Thursday, February 19, 2009

LOST "316" Thirty Second Review, Plus "LOST Untangled" Video

Welp, they made it back to the island ... all of them. Jack, Sayid, Kate, Sun, Hurley, and Locke's body, as well as Ben. Here's the brief skinny:
  • Jack, Sun, and Ben met with Eloise Hawking (Faraday's mother). The church is actually some sort of Dharma site.
  • She said the island moves and they can track it with an oddly convoluted pendulum doohickey.
  • She decides they can recreate the crash by taking Flight 316.
  • Meanwhile, Desmond shows up to give her the message from her son. He says he's through with the island. She warns him the island isn't through with him.
  • Somehow even Hurley and Sayid show up for the flight. Kate, too.
  • One of the crew on 316 is Frank Lapidus -- the helicopter pilot who saved the original six.
  • The plane doesn't seem to crash, yet Jack, Kate, and Hurley all personally crash on the island.
  • They are met by Jin driving the Dharma van (which looks new) and wearing a crisp Dharma uniform. Oh. And he has a gun.
My guess is that they've arrived in another time, a time in which Jin had to join Dharma to survive. Then again, I could be totally wrong.

Here's this week's LOST Untangled video ... gosh, these crack me up:


Petals said...

Thanks for the skinny, Ms Jackie. I don't watch Lost, but a chick in my office does and she was busting today to discuss the I can give her an ear.
Your work is awesome - I wish I had your job!

Hey - where is my buddy? My roof-loving feline? Seen Roofus lately?

Margo said...

I'm ready for Survivor - GO JT


becky said...

Terrific write up. I wonder who Kate left Aaron with? She told Jack that she would go back with him but he could never ask her about Aaron.

I am addicted to this show.... even though I remain lost most of the time!

Jackie said...

Becky - I was wondering the same thing. I thought maybe I missed it, so I didn't mention it. But I guess I missed it because they didn't mention it!

Petals said...


Donna in AL said...

This was the fastest hour to pass! Seems like there is just more puzzle pieces and none went together tonight. I thought the shoes Jack put on Locke might bring him back to life. Ha ha, you never know.

Three years have passed in the lives of the ones who were rescued. How much time has actually passed for those on the island? If it has continually been jumping in time. Do they think it is still the same day as when they first jumped?

Shouldn't Aaron have to return to the island since he was born there?

Caroline said...

I'm guessing Aaron didn't have to go back to the island cause he wasn't "technically" on the plane and that was the situation they were recreating. Also, Mrs Hawkings said it had to be as close as possible, not necessarily exact. Strong possibility Kate gave Aaron to Claire's mother, but why not tell Jack. Maybe something horrible happened and Aaron is dead, but that's probably not the case.

So although I have no idea how Sayid made it to the plane, he's clearly in custody, thus recreating Kate & the federal marshall. But could anyone figure out the significance of the hispanic guy that talked to Jack at the counter and was in 1st class with them? Cause I'm betting the hispanic guy and the law enforcement lady are both on the island with everyone now.

Oh, and my fav part of the show was when Frank Lapidis said to Jack "we're not going to guam, are we?"

meb said...

I wondered about Aaron also... but Caroline's probably right. He didn't have to go back because he wasn't part of the plane crash.

What about Desmond...did he need to be back there too... although he too wasn't a part of the plane crash. He was already on the Island manning the Dharma station, so my guess is that he didn't have to go back. He wasn't one of the Oceanic 6.

I didn't get the significance of the shoes either. Guess it'll be explained a little later.

Can't wait to see how Locke "comes back", since he was already there in the time changes. It really never showed us "yet" how he got back to the states or how he died. Or did I miss something? If so, please enlighten me.

Can't wait to see Sawyer's reaction when he sees Kate, especially since Jack and Kate just did the "nasty"... or "goody", whichever way you want to view it. LOL

And who beat Ben's brains out? No one even asked him why he had all those cuts and bruises!

Caroline said...

It looks like all next week will be about Locke and his time in the States before he killed hopefully we'll have a lot of questions answered from that.

Maybe Ben is responsible for Sayid being in some sort of custody and on the plane and that's why he's all beat up? Hard to say. But how self absorbed are all these people (especially Jack) that no one questioned him about it? I mean they had all seen Ben less than 24 hrs earlier and he didn't have a scratch on him. Aren't they even curious what happened? We certainly are!

meb said...

Caroline... you have such good suggestions as to how or why something happened. Your brain is working in high gear. I love the thought that Ben had something to do with Sayid being arrested and that's why Ben's been beaten.

What's your theory regarding the Hispanic guy and the female "cop" being on the island too? I'm not sure I understand where you were going with that one. Also, what in the world does the Hispanic guy have to do with it in the first place. This one is too confusing.

And woud Kate risk letting Claire's mother know Aaron was her grandchild. Wouldn't that set up another reason to have Aaron taken away from Kate. But then, who else would she have left him with?????


Caroline said...

I remember reading somewhere that the woman playing the "cop" was joining the cast...which is why I assume she's now somehow on the island. I only assume the same fate for the hispanic guy, because they went out of their way to make sure we noticed him, so he must be important somehow.

It struck me when Sayid, in handcuffs, and the cop entered the plane that it was reminiscent of Kate and the that led me to believe the hispanic guy should have paralleled with something from the first flight, but I couldn't figure it out.

I'm not really sure where it's all headed, I'm just pretty sure it's important enough that we were supposed to notice it.

As for Aaron, I definitely think something more sinister happened to him than just getting left with Claire's mom. Otherwise why all the "never ask me that again" stuff from Kate. Personally, I'm more interested in what happened to Claire than to Aaron. If she is dead, I hope we get back to how that all transpired at some point.

LOL, clearly I LOVE this show too!