Thursday, February 05, 2009

American Idol Hollywood Week ... So Far

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Whoa, they've gotten even more strict on Hollywood Week this year! On Tuesday's show, each wannabe had one song to keep them going on with the show. One bad move and POOF, they're gone.

Last night was the group singing. Now, of course, that leads to drama when the contestants might not like each other. A lot of good contenders got the boot including the Osmond and Rose (both of whom I liked). Thankfully, Bikini Girl (I can't even remember her name as I write this, but she annoys me) got canned. As the show ended, I had to call up a co-worker named Nancy Wilson and offer my condolences about her getting the boot. My co-worker is actually more personable, but I told her that her behavior going off stage was inappropriate anyway.

I'm liking the music teacher with the recently deceased wife and his friend more and more each time I see them. Have you any early favorites?

In a world far away from Hollywood, here's what it looked like around here recently:

A neglected bit o' woods is etched in snow, making it a thing of beauty. I won't mention that it's built on contaminated ground. Let's just say it's very pretty.

The Plainfield NJ Train Station in the evening last night. There's a fancy-schmancy NJ Transit double-decker train discharging NYC commuters. Clicking on the images will open them larger and in a new window.

Today's musical non sequitur:
They say that I won't last too long on Broadway
I'll catch a Greyhound bus for home, they all say
But they're dead wrong, I know they are
'Cause I can play this here guitar
And I won't quit till I'm a star on Broadway
-- "On Broadway" by George Benson


Margo said...

Congrats to MEB on her cancer news.


Anonymous said...

Is Nancy the one that was the last one to be shown leaving...with that Red hair? You work with her? Please tell me she isn't like that in real life...LOL She really seemed all ...well - you all saw. I understand her being upset at a lot of it all, but the reaction is what I didn't understand. So how did she feel about how she was edited and shown on the show last night?? What did she say when you talked to her??

I always love it when someone on here knows someone on one of the shows and can give us a more personal view. :-)

(Ugh - yet again I can't seem to get my username/password right...I am Sheri - aka CountrygirlSheri. I read daily - for years now - but rarely post due to this problem LOL)

CountryGirlSheri said...

I am just trying again to see if I figured out the id/password thing...forgive me for taking up space LOL

lynn1 said...

MEB I just wanted to say that your news is wonderful. Congratulations!
I hope you continue to enjoy Good Health.
You have have been an inspiration ot all of us.

Jackie said...

Anon - No! I work with someone NAMED Nancy Wilson, but not the one on the show. She's a fan of the show, but not on it.

meb said...

Thanks Margaret (Margo)... I'm a Margaret too.

CountryGirlSheri... you did it! And post anyway... if your name doesn't come up just sign at the bottom.

I'm with you re the girl with the Red Hair... she was a mess, but the blond did have an attitude the night before,, yet she had nothing to do with the fact that the red head didn't have a very good voice to begin with.

Lots of heartbreak going on last night, most of which we didn't even see.

Thanks Lynn1... I'm very excited that the chemo is over and I can start living a normal life again.

Jackie said...

I'm still smiling over your chemo news, MEB.


meb said...

I am too Jackie... just to know it's over two treatments early, and the doctor didn't even flinch when he said to make this my last that was the normal thing to do. I'm just so glad I asked the question to cause his response. YAY again!

nancy in nj/pa said...

hey y'all.....haven't seen much tv is what seems like forever. have only seen about 15 minutes of AI so far this season. more on my plate than i could write about. but i wanted to say hi and just let you know you are a life-saver even when you don't know it!

Margo said...

I have an AI ? Since the judges get to pick wild cards is this for the final 36? And if so could they put Rose (hippie chick), Emily (pink hair girl) or anyone in the final? Or is it after we get to vote and they pick 4 for the final 12?

Petals said...

Ms Jackie, I loved the icy tree pic. All your shots of NJ make me homesick for my NJ home before my beloved son died.

Hey, have you noticed that MEB's kitten pic looks like a baby Roofus?

sizzie said...

Nancy, it is good to see you here today.

Petals, I like your looks antiquey.

I can't comment on AI, I liked it when I watched it, but haven't been able to yet this season.

Margo, I like your descriptions, I may have to tune in to see pink hair girl and hippy chick. : )

RBennie said...

Hi all,

I also like the two guys you mentioned Jackie. It's way too early to remember all the names yet. Ms. Nancy Wilson really did need to go - strictly based on her singing - I actually thought she was right about the blond girl though. I thought the boy in their group should not have been put through either. Did that Norman guy make it through? I really wish they would drag Hollywood week out a little longer so we could actually see all the group performances and judge for ourselves.

meb said...

Petals... he does look like Roofus doesn't he... I've thought that before.

nancy in pa/nj... been missing you... hope all is ok...

Nana in the NW said...

I think this might be the year of the guys.....
I really like the music teacher and his friend. I also like the guy who works on the oil rigs and the punk-looking guy with black hair. I liked the first girl group and the two girls that performed with the music teacher(maybe in a few weeks we'll have some names to put to these people)!

I was surprised at how rude some of those people were to someone they barely knew! My girls would have had their mouths washed out with soap!!

Looks like we're gearing up for a good season. The new judge hasn't shown me alot. I think she's there to take Paula's place next season. Then Paula can go do Dancing With the Stars!

Too many shows on Tues. and Wed. My DVR doesn't have the capacity to record them all!! What's a girl to do?? :-)

CountryGirlSheri said...

(Nana in the NW said... Too many shows on Tues. and Wed. My DVR doesn't have the capacity to record them all!! What's a girl to do?? :-))

Nana - I totally agree!!! I gave in 2 months ago and got a 2nd DVR. LOL Hi....My name's Sheri, and I'm a TVaholic!

CountryGirlSheri said...

Hey....I finally figured out what I have been doing wrong all this time...LOL I haven't been able to get it to post under my name because I thought "User ID" was the name that shows when I post...But I just now figured out that it's my darn email address!! LOL :::shaking my head at how slow I was on that one, and how fast I was to give up each time:::

Margo said...

Check out my new blog - Musings by Margo

Jennasmom said...

CountryGirlSheri said."...haven't been able to get it to post under my name because I thought "User ID" was the name that shows when I post..."

Hey, girl, I did the same thing! Finally figured it out! LOL Welcome to the "Blue Name Group"

Re AI: Yeah, I'm liking the same ones, too. Should be interesting in the next few weeks to see who comes out to the forefront. In years past, seems there is usually someone we haven't seen in the early shows that pops up to be good.

Nana in the NW said...

CountryGirlSheri--welcome to Jackie's. I'm guessing you've been here awhile but posting as Anon.?? I totally understand about getting your name in says I already have an account(that's news to me!) so they won't let me open a new one. I gave up months ago....figured I look thinner in black!!! LOL

Have a good weekend's my hubby's BD so we are going out for a nice dinner and a stop at the casino. I'd like to come back rich but I'll be happy if I leave there with the $20.00 I started with!! I guess it's cheaper than a movie.

CountryGirlSheri said...

(CountryGirlSheri--welcome to Jackie's. I'm guessing you've been here awhile but posting as Anon.??)

Yah - I have been reading Jackie's blog since back when she used to host on the TV boards. I have posted a few times over the years..but usually I just read. I think I might start posting more now that I have a name :-)

I actually don't live far from you, if I remember right. I am 30 miles north of Seattle.