Thursday, March 26, 2009

American Idol Results Show 3/26

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I watched last night's show into the wee hours due to it being on the air the same time as Survivor and LOST. So, I didn't comment. That said, I was actually impressed with Adam Lambert for a change. I thought that Megan, Scott, and Michael were the worst of the bunch with Lil Rounds on their tails. That's unusual for Lil and I usually enjoy Megan. Not so much last night.

Onto tonight --

Rueben Studdard sweated all over the place and sang. Blech. Smokey Robinson sang a duet with Joss Stone and they were good. But I always have a special place in my heart for the big guest of the night -- Stevie Wonder. I remember back when he was Little Stevie Wonder. I think he's only five or six years older than I am. Now, "Little" isn't a good description these days, but the man is great. I recall blasting "Superstition" in the college dorm and his music was such a part of my life in those days. He did a medley which included "Superstition."

The results --

The bottom three weren't quite what I expected. Megan was safe, but Michael Sarver and Scott MacIntyre were indeed two of the three. The third was a bit of a shock -- Matt Giraurd. Say what? I thought he did quite well last night.

It doesn't matter. The right one went home. Bye-bye, Michael Sarver. And, no. He wasn't saved by the judges.


monty924 said...

I figured Michael was a goner after last night's show. I was shocked at the bottom two though, and figured Megan or Scott would be there with him. You just never can tell about the fan votes.

I also loved Stevie Wonder tonight. Who couldn't have? His voice is still the same as ever and the years have been kind to him. Rueben, eyhhh... I can take it or leave it.

Jackie said...

The year it was between Clay Aiken and Rueben for the win, I wanted Clay to get it. Career-wise, Clay has definitely been more successful. And he doesn't sweat all over the place.

Stevie Wonder put a lot more work into his medley, isn't a lightweight these days, is older than Rueben, and HE didn't sweat, either. I once met someone who had worked with Stevie Wonder and she told me he's also a sweetheart of a person. It's refreshing to see such a talent in the business make so few bad headlines over the years -- no drug scandals, no arrests, etc.

monty924 said...

I agree Jackie. Its rare these days to see such a great talent and nothing for the scandle mongers and the Star/Enquirer type magazines to showcase. Stevie Wonder has been a favorite of mine going back to my younger adult days. It was a nice show tonight.

monty924 said...

oops... I meant scandal mongers. Have to read posts before publishing. :)

dla said...

America got it right tonight in respect to who went home, but what up with Matt in the bottom two?? That was a surprise ~ I was sure it would be Megan Joy in that spot.

I did not watch Season 2. Did Ruben sweat profusely during that season?

Stevie Wonder is amazing. Absolutely timeless, and a terrific performer.

Jennasmom said...

Megan was probably saved because she is the "Vote For The Worst" pick. Matt certainly didn't belong in the bottom 2! He probably won't win, but he's good. He just doesn't have the stage presence that some of the others have. Much more low key.

Jackie, I was right there with you in AI Season 2. Clay should have won! And, yes, no SWEAT!

Delee said...

Never was a Rueben fan, was not sure why he won, e_cept for fan base. Stevie was great.

The judges are saving their pick to use when it is someone they want to win. Just watch, I think the save vote will be used when they are good and ready.

If they had had it when Chris D or Jennifer H was booted would they have won?

lynn1 said...

I had 2 surprises from last night's show.
First along with everyone else, I couldn't believe Matt was in the bottom 3.
Second I couldn't believe there was any debate among the judges on using their vote to save Michael. They kept discussing it even after Ryan Seacrest said there is another show after this one.
I think Michael is a nice guy but he isn't in the same ball park with the better singers this season.
I would have been flabergasted if the judges had used their one vote to save him.

I loved Stevie Wonder. He is such a great singer, musician, and song writer.
I remember having an 8 track, seems like it was "Songs in the Key of Life" or something like that. My favor track was Sir Duke. I can remember cruising down the road in my Chevy Nova and singing at the top of my lungs along with Stevie.

Poor Ruben, he looked like a vaudeville performer or a carnival barker in that outfit.
He has a lovely voice but that song did not showcase his velvet teddy bear talents.
Personally I agree that Clay Aiken should have won over Rueben.

I didn't catch what the theme is for next week. Did anyone catch that?

Margo said...

My pick for final 2 is Adam and Allison. I think Adam is very interesting and Allison has the vocals to win. I just wish they would stop calling her "16 year old Allisn". I am soo ready for Scott "Blind Guy" to go home. He is such a boring performer. I personally like Megan. She usually makes me smile when she performs, but she definately did not pick the right song this week. I wish they would do a big band week like they di the first season. Megan would do great in that genra I think and it would be great to see Adam in a Zoot suit.

Til next week.

Anonymous said...

EW said yesterday that Simon's pick to win this season would be Adam Lambert or Danny Gorkey.

Jennasmom said...

Margo, I'm with you. Vocally, no one comes close to Adam & Allison. Danny is good, but not quite in the same league. From a commercial standpoint, I don't see Danny selling as well as either Adam or Allison. Adam has the whole package: the voice, the looks, the stage presence. Not that I would buy his CD - not my type of music! Allison has that hard rocker edge that, with a little polish, would sell with the younger crowd. I think Danny appeals more to the older crowd and they don't buy music as much!

Anonymous said...

Adam also has that gay pics thing going, which may hurt his chances plus he has been inconsistant. The judges have all said that Danny has great stage presence. Allison is beyond talented and has a presence on the stage of someone much more experienced.

Guess we all have to wait and see.

Anonymous said...

hate to say this, but was listening to a group of my high school students talking about Adam - they all think is it cool about the gay pics

may not hurt him with the young kids


Anonymous said...

I'm a high school student and I don't think it's so cool.

coffee said...

Megan Joy is definitely cute... and i suspect that's the main thing keeping her in the running

Anonymous said...

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