Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Internet Outage, Tonight's TV and Spring?

I'll start this with "Spring?" -- Hopefully this crocus I photographed early Monday evening has survived. We've been having high winds with wind chill temperatures in the teens for the early part of the week. I want spring. I like spring. I'm tired of cold weather!

So, where have I been since Sunday night? On Mondays I have to go into work earlier than usual now. So, up before five AM, I was a bit tired and didn't post. Had I known that on Tuesday night my Internet would vanish, I probably would have posted something. I've never had any problems with my Verizon DSL since getting it a few years back. I don't think it's even blinked. That is, until last night.

There I was, just checking out a few websites with plans to post the crocus when ... no pages would open. I tried going online via AOL and got a message than I had no broadband connection. I looked at my DSL modem and its lights looked normal. I unconnected and reconnected all of my connections. I rebooted the computer and turned off/on the DSL modem, too.

Nothing, I couldn't even get to Google. I tried my own computer troubleshooting and it told me there was a connection problem with my DSL. Okay, so I went to get the Verizon phone number online. Um, oops! I had no online! It's amazing how much I do on the Internet. Most of my bills have gone paperless (including my Verizon bill). I look up TV listings and phone numbers online.

I finally found my phone book and managed to find the repair number for Verizon. But as I was going through their automated menu, they said, "A major DSL outage has affected the 908 area code. Does this address your question?" Why, yes. Yes, it did. But I'm back up and running now. I'm glad I didn't bother to get the dial-up modem connected to the computer. I didn't feel like moving stuff and more connecting cables and irksome things.

Then there's tonight's TV. Survivor is on at 8 PM ET tonight, not tomorrow, due to March Madness tomorrow. It's the clips show, but I still have to write it up for TV Squad and I'll throw a post up here. Then, at 9 PM, it's LOST, another new episode. I have to watch that. You know that.

But, meanwhile, from 8 - 10 PM ET, it's the American Idol show which wasn't scheduled for last night due to the Presidential speech. Sorry, AI -- I'll have to record you and watch you maybe tomorrow night after the results show!

I shouldn't even mention that Criminal Minds is on at 9 PM. At least I can catch that in reruns.

How are you juggling your TV tonight?


nomad said...

I'll be with you watching Survivor....though, later than you in real time.

sizzie said...

Beautiful photo, Jackie! I hate outages! And I do just what you did...look for numbers, take things apart and put them back together. Then find out it isn't me it is them! I am looking forward to the clip show on least I will if they come through with the promise of new scenes. Thanks, Jackie, glad you are back on line.

Delee said...

I have Comcast and I go thru the same problem when I have not service. Where is their #. Where is a paper bill with the #. One time it was out for 3 days, but then they had a message that if you wanted them to call you when service was restored, do this and do that. I found out the service was back on about 6 hours before I got the call. GRRR I demanded a credit for days lost as did many. They were updating something and told us they were going to do that. But the update crashed the system and had no idea how to fi_ it!!!

Glad you are back, Survivor just started...PS LOVE LOVE the crocus!!!

QuixoticElf said...

My tv viewing pleasure has been replaced by a cute 4 year old playing wii! this child only takes like 8 hours of sleep! But she is boxing and tennis pro1 LOL

The flower pic is beautiful!

dla said...

Jackie, the crocus is stunning!

After a bit of thought, I decided to make it easy tonight. I watched Survivor, followed by the back half of AI, and then L & O.

I was soooo happy to catch the back half of AI, which was the good half of the show. Adam Lambert and Allison Iraheta absolutely stole the show tonight. I cannot believe that voice coming from a 16 year old young lady. WOW. I was on my feet in front of the TV, and I even voted. I never vote until the end. Now I am actually looking forward to the results show on Thursday just to see how it plays out.

I am glad to hear that your internet service provider issues have been resolved. That is just plain annoying.

Have a great week!

meb said...

Talking about juggling... I can't tape "Life" because I'm taping Lost and Criminal Minds. You have to pick and choose, but I hate missing Life. I'm like Jackie... guess I'll have to catch it in the reruns cause I don't have time to go on line to watch, and it's not as good on the "little" screen.

I also couldn't tape AI because of conflicts.

My wv is ratted... and that's how I feel... ratted out!

Sydney said...

It iS amazing how used we are to doing everything via internet. I feel so shut off from the world, but it took me awhile to embrace the technology.

THose who blog have such an active community of friends through the internet too.

I have been having probs with only one of my 3 AOL accounts this afternon. Who knows what's going on. It gets so easy to forget the absolute miracle of what computers do for us... isn't it?

Pretty crocus Jax.