Sunday, February 01, 2009

Survivor Tocantins Castaways Part One

Although two will be ejected before things really get started on the show, I'm going to take a peek at all of the new castaways. After all, I have no clue who's being banished from the Magic Kingdom of Tocantins! Due to the number of castaways, this will be broken down into more than one entry.

Benjamin Wade, age 37 from Bolivar, MO. He's single and I get the feeling that he's somewhat full of himself. Supposedly this season is "all about first impressions." Well, I can't put my finger on exactly what's rubbing me the wrong way, but something is. I realize you probably do have to have a bit of a chip on your shoulder to go on the show, but I'm thinking his attitude of superiority might not fare well with others. I could be wrong. Maybe it's just the wet mullet.

Brendan Synott, age 30, an entrepreneur from NYC. I think he's coming off as personable in his video clip -- not like Benjamin. Although he claims life is about fun and games (he's young yet), he also seems to have a good business head on his shoulders from the glimpse I have of him. He's single and currently living in Vail, CO. I bet he skis, y'think? I believe I'm going to like him on the show. He seems pretty intelligent and knows that the perception of him by the others is a key to survive.

Candace Smith, age 31, an attorney from Dayton, OH. She's a former Miss Ohio, as aspect which doesn't thrll me all that much. (Are those balloons on her chest or is she just happy to see us?) That aside, she seems both intelligent and physically strong. I think she might be a real competitor and could make it far in the game. In her bio on the CBS website, her friends say she can come across as a "bitch." If she does, that could blow it all for her. If she can keep that part reined in, she just might make it through to the end. If she doesn't like phony people, what's she doing on a reality TV show?

Carolina Eastwood (no relation to Clint, I don't think), age 26, is a bartender from West Hollywood, CA. They should proof the bio on the CBS site as "
an Army solider [her father], moved the family to the Untied States." Untied States, eh? I don't know her chances of getting to the end -- although I think that her upbringing might make her endure the elements better and she comes across as personable ... I'm not getting the conniving factor from her. That could hurt her game.

Debra (Debbie) Beebee, age 46, is a middle school principal from Auburn, Alabama. She's also known as "Bubbles." Um. I don't know what to say about that. I had a cat named Bubbles as a child, but question how much I'd like a person not on The Wire named "Bubbles." Of course, she could be called Deb-B-B-B. I want to root for her as an older castaway, but I'm not so sure of her chances. I think she'll probably be fine on the physical level, but question her thought of being "the mother." I just don't know.

Erinn Lobdell, age 26, is a hair stylist from Waukesha, Wisconsin. I might have to root for her just because she doesn't have a huge chest hanging out all over the place! I find that refreshing! In her video, she comes across as older than her actual age, I think. I'm getting good vibes about her and think that she might end up being one of the stronger women in the game all-around. But then again, she might be the first out. I guess we'll find out!

Stay tuned for the rest of the cast in future entries. The big show premieres at 8 PM ET/PT on CBS, February 12.


meb said...

Good vibes on who you like of the ones you've discussed here. I must agree with you. Look forward to the next grouping. Thanks for doing this for us Jackie.

sizzie said...

I like your wit Jackie. Nothing new in that, as I have always, but you have some zingers here today. Thanks for making me smile. : )

dla said...

Thanks for the update in this easy to watch / read format. I watched a few of the clips at, but gave up over there.

The funny thing about Survivor is that I rarely get a good read into who they really are and how they will play the game by the promo clips.

It does appear, however, that there will certainly be one or two that we love to hate during this season. :)

joy n said...

Several sources on the internet have quoted this story about Candace Smith.

She was once sued by Colin Farrell as part of a sex tape scandal. She conspired with the girl in the tape with Colin to distribute said tape behind his back.

She also was one of Bob Barker's models on The Price Is Right and has appeared on "Entourage" and "Joey". Just FYI.

Miss ya!

meb said...

hey joyn... good to see you.

Laurie said...

Jackie, thanks for posting these for us. It's so much easier to get the info this way. You made me laugh with some of your comments!

Joyn, thanks for the info on Candace. She already rubbed me the wrong way before I read your comment. Good to "see" you!

Delee said...

(Are those balloons on her chest or is she just happy to see us?) Jackie, you were reading my mind. Those could get in the way of challenges if you ask me!

"UNTIED" does not spell check. I did that in a paper once for a travel class. Untied Airlines, instead of United Airlines, teacher loved it as it was my 1st mistake in many papers. Many people proof-read the paper and I did many times also, no one caught it.

"She's also known as "Bubbles." Um. I don't know what to say about that." LOL What is this the Survivor of BIG Boobs???

RBennie said...

Thanks for this post Jackie. It really whets my appetite for the next Survivor. I hope I get a good pick in the pool. I want my pick to hang around a little longer this time.

Petals said...

Thanks Jackie for the sneak peeks. Last season I didn't like Sugar's peek, then I got her in the pool and fell in love!
So I will wait & see who I like when they actually show the show.

Petals said...

Wait - Bubbles is a school principal? Can you imagine her detentions? There must be a waiting list!

Petals said...

Laurie - I LOVE your new photo! So cute!

Petals said...

ewww.. I just watched Benjamin's video. Love yourself much? Yeah, he rubbed me the wrong way, too, Jackie.

meb said...

Candace better have good strong clothes cause those jugs she's carrying around may find a way out. Whew!

And Debra the middle school principal? I'm surprised she's showing so much of her boobies, since her young kids in the school will certainly be watching this???

nomad said...

I am looking forward to this show starting up again! I thought it was going to be on last night, so I was all ready to watch it and then I realized I was a week early. I knew then that it was time to start checking in here again to get accurate information! Thank you!!

boston said...

welldone Jackie. Your posts laugh me alot. I came to your blog while looking for Price is Right TV Show. Nice Show this is.