Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mostly Off Topic

There was no waking up Roofus the Cat over by the Plainfield Train Station yesterday morning. Not even birds flying by could get his attention. Maybe he was out late the night before, eh?

Local town blogger Bernice, inspired by my Roofus photos, actually walked up to the ex-rental car place and snapped a photo of one of the (gorgeous) cats inside. I know I've posted a photo or two of another cat in there but she has more nerve than I do -- she went right up to the window. She notes in her blog entry that there's fresh food and water for the cats (that's inside and out) although the building has changed owners. I saw the older man who used to run the rental office not all that long ago going in. The whole area with the feral cats is slated for a construction project down the road.

Onto a bit of TV --
A post I made about reality show hosts should be up on TV Squad a bit later today. Tonight I'll be catching up with the last episode of The Celebrity Apprentice. That is ... after I get home from work. Saturdays tend to be a late workday for me.

I hope everyone has a good day! Spring can't get here soon enough!


Sydney said...

Hey Ms. J -- I checked out the other blog, and I liked how she wrote that there were kitty footprints on the phone. If the place is abandoned, why would you be hesitant to go up to the window to take a picture? I ask that because I must be missing something -- that perhaps the owners would think you were spying for some agency, or trespassing?

If you don't mind filling that bit in for your old pal here. I am trying to think waaay back to when you told us the situation. All I remember is old, abandoned rental car building. Lots of feral cats. Old man who seems to feed them all daily. That's it!

I like your off topic stuff, as we all do. I don't think of it as off topic, because you are the topic, but I guess with a title like the TV Show Must Go On, it might be. Heck, can't we consider it the Jackie's LIfe Reality show, guest starring Scherzo, Roofus, the people at your job, the knee doctor, random song lyrics of the day and the professional writing gigs? I think we can! I like it!

Sydney said...

And for your regulars on Chatter's Lane I just want to say one word about that up there -obsequious!

meb said...

Great info Jackie... Love the pic of Roofus... can barely see him even when you enlarge the picture. He was honkered down as we say (wherever that saying came from).

I agree with Sydney... are you too far away to go take a look in the window (too much walking), or is something else stopping you?

Sydney... where you learnin' all those big words girl?

becky said...

Jackie, I love it when you go off topic. It is always fun seeing Roofus.

joy n said...

Our Roofus looking as snug as a bug in a rug.