Wednesday, February 25, 2009

American Idol - The Second Twelve

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Well, tonight was the second group of twelve. Obviously, I didn't go into what each one sang this week. But I figured a quick post with those who I think will make and/or I liked --

My picks for the top three would be: Adam Lambert, Allison Iraheta, and Megan Joy Corkrey. Of those three, I think Adam would have the teenage female fans, but I find Megan the most intriguing.

It's too bad Nick Mitchell had to be Norman tonight, but it was funny. He's so not right for the show, but I got a giggle. I never giggled back in the days I was paying the Norbert E. Mitchell Oil Company my bills back in CT.

I kind of like Kai -- he's got a disheveled John Stamos thing going on. I feel I should note that the Jimmy Ruffin song he sang, "What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted?" was released the year AFTER "Satisfaction" (sung by Adam Lambert) was -- 1966 vs. 1965. They gave grief to Kai about the "old" song, yet loved Lambert. Sure, it was a different kind of song and Lambert rocked his out ... but!


Jennasmom said...

Am I first???

Jackie, I totally agree on the 3. Adam & Allison are superior vocally, but Megan is unique. I was really worried when I heard that Allison was going to sing Heart, but she nailed it! And at 16!

Jennasmom said...

Was just checking on AOL television's idol poll, & so far they were showing that AOL fans were picking Adam, Megan, &.......Jasmine???? She must have lots of friends & family voting for her. She's a pretty girl, but her vocals were NOT GOOD!

meb said...

I agree Jennasmom...Jasmine was not good. She was literally off key at the start of the song and I never heard her get back totally.

I loved Kai...and I loved Adam too. Not sure which of the girls I would pick.

We'll find out soon enough I guess.


Sydney said...


Monday night is the final rose and proposal and the After The Rose show.

I just wanted to invite anyone who had been commenting and stopped or who is lurking and has stopped commenting there due to the brouhaha to come on back and help us restore the fun, light, atmosphere that it's been for the last several seasons.

We've filled up three pages so you must click comment, then go to the little blue letters at the top right of the printed comments to see "Newest" and click. That will take you through to the page with the last comments made. We're on the third page by now.

sizzie said...


Thanks Sydney for the reminder. I haven't been around to chat about AI or Bach. this season because I hadn't been able to watch either show. I miss the big fun exchanges here at Jackie's, though.

I may not be able to make the B party, but will go in early and set up the place...extra tables right, a big screen in the corner, that sort of thing.

I still have to watch last week's Survivor and Lost before I can catch up with AI.

my wv is hygoli

RJM said...

thanks syd,
I'll be checking in.

RBennie said...

I thought Allison and Adam were phenomenal last night. They should be shoe ins for top boy and top girl. I wouldn't mind seeing Jasmine get the third spot. Yes, I know she didn't do well last night, but I think that was more poor song choice than anything. The girl can really sing and she's adorable! I thought Mishavonna did a great job on her song and couldn't understand why the judges were such a downer on her.

Sydney, I'm holding out until you start paying us to watch The Bachelor, LOL. Seriously though, I do plan to watch these last couple of shows, because I'm expecting fireworks.

Jennasmom said...

JUST A REMINDER: American Idol and Survivor will be on at the same time here tonight, 7:00 pm CST. Check those tv schedules & set those recorders!

Sydney said...

RBennie -- Monday night IS the final show, the one where he proposes so girl, put it on your calendar! And then there's the After the Rose show... is it on right after? I didn't look it up.

Siz - I have totally missed most of the AI's too. But I have missed a lot of things in the last several months. REALLY looking forward to Survivor tonight!

Sydney said...

RJM -- sorry, that sent too fast. Glad you'll come on over!