Sunday, February 01, 2009

Off Topic: Roofus, Weather, and do you want a Superbowl post?

Yep, you know I have to go off topic at times. I'm going to give you a taste of my week behind me in photos I've taken. Plus, if there is enough interest, I'll make a Superbowl discussion post later today. I'm not a huge football fan and there aren't any local teams for me this time around. So, I may or may not be watching some or all of the game (and the commercials). I might just get drawn into The Sopranos marathon on A&E. But if you want me to set up a discussion post for you, just let me know!

Onto the week in photos:

On Wednesday I laid the first tracks at the Plainfield Train Station. Yes, I had my bulky boots on. But, yeah ... I have big feet, too.

Again, the Plainfield (NJ) Train Station area on Wednesday morning. Obviously Roofus the Cat is hunkering down somewhere out of the elements.

I was up before dawn cracked on Friday due to the fact I was leaving work early for my doctor's appointment ... which ended up being canceled. Argh. No Roofus at that hour.

But, come our usual Saturday morning meeting time on my way to work, there's Roofus sleeping in the sun!

This is a bit fuzzy if you click on it for the bigger image. Roofus has awakened and is watching pigeons fly from atop the building yesterday morning.

Let me know about the football post and check out my first part posts on Survivor and The Amazing Race casting!

Today's musical non sequitur:
Gitchi Gitchi Ya Ya Ta Ta
Gitchi Gitchi Ya Ya Here
Mocha Choco Lata Ya Ya
Creole Lady Marmalade
-- "Lady Marmalade" by Labelle


meb said...

No superbowl for me... not a watcher. I'm reading emails and posting on my blog. Got a good one up, but I ain't telling what it is... you guys will have to go take a look if you want to know. And leave a comment, so I know you've been there, even if you just say "hi, it's Me". But really, you don't want to miss this one.

Roofus is adorable.. Loved seeing him moving. At least we know he's alive. Well, he did change positions on his favorite sleeping place too.

OK... am I first again... what's happened to everybody?

dla said...

Great to see Rufus, as always! That will make me smile any day.

Jackie, the pictures look 'cold'! I get so little winter here that it made me shiver, but the photography is always great! Thanks for another glimpse into your life.

Petals said...

Hey Friends!!!!
My Superbowl was at 2:30am, the men's final of the Australian Open. Hubba-friggin-hubba. Rich, healthy, gorgeous boys in shorts, sweating and making mmm-mmm noises. Bring it ON! (Roger lost, sadly, but I will love him forever anyway).
Super Bowl, shmooper bowl. I'll watch the Puppy Bowl!! It is soo cute.
And Roofus, my friend.

And tomorrow - anyone have any good groundhog recipes? hehe

becky said...

Jackie, again I am in awe of your photography ability. I love it when you include Roofus.

I have the game on, but only so I don't miss the commercials.

The Bud commercials are always the best around. Love the horse fetching the limb.

MEB, I will be over later to check out your blog.

becky said...

MEB, went to your blog. Loved the pictures. You said you suffer from the noassatall. I am right there with you honey. And it is getting worse the older I get!

sizzie said...

thank you for putting on the photos, Jackie. The second one from the top of the train station reminds me of print I have seen. I can't quite place it, but your shot is beautiful and the colors stand out.

Nana in the NW said...

Didn't think I would watch the Superbowl, but I had some paperwork to do and my hubby was watching it. It turned out to be a great game and finish...although I wanted Arizona to win.

Loving the pics. Jackie.

It's Feb. already!! That means it's closer to spring...YAY!! After the snow, ice, rains, and floods we've had I am done with winter.

I've been watching parts of AI. As for the new judge, it seems like they just brought someone else on the show to argue with Simon! A few more weeks and then the Hollywood shows will begin.

I'm also really liking the 2-hour episodes of The Bachelor. I'm not sure why they are doing it but no complaints from me!

I'm still trying to decide if I like The Beast. Patrick Swayze is sooo bad in it! I DVR it so it's something to watch on Saturday night when nothing else is on.

Tomorrow is Groundhog grandkids will be excited to watch the coverage to see if he sees his shadow.

Have a good week....I will be checking The Bachelor sidebar tomorrow night.

dla said...

Petals, we miss you over at The Bachelor sidebar! Come back to see us and give us some Shannon scoop. ;)

Well, my Superbowl was perfect other than I wanted AZ to win. I caught the last minute prior to the half time show, watched the half time show, and then went to the grocery store. I came home for the last 2 minutes of the game, and it soooo looked like AZ might take it.

I now plan to watch the good commercials online, and that is it for me.


Anonymous said...

Springsteen did an awesome job performing at half time. that's what a half time show should be like. rockin' out! not prince and all the "smooth" lip-synched performances...good ole rock and roll!!


Delee said...

Even though I am in PA not a huge fan of either PA team, but if one had to be in the SB, glad PITT S won.

Jennifer Hudson was amazing. I almost teared- up as she stood there waiting to sing the SSB. You could see she was thinking of her family and how she wished they were there with her.

WOW now they are saying both Faith Hill and JH lipped along to a recording. If so I wish performers would stop this fake habit that is growing and growing in the music world. If your voice is good we do not want to hear a studio perfected song at a concert or sporting event!

Margo said...

The Anthem is always recorded. I believe it is sung live by a few but a recording is always there as a back up. It was obvious to me that she was not singing live - in the close up shots her throat was now vibrating up and down like it normally does when on sings.

Petals said...

Bachelor sidebar? Where have I been? I will look for it. Didn't know about it...But! My Shannon is a disgrace! I wanna kill her for being such a spaz.

dla said...

Petals, I am so relieved to hear you say that about Shannon. She seems like a nice girl, but she did not do well under the pressure. I didn't want to say much as I wanted to be sensitive to the fact that you know her...

Chris Harrison was on Ellen last week, and they had a field day with Shannon's parting remarks about her electric toothbrush and french kissing her dog. :)

Petals said...

dla ~
I know what Shannon meant about kissing her dog, but I just have no idea where her head was when she made that remark! Or any of the other things she sad.
I can tell you this: She and ALOT of the other girls were really disappointed that Jason was/is such a DUD! He doesnt have a job (he is aspiring to a new career in TV), he preens more than the women, he has bad breath, etc. She was caught upo in the moment of being filmed and pretending to love the situation.
Shannon is normal, and is now home and living with her boyfriend (and her chihuahua, hehehe). Her boyfriend is obviously less-than-proud of her showing. Gessh - even MY boyfriend is razzing ME about her!

RBennie said...

Thanks for the Roofus sighting Jackie. You know how much we love those. You seem to have gotten quite a bit more snow last week than we did in NYC.

Donna in AL said...

Very nice pics Jackie. I would like to just roll in that snow since we never get any!!
I didn't watch the game. We did have the 3-D glass for the commercial at half time but that is the only one we watched. So dla, please post the you-tube addresses if you can.

Anonymous said...

Shannon went on the bachelor when she all ready had a boyfriend at home?

Hey my word verification is jackey!!!! the computer even knows she ROCKS!!!

BB said...

Hi Jackie, You have a nice cat :-) And the house, that´s beautiful! Thanks for you tv-blog.