackie Tohn: Eh, great first name, lots of energy. I don't think she'll make it.

Ricky Braddy: Wow. What a voice! I don't really remember this guy much, but he's good!

Alexis Grace: Better than Jackie, but still not amazing like Ricky was. Hmm ... even Simon is liking her. He's comparing her to Kelly Clarkson. Maybe I'm wrong -- no. I'm not. I think Ricky was better!

Brent Keith: He's a bit country. I think he could probably have a hit country record right now. But will he make it? He's good, but he's against a lot of talent tonight.

Stevie Wright: Hmmm ... off to a rough start, methinks. Nice girl, but I'm not seeing her making it or winning it all.Weird outfit -- she has HUGE feet. Phew, Randy agrees with me. Well, he didn't mention her feet. The judges aren't thrilled at all.

Anoop Desai: Ah, here's some talent! I'm not overly thrilled with the song choice. But he can sing! The judges agree with me so far. None of them seemed to click with the song choice, but Anoop should do well.

Casey Carlson: She's doing an old Police song. I'm just not getting into it. Not good. So far, the guys have been much more impressive than the girls. Once again, Randy is agreeing with me ... Cara, too. Paula, too. Simon tells her she was atrocious. She looks like a deer caught in the headlights.

Michael Sarver: This is the oil rig guy. I enjoy his voice ... let's see. Country, yes. Um, he might want to reconsider his dancing style. Definitely not bad, but not the best of the guys so far tonight. Randy has an issue with the performance, so does Cara. Gee, I should be a judge. Paula liked it. Simon isn't thrilled, but likes Michael.

Ann Marie Boscovich: She's going for Aretha ... already a better choice than some of them. Decent, but not awe-inspiring. Okay, the judges are agreeing with me. She didn't "kill it."

Stephen Fowler: I want to like him, but this Michael Jackson song is sounding a bit off key or something. Randy agrees with me ... pitchy and not good.

Tatiana Del Toro: It's a shame. She's singing better than most of the other women and some of the men. Too bad. I so don't like this excitable girl drama queen. She must go away even if she's stellar. Simon just called her a drama queen, desperate to be famous.

Danny Gokey: I really love this guy ... and he can sing! Paula is up and dancing. Heck, let's cancel this season and declare Danny the winner. He's my favorite!

My three pick for tonight is: Danny, Anoop, and then either Ricky or (more likely to be voted in) Alexis.


Anonymous said...

Alexis is annoying, neurotic, totally self centered and she must go. I agree!
I hope people do not vote for her based on wanting to see what the drama Queen will do next.

Top Female: I hope it is Alexis and not Tatiana. I do worry the judges like her and the producers want drama so we may sadly see Tatiana in the wild card. I think the judges and producers really want her in the top 12. Ugh

Top Male: Anoope and Danny and Ricky.. I would be happy with any 2 of them going through.

I think only one girl will go through but I could be wrong and I just hope that one girl is Alexis as I think she was the only girl who really did a great job on her song.


Nana in the NW said...

Thanks for the previews Jackie. I haven't got to see it yet, but I love reading your take on everyone. If they are doing 12 at times then the show must be on 3 times this week??? My poor husband....AI 3 times, Survivor, AR, Biggest Loser and Bachelor!!!! I guess this is the love/hate part of our marriage....I love it, he hates it!! LOL

Almost showtime...will check in tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I meant Tatiana, not Alexis! My top post has the wrong name for the Drama Queen girl.
I meant Tatiana as I really like Alexis and I hope she makes it through this group and NOT Tatiana.

Sorry for the error, Sheila

Jackie said...

Sheila - I knew who you meant. :-)

Nana - Only twice. For three weeks, though. Tonight was two hours, the results show tomorrow night is an hour.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie and all,

How is everyone?

Oh, I really hope you blog AI Jackie. I love reading your take on BB and AI. (I have never been able to get into survivor; I'm not into outdoorsy stuff.)

Danny and Alexis are definitely in right now imo. Anoop was sort of a shoe in for the third spot but I think he messed up tonight and may actually have to rely on the wildcard.


Jennasmom said...

Well, I liked Brent - but then I'm a country music fan. Not into pop or soul. Do like good rock. Especially SOUTHERN rock!

I think Danny will be the popular choice for the male. Although, if you run it back & listen with your eyes closed it wasn't quite the stellar performance the three musketeers thought it was. I agree with Simon on this one. Ricky probably was the most spot-on with the vocals, but lacks stage presence. Danny has great vocals, but I think he has been helped alot by his story. How can you not love a guy who just lost his wife?

I think Alexis is a shoo-in for the female vocals. No one else came close, IMO, except maybe Ann Marie. But Alexis had more stage presence. My husband, a former recording engineer, summed it up as "she's hot!" I was disappointed with Casey - she was so cute! I was hoping she would do well.

Well, this is just my humble opinion. Looking forward to seeing everyone else's thoughts!
My predictions for tomorrow night: Danny, Alexis & Anoop. (But I hope at least one country guy makes it through.....PLEASE!)

Anonymous said...

At Jokers, a number of people think the producers or judges will be sure to bring back Tatiana for the wild card, for the Drama Queen factor. Tatiana might finish second to Alexis in top female and go to Wildcard. Or she could make it through tomorrow..I hope not.

But I think the judges and producers want the laughing, the drama, and someone for that controversial place that always happens in the top 12.

Anonymous said...

(((((( Jackie ))))))))

Thanks for all !!!!!!!

Peace OUT!

sizzie said...

Jackie, I am off topic, but I watched Letterman with Bonnie Hunt and kept thinking of you. I loved her interview.

RBennie said...

I think the top 3 performances last night were all male - Danny, Anoop and Ricky. I think Anoop took a big chance singing a song that is not well known, but I happen to know and love that song (Angel of Mine by Monica) and I think he sang it beautifully. I think its cool that this Indian guy is an R&B singer! I thought Danny was great. I love the raspiness in his voice. Ricky was a nice surprise. I don't think we saw him at all during Hollywood week. Of the girls, I thought Alexis, Ann Marie and, much to my surprise and disgust, Tatiana sang the best. I'd give the slight edge to Alexis. I think Danny will be top male, Alexis top female, and Anoop will take the third spot. Tatiana looked like she was about to burst a blood vessel trying so hard to hold back the drama queen within, LOL.

RBennie said...

Jackie, Casey & Stevie were so bad it was almost painful to watch. It's looking like a boy's year so far.

Anonymous said...

I think the guys were so much better than the ladies, it is a shame 3 guys cannot go through tonight but one woman has to be picked as well.


Bet said...

I think the guys were so much better than the ladies, it is a shame 3 guys cannot go through tonight but one woman has to be picked as well.


I didnt realize there had to be a girl in there. I definately picked 3 guys. My favs were Danny, Anoop and the oil rigger. But if I have to pick a girl it will be Alexis. Though Tatianna was so much better than I expected her to be.


Margo said...

Considering that the top man and woman go through and the next highest vote getter man or woman I don't think 3 guys will win today. I vote Danny, Alexis and Anoop with Ricky coming back for the wild card show.

Petals said...

Okay, I don't watch talent shows like Idol or Dancing or any of those, so I don't know the pattern, but is there one? For instance, on Top Model they always rotate the winner to never be the same "type" as the previous season. I mean, have the past winners on Idol been boy/girl/boy/girl, etc? If so, then since white boy David won last season, wouldn't this season be won by a Spanish or Latino sort of chick? Just to keep it all equal and stuff?

Petals said...

Yeah, I just looked a the site & saw the contestants. It'll be a Latino girl that wins. That's my prediction, and I have never in my life seen a single second of any of the Idol shows - ever.

Ms Jackie... just for fun, can you like, "note" my prediction? Just to see if PC fairness plays at all into the outcome?

Anonymous said...

I LOVED Alexis! If I had to vote for just one contestant from last night, it would be her. The 3 winners: Alexis, Danny & Anoope.