Wednesday, February 04, 2009

LOST 30 Second Review - "The Little Prince"

Jackie's TV Blog, Lost

What a week! I got in from work tonight in time to catch American Idol (next post). Now, I'm not going into great detail -- note my "30 Second Review" bit in the header. But, here's your Lost ... in thirty seconds:

  • Not only Charlotte has the nosebleed problems, but Juliet and Miles are, too. They all live ... for now.
  • Time continues to warp on the island.
  • Sayid reluctantly goes with Ben and Jack.
  • Ben gets his lawyer to spring Hurley (although he hasn't been sprung yet from jail).
  • Kate follows the lawyer of the person after Aaron and it turns out to be Claire's mother.
  • But it isn't her after all.
  • It's Ben.
  • Sawyer sees Kate deliver Aaron in a time warp.
  • In another time warp, Jin is discovered by French people on a raft.
  • He's alive.
  • And Danielle Rousseau is at that time young and pregnant.
  • Sun watches Kate, Sayid, Jack, and Ben. Sun has Aaron with her. Sun has a gun.
  • Tonight's key phrase: "When are we?"

Hmm ... not many questions answered, but not many new ones brought up, either. We still don't know exactly why the return of the Oceanic Six will stop the time-warping and save the others (not to be confused with the Others). Kate,Sun, and Hurley won't go willingly, methinks.


Donna in AL said...

I laughed so hard at the commercial with the action figures of them!! I cannot figure out what Sun is doing but the show jumps around to so many subjects that I don't think about it long! I kept looking for a post last night but I can't read it and watch anyway.
Great graphic Zoetawny! Thanks Jackie.

Jackie said...

When I saw that clip could be embedded, I had to do it! I too am confused by Sun. I couldn't tell exactly the significance of the photos she held.

But Ben is right -- Jin is alive. Sun would go back just to be with him.

meb said...

Jackie, I didn't get a chance to watch Lost yet, so I'll have to comment later.

Answering your comment on my blog, the answer is yes... I'd appreciate you're doing that. What do I have to do?

I have good news, well for me anyway... I don't have to finish my last two chemo treatments. I asked the doctor Monday if the last two were going to make or break my recovery and he said he didn't know, so we made this week my last treatment and I'll do another colonoscopy in a month AND if all is well, then they'll just keep an eye on me from there... YAY!

Jackie said...

MEB - YAY for the good chemo news! YAY!

As for the graphics -- if you email me the images as Zoetawny sent them to you (use the address), I can slap them up on Photobucket and give you further instructions from there. It's actually easy. I never got Blogger to animate the images and had to host them elsewhere.

becky said...

Loved the graphics AND the video. I watched the show and enjoyed it last night -- even if I am still "lost" during parts of it.

lynn1 said...

Lost just gets curiouser and couriouser but I love it. I am so happy that Jin is alive. I had hoped he would be.
I am still wondering if Charles Widmore is a good guy or a bad guy. He does or is responsible for some good things and some terrible things.
I have some weird ideas about symbolism and John Locke but I think at this point I will keep my wacky ideas to myself so all of you won't be certain that I am crazy.

sizzie said...

Lost is one show I don't mind knowing about before I watch, so I will read your post, Jackie, and the comments in a minute. I was coming Lost last night because for some reason I didn't know it was on, so didn't record it. We had a local basketball game on in the time slot and (I found out too late) they ran Lost after midnight. I will catch it when it replays, or on the Internet. Thanks for the posts. : )

sizzie said...

I just read the post and watched the clip. Thank you for that, Jackie! It was fun and informative. The only reason I can come up with for the return of those who left is to for them to be the recreate what was true before things spun out of control But, then, I am not a rocket scientist. LOL

my wv is podeflu which makes me laugh and I hope is not a sign of my future!

meb said...

Thanks Jackie... I'll have to do the graphics from home... they won't let me go into my email here at work. I'm surprised I get through to the blog. But I won't look the gift-horse in the mouth.

I'll send the animated ones to you when I get home...or I should say later tonight.

meb said...

Forgot... Jackie... I'll probably do this over the weekend. I had 65 emails when I got home last night and I'll bet they doubled today. We'll do this tho, cause I really want to show them off.

Thanks for offeering.

meb said...

now if I could only spell!!!