Sunday, February 15, 2009

Off Topic: Roofus the Cat

I haven't seen Roofus the Cat for nearly a week. Although I was pretty sure I was just missing him, I was a bit upset that he stood me up for my Saturday work commute. After all, Saturday is almost the "sure bet" day. Just a minute or two before my train was to arrive ...

Hey, what's that walking along the roofs?

Why, it's Roofus the Cat about to go onto the fire escape!

Look! It's Roofus ON the fire escape!

And, then the arrival to his favorite napping spot and my train comes in at the same time. Clicking on any of these images will make them open larger in a new window. Then you can just click back to this page.

Later tonight -- it's the blog party for the season premiere of The Amazing Race! C'mon back and join in on the fun!


monty924 said...

Yay, action shots of Roofus!!! I was just showing my bf his (um... her) pics earlier today.

I like my pick for the TAR pool. Thanks Margo! Now Donna and Nana, we have to root hard for the team. :)

I'll see everyone later this evening as I have to miss the first half of the show. :(


Margo said...

I'm leaving shortly for dinner with my family but I will check in latter. Save me a cupcake.

It's ON!

Petals said...

Thank you, Ms Jackie!!! Roofus has a special place in my heart now, and I am soooooo relieved that he is OK.

As for TAR, I'm staying out of this pool, but I'll be rooting for the redneck married couple. I'm done with sibling WonderTwin teams for a while. hehe

Delee said...

Those pics are a bright spot of my weekend. SO glad he has turned up. Plus he is looking healthy after this nasty winter, he must have a warm hidey hole to escape the worse of it.

Less than 1/2 hr to go to AR...can you tell I can not wait.

joy n said...

Just checked in for a moment and am so happy to see that Roofus is fine and dandy! How perfect, he's taking a nice little stroll on a sunny weekend day and then, his usual comfy nap. If only he could know how we all worry about him. Thanks, Jackie, for keeping us posted.

A note on Luke, the hearing-impaired son on TAR. He attended Rochester Institute of Technology for the Deaf in my hometown of Rochester, NY. I'm rooting for him and his mom to go all the way.

Enjoy the new season, everyone!

Zoetawny, you and your family are still in my prayers. God bless.

becky said...

Whew! My heart was in my throat for a bit there!

I think we all feel like Roofus is OUR cat!

Anonymous said...

This cat REALLY has nine freakin' lives!! I live in "sunny CA" and it's been raining for a couple of days... freezin' my cha chas off!!! ok guess water doesn't really freeze until it reaches 32 degrees. But doesn't 69 feel like 29 degrees? Roofus you are truly an East Coast cat!!! How long have we been subjected to you? You are truly the kind of pet I need. A cyberspace cat!!

I left Valentine treats for you on the escape.


RBennie said...

Great shots Jackie. I always wondered how Roofus got to his favorite spot and now I know, LOL.

Sydney said...

OK Jackie -- you trult are the bionic woman! Forget the knee replacement (soon to be plural). You have superhuman vision!

It's great to see how Roofus gets there. I am truly amazed he made it through this winter. I agree with Delee that he has to have found somewhere warm to hunker down. Thank you for finding it.

JoyN -- I don't know if you're checking back but just wanted to say miss ya.

Sydney said...

PS: jackie , on the plural. Soon but not too soon I think you said. I correct myself.

meb said...

Don't know how I missed this one. You are a marvel Jackie... even blowing up the first picture and your arrow, I still cannot make out Roofus... but that's ok cause the rest of the pictures are so obvious that there's OUR cat!