Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Zoetawny created yet another fantastic graphic for the day! I hope everyone is someone's Valentine ... or, at the very least, get to eat some good chocolate!

Me? Um ... I have to go to work.


KarenJC said...

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Sorry you have to go to work today Jackie - sending y'all love --

meb said...

Oh Jackie... you got a chocolate covered cherry too from Zoetawny. For those I might not have emailed, I have a Zoetawny creation valentine too over on my blog. It is so neat. You must go take a look see.

Happy Valentine's Day all!

Donna in AL said...

Happy Valentine's Day!!
So sorry you have to work, Jackie! Eat chocolate to help pass the day. Has anyone tried the Hershey's cheesecake kisses? Yummm, good.

sizzie said...

Love it Zoetawny! Thank you Jackie for sharing. That is what the day is about...sharing the love. :) Maybe work will have some sweet surprises for you.

becky said...

Happy Valentine Day to all of you. Jackie I went to the TV Squad and checked out your piece. It was great. And I agree, they need some new monkeys.

Petals said...

Happy Valentines Day all! Great graphic, too ms Zoe.

Hope everyone has a loving day.

Gayle said...

Happy Valentine's Day!

Delee said...

Late in the day...but...Happy Valentine's Day all!!!

We have snow how wonderful!

Margo said...

Happy Valentine's Day All!


Laurie said...

Happy Valentine's day everyone. Hope you are all having a good day!

Zoetawny, your graphic is great!

Margo said...

**********TAR POOL************
Here are the randomly selected teams.

Amanda & Kris – Caroline, Sizzie & Lynn1
Cara & Jaime – Nana in NW, Monty924 & Donna in AL
Jennifer & Preston – Donna in FL, Karen & Leslie
Linda & Steve – Laurie, Nomad & Margo
Mark & Michael – Sydney, Jennasmom & MEB
Tammy & Victor – Rbennie & Delee
Brad & Victoria – Rozee & ORKMommy
Christie & Jodi – Zoetawny & SueGee
LaKisha & Jennifer – KarenJC & Patti
Margie & Luke – PDX Granny & Jeannemarie
Mel & Mike – Jackie & Becky


Delee said...

Thank you, Margo for the pool!

Trouble is I have the name of my ex-hubby. UGH that gave me chills. I guess I can live with it. Now I have to go look and see the team.

LOL WV is beadech!!!

RJM in SC said...

I just wanted to say I hope everyone had a very Happy Valentine's Day.

Sydney said...

I hope you eat some chocolate at work.

Great work Zoe -- Loved Meb's too!!!

Delee-- snow! I'm jealous! (I sound like a broken record on that line)

Margo -- Thank you for keeping the pool! Meb and Jennasmom, it's awwwwn!

becky said...

Margo, thank you for doing the pool. Okay, Jackie, let's rumble!

Donna in AL said...

Happy Sunday!

Thanks for doing the pool for us, Margo. Nana and I were together on the last TAR pool and we got to third place! Monty maybe with you with us, we will get to first!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's day!

Margo said...


I am soo sorry for your pick. If you would like to switch with someone willing it's ok by me. Just let me know and I will switch them.

Good Luck everyone!


Margo said...

I'm ready for the pool!

sizzie said...

Thanks you Margo! Your pool is going to add so much fun to TAR. Delee, I have no preferences on teams, trade with me if you like. It is up to you.

Delee said...

Thank you Sizzle, for offering to change...maybe I should stay with this team:

1. Maybe this one will do better!!!

2. IF NOT, then I can have a good laugh!!!

sizzie said...

Delee wrote: IF NOT, then I can have a good laugh!!!

Suzanne said: It is funny how some names set me off, too. I can't wait to see my team Kris and Amanda in action and find out how I feel about them. Lynn1 and Caroline and I will cheer them on, but it is easier to do if they are a good team. : )

Laurie said...

Linda & Steve – Laurie, Nomad & Margo

Margo, thanks for doing this. The first couple my husband and I knew after we moved to SD all those years ago were a Linda & Steve. I'll take that as a good sign. Now to go look them up and see just who they are!

Nomad & Margo ... Let's win!!

RBennie said...

Happy belated valentines day everyone. Thanks again for setting up the TAR pool Margo. I'm happy to be teamed up with Delee. Don't desert me Delee, I think we will make a great team, LOL. I need to go back and check this couple out.

RBennie said...

Delee, I just checked out our team. They are adorable! I really hope they do well. It's kind of ironic that they are lawyers. I can't seem to get away from them, LOL.

Jackie said...

My new boss believes in the power of chocolate. Mmmm.

rozee said...

I am fired up for AR! what a great week for TV viewing. Survivor AND Amazing Race. It brings our family back together in the evenings! :-) Good Luck everyone in the pool. My first time but have watched the race since the beginning!