Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday, Sunday - Some Off Topic and a Bit o' TV

Oh my gosh, Roofus the Cat was watching me take photos of him from his little balcony roof yesterday! (If you click on the image it will open larger in a new window.) I get the feeling that Roofus is one of those cats who does anything he can to avoid contact with humans. Actually, the feral cats near the train station are pretty amazing in their street smarts.

Once, at night, I saw a parked car with its lights on alongside the street. The ferals were crossing the street and, although the car was parked and not even running, each cat looked at the headlights and changed direction to run in back of it, not in front of it. I see the cats stop and look both ways before they run across the street as fast as they can. My own cat would be a goner in the feral cat world.

To my bit o' TV:

I'm still not really into anything airing on Friday nights. Usually that's okay as I can take time to watch daytime shows like The Bonnie Hunt Show which I record as I'm off to work. This week Bonnie was in reruns all week. I decided to take a brief nap after dinner and ended up waking up in time to watch Letterman. Argh. I hate when I do that!

But I do know why I was so tired. Y'see, after I watched Survivor on Thursday night, I wanted to watch C.S.I. before I got into writing my Survivor review for TV Squad and my TV Shows Off the Beaten path column for CliqueClack TV. So my plans already had me staying up pretty late writing when I have to get up at 5:45 AM for work. I watched C.S.I., turned to the computer determined to speed write my way through the two articles and then it happened ... my power went out. Poof. No storm. No nothing. No power. I looked out my windows and saw my own block was dark for as far as I could see yet the block in back of me had lights. I got out my scanner and heard fire and police talking about a pole down on the street in back of me. Yet they had power! Grr. It came back on about an hour later and I finished writing at about 1 AM. No wonder I power-napped.

Cold Case and The Big Bang Theory are both repeats this week. So I won't be writing them up for CliqueClack TV. Later today I'll write up my weekly Reality Clack for that site, though. It will go up on site tomorrow. Later tonight (of course), I'll be posting an Amazing Race post here and my full review of the show for TV Squad.

One thing I will certainly be watching tonight is the airing of The Sopranos on A&E. I got into the show over the summer when I was home recuperating from the knee replacement but kept wondering how I kept missing the last few episodes in the A&E airings. Well, duh. That's because they weren't showing them! But now on Sunday nights, they have the last handful. Sure, I know how it ends, but I want to see it for myself! If the entire thing wasn't so cost-prohibitive, I'd buy the DVDs.

For years I lived in the Danbury, CT area. I still read the online version of the local paper there. One of the most notorious American Idol contestants this year, Nick Mitchell (Norman Gentle), is from nearby Brookfield. When I first moved to CT, I lived in Bethel and his father's oil company was my heating oil supplier for the rented cabin I had. The Danbury News Times has an interview with Nick. Should he make it through this week? I just don't know. But I recall those Mitchell oil delivery payments I made way back when! I had to order a minimum of 150 gallons. Oy!

I probably won't watch any of the Oscars. I know, I know. But I don't think I've seen any of the movies up for wins and I'm not all that into Hollywood glitz and red carpet stuff. If any of you want a discussion blog post for the Oscars, let me know and I'll get one going for you.

Here's a different angle on the fancy-schmancy double-decker train from NJ Transit. I was standing on the ramp leading to the raised platform and had the camera at ground level of the platform. Most of the trains I ride are still the older one-level ones. But I'm seeing fancy-schmancy more often. In a way, it's not so good for my knee as, unless I sit in the vestibule area which is between levels, I have to go either up or down stairs. As much as I ride the trains, I'm still a window seat kind of person. I like to sit high and oversee the terrain. One thing I want to note -- as much as I ride the commuter trains, I've never been in the bathroom of one. Not once, never. I just don't want to know.

Today's musical non sequitur:
Good sense, innocence, cripplin' mankind

Dead kings, many things I can't define.
Occasion, persuasions clutter your mind
Incense and peppermints, the color of time.
Who cares what games we choose?
Little to win, but nothin' to lose.
-- "Incense and Peppermints" by The Strawberry Alarm Clock


RJM in SC said...

Enjoyed sharing your day and your pictures.

Brent McKee said...

Because the Canadian network CTV also has the Oscars tonight, my part of Canada will be seeing The Amazing Race one hour before it airs in the Eastern Time Zone. Fear not, I won't post spoilers, though if the result is particularly surprising I might send in a "boy are you guys in for a shock!"

My verification word for this comment is "dracule." Fascinating, given that The Race is heading to Dracula's stomping ground of Romania soon.

Petals said...

Ms Jackie! Sopranos? Well, better late than never. My exhusband was actually an extra in a few of the earlier seasons when they filmed in Paterson, by the Costello statue. If you haven't already, rent or download from season 1 and enjoy the entire story.

Oscars are the only thing on my plate for this evening. Micky won the GG, the BAFTA and IFC (last night!), and I have all my fingers & toes crossed for him tonite. I LOVE THE OSCARS!

Go Roofus! You rock!

Jackie said...

Petals - Thanks to A&E (I don't have HBO), I've seen all of the episodes from the beginning except for the last six. A&E are airing those six now.

Petals said...

Jax - I forgot about A&E, oh yeah! For me, the season before the last was jaw-dropping, with the whole Johnny Cakes thing and the Adrianna drama. It was a "do not miss" run.

You may like to try Mad Men. It's like a civilized Sopranos set in the 50-60s. Awesome writing.

Lars going in circles? said...

I've never rode on a train, it sounds exciting, love the photos!

ty Jackie

Petals said...

Brent - I wish I lived in Canada. Bet it is gorgeous, huh?

becky said...

Really good to see Roofus. My word verification word is sucke.

Brent McKee said...

No huge surprise in the result.

More than one person gets lost, tears are shed, people fight.

Petals, I live in Saskatoon, a beautiful city but still a city. Saskatchewan is miles and miles of miles and miles. There are more beautiful places in Canada but still it can be wonderful...when the wind isn't blowing.

Jackie said...

I've been to Montreal and Toronto (along with smaller cities and towns). I love both of those big cities!

meb said...

Roofus is amazing, staring out at you taking his picture (ahem), but what I noticed most were the birds/pigeons everywhere and Roofus seems uninterested in all of them. Guess he gets fed well from the man whose feeding the feral cats.

Jennasmom said...

I'm going to be singing "Incense & Peppermints" for a week! LOL Haven't thought of that song in a LONG time! Thanks for the memory.

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog -- you do have a way with words. But I really like when you post pics, especially ones of cats like Roofus. I noticed, after I clicked on the photo for the enlarged version, another cat on the roof. This one was peeking over the edge of the shorter building, right at the corner. It's another tuxedo cat like Roofus and is also looking at you snapping the pics. Wonder if they like being 'famous'? *g*


joy n said...

Possibly an Eave sighting? Spring is in the air maybe? Wouldn't it be great to see some Roofus offspring this summer? Just daydreamin'.............