Sunday, February 08, 2009

Off TV Topic ... for the most part

I'll be posting the video look at the last group of Survivor Tocantins castaways a bit later today. So, please check back for that. However, as I often seem to do ... it's time to go off topic for a post!

Well, not all the way off topic. I should mention my "TV Shows Off the Beaten Path" column over on CliqueClack TV, right? In yesterday's column I delved into The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. In particular, I'm loving his puppets -- especially when they yodel. Take a peek at the column for another video and my commentary on Craig! Also, on another TV note: A&E is starting the last season of The Sopranos tonight. Since I only have basic cable, I haven't seen the last season. I caught up with the rest of the series over the past summer and I'm looking forward to the finale!

Then there's the local scene. This week included Groundhog's Day. We had conflicting groundhogs, but starting yesterday we're in a warmer weather streak. That Pennsylvania groundhog predicted six more weeks of winter while the two local groundhogs (Essex Ed of NJ and Staten Island Chuck of NYC) predicted an early spring. Chuck also bit Mayor Bloomberg who seemed to deserve it from the video I saw. You don't take food out of the mouth of a huge rodent with massive front teeth! Chuck drew blood even. I suppose I shouldn't be finding it funny, but I do. Bloomberg tried to link Chuck to a terrorist factor, but I think Chuck's probably just a disgruntled taxpayer.

While Roofus the Cat stood me up for our Saturday morning work commute date, I checked out the ornamental kale. Yep, still buried in the snow and not looking quite as pretty and perky as it did in the past.

All I can say is ... was Sylar (Heroes) in New Jersey recently?

I believe I've taken a photo of this dude before. Or, if not, one similar to him. This is what happens when you leave me waiting in one of those little doctor rooms. Yes, I finally went to my appointment with the orthopedic surgeon yesterday. He understands my need to buy some time before the right knee gets replaced. I got a cortisone shot. I'm talking a turkey-baster sized needle o' stuff way down in the knee joint. Ow. But it's working. I can dance again.

Today's musical non sequitur:

Lather was thirty years old today,
They took away all of his toys.
His mother sent newspaper clippings to him,
About his old friends who'd stopped being boys.

-- "Lather" by The Jefferson Airplane


meb said...

Oh that poor Kale... do they come back or is this it for this bunch?

Great news about the knee Jackie... now no more falling down! Hopefully this cortisone will hold up until you have to have surgery again... if you have to have surgery again. I'm believing it's done and over with.

Do you take Omega 3? I had knee trouble, had cortisone shots that never worked and finally just started taking the Omega 3 fish oils and I've not had a problem since. Worth a try.

Jackie said...

meb - Knee replacement in the right knee is pretty much inevitable. I'm bone on bone with it although the left knee (the one with the TKR in May) was worse. Surgery is done and over with for the left knee ... but not for right. The cortisone is masking it for now, but by fall I think I'll be having it done. I don't think fish oil will help in the state it's in.

Jackie said...

Oh ... and the kale shall survive!

lynn1 said...

Jackie, I hope the Cortisone shot will help you out until the time that you do get the surgery.

This has been an eventful weekend around here.
Yesterday we bought a new car. It is so beautiful. My car was 10 years old with several problems. Now I feel like a queen when I drive around! LOL

This afternoon we are going to a Mardi Gras parade. "Hey Mister throw me something."

On Friday we went to digital cable and got a few extra channels like Biograhpy, ID,etc. not any of the premium channels but I am loving it!
I am so looking forward to Survivor and TAR. I know I'll be staying home on Sunday and Thursday nights for the next few months!

Sydney said...

Jackie -- I have been seeing decorative Kale everywhere I go... I think of you, and the "sisterhood" (and mine adds the traveling part, I guess) every time, and I smile every time. I think this will be the way it is for all of us for the rest of time... and that's a very good thing. Who knew all that would come from your first shot of this plant. It's had better days.

I am so glad you saw your doc and that you can buy some time. Better yet, that the cortizone shot made that much of a difference! My mother used to get those in her shoulder for bursitis when I was in junior high and high school and she described the needle the same way. And it went deep too. Amazing that they haven't figured out anything smaller and easier in 40 years time.

I like the topic of your new column and am going to get over to read it soon. I am so glad to be back home from this month of travel, which was on the heels of the long sprint through the holidays. I feel like I've been out of rhythm for months, and am looking forward to settling back into Survivor, TAR, and reading Jackie routines!

Delee said...

Alas...poor kale we knew you well. How sad we knew this was going to happen, but with all the mud, ice and snow still on the ground, the kale was a bright spot in our lives.

Jackie, glad there was a bit of help for your knee. I can not get cortisone anymore, because it eats my tissues. I had 4 shots of it various places and esp on the top of my foot there is now no padding under the skin. So if I bump it slightly, oh the pain and bleeding inside of my foot. Sorry if too graphic

Lynn, I am jealous for the Madre Gras parade. Up north, it seems it is pretty much ignored.

Sun is shining here, how glorious. Also warmer here than in Las Vegas. Oh my!

No matter what the groundhog sees or does not see, Spring still starts Mar 20th... I find the whole thing too silly. I hope Bloomberg does not need rabie shots. HAHA Good groundhog!!!

Donna in AL said...
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Petals said...

meb, I thought the same thing "poor kale!"
Jackie - I saw "replacement joints" on How It's Made...fascinating. Did you happen to catch it?
Funny. My WV is: unwarkle

Lars going in circles? said...

there was a brief update on a BB star who has terminal cancer, despite cancer being terminal- this BB star plans on getting married
I caught the tail-ending, have u heard anything?