Wednesday, March 11, 2009

American Idol Results Bulletin

I haven't seen the entire show as I recorded it. Yes, you heard me. I actually went out to dinner and beverages with a friend, getting home about 9:45. The new power of the judges is that they can make one save during the season. They chose not to use it tonight.

Eliminated are Jasmine Murray and Jorge Nunez.


flipflopsinthewinter said...

I was sad to see Jasmine go...though I do agree she wasn't great last night.

Until next week!!

I didn't hear Ryan announce next weeks theme - will we be surprised - or did I just miss it?

Laurie said...

Love your flipflop in the snow!

SueGee said...

Glad to see a report and can hardly wait to watch the show myself in an hour!

Hope you had a nice dinner and beverage

Anonymous said...

Jasmine has zero personality. The judges picked her because she is cute and marketable. I thought this was a singing contest? The top 4 to me are:

Danny Gokey
Alexis Grace
Adam Lambert
Allison Iraheta

Don't hate me, but I love the quirky Megan Corkrey. It's like she stepped right out of the 50's. I HATE her tattoo though.

Kristen MacNamara should still be there. The judges were way off. Oh wait, I forgot that Simon wanted the other blonde that he thought was cuter then she is. :-/

Anonymous said...

Oops, I forgot to add Lil Round to the list of top "5" now.

RBennie said...

Sorry, but not surprised to see Jasmine and Jorge go home. No one really wowed me singing Michael Jackson songs. I thought Lil, Danny and Alison had the best performances of the night. I like Adam, but found his performance to be way over the top. Megan's "Rockin Robin" was excruciating for me and I thought Chris playing guitar to "Remember the Time" was just weird. That is really not a guitar kinda song. Too bad this new rule wasn't around before people like Tamyra Grey, Chris Daughtry and Jennifer Hudson were voted out.

meb said...

I wasn't sure who would actually be going home last night, but I'm not surprised. And I have to admit the judges made a good decision not to use their only "save" for the season. Neither of these two would warrant using their only chance to save a good singer.

I thought it unkind to leave Jasmine standing out there all alone for all that time before they picked the second person.
But that's just me. flipflops said... Until next week!

Margo said...

I love Megan - she makes me smile everytime she performs. Singing wise I agree w/Anon but I would not put Lil Rounds in there.
I here next week is Grand Ol Opry - ohh great I love twangy songs. NOT. This is a pop idol show why do we always have to have a country week. YUK.


meb said...

OFF TOPIC: Are you buys commenting somewhere else on Celebrity Apprentice, or are you just not commenting. I left one on the first post Jackie did for it.

I would enjoy discussing it with anyone who may be watching.

Caroline said...

Rbennie said: "Too bad this new rule wasn't around before people like Tamyra Grey, Chris Daughtry and Jennifer Hudson were voted out."

I couldn't help but laugh last night...this new rule of theirs wouldn't have saved Tamyra Gray or Chris Daughtry. If they can only save people to the Top 5....both Tamyra & Chris went home at #4. So in the grand scheme of things this rule won't change anything anyway, imo.

Sydney said...

Ak, where is the Survivor post? It's awwwn!

joy n said...

Anoop blew me away tonight with his version of Always On My Mind. He can do a great ballad.

meb said...

joyn... I really like Anoop too. I hope he can make it through to the end. Adam is OK, but he's a little over the top for me. And I just do not like Meghan. She cannot sing in my estimation.


RBennie said...

Country week is usually my least favorite week of AI. It was not as excruciating as usual this time. I thought Anoop and Danny were superb. I was surprised at the judges comments about Lil. I thought she did a great job on that song. Michael's song did nothing to showcase his voice and I agreed with the judges on him. Alison and Kris were good. Megan's singing style just does not do it for me. I can't imagine sitting through a whole CD of songs by her. Then there was Adam. WTF was that? It reminded me of one of those demonic sounding songs they play in horror movies to creep you out. He has a wonderful voice, with exceptional range, but his music style is not for me. I missed Matt's performance, so I can't comment on him except to say I find I keep forgetting he's in the competition.

joy n said...

Adam totally turned me off with his version of that song. I'm not a fan of Megan's singing style either. When Paula mentioned Scott's piano playing, I also had thought of Elton John and didn't understand her problem with it. Especially when Matt played the piano too, and she said nothing to him.

RBennie said...

I kind of understood what Paula was trying to say about Scott. I think she was worried that people might get tired of seeing him at the piano for every performance and start to think he's a one trick pony. It is a valid point. Wanna bet that in a week or two Simon will make the same comment and act like he came up with it, LOL. Because, of course, it's only true if Simon says it is. Isn't it funny how the contestants don't give a crap what the other 3 judges say about them? They don't breathe a sigh of relief until they hear Simon's opinion. If I was Randy, Paula or Cara, I would feel really superfluous.