Saturday, March 07, 2009

Survivor: Why Taj Voted for Joe and Off Topic, too!

My, it was nothing all that nefarious at all. Taj wasn't trying to plant a seed of suspicion or create a rift in the tribe. Apparently, she just didn't want Sandy voted out unanimously yet didn't want to create issues by voting for Sydney. I guess she knew no one else would be voting for Joe and it was pretty much a throwaway vote.

I love it that CBS is making their video clips embeddable once again. They had stopped that capability last season. In watching this clip of the voting, it's obvious that although she could get on the nerves of others with her quirks, they liked Sandy. They really did.

Onto some off topic photos ...

We've had a weird weather week here. It started off with near blizzard conditions and arctic temperatures at the beginning of the week and we're going to be near 70 degrees now over the weekend. I hope it was winter's last hurrah! Due to snow on the roofs, I haven't seen Roofus the Cat yet this week. The ornamental kale is just sad right now.

Like in Mad About You when Paul Reiser tried to film the wind for Yoko Ono, I found it hard to just photograph COLD. What to do? What to do? Well, I had to create my own photo op -- it's called a stale croissant and a bunch of seagulls. Enjoy! You can click on the images to bring them up larger in a new window.

Gee, they always look so clean and white against the blue sky while flying.

Bulletin: The economy is so bad in New Jersey that bread lines have been forming all over the state.

"I've got my piece of the pie (croissant) and if you try to take it from me, I can be outright evil. Don't come near me! Where's that Coach dude? I can peck him if you give me more bread!"


meb said...

great pix Jackie... Same weather here as you had... strange isn't it... NC vs NJ/NY..same weather... go figure.

I'm cutting my grass today and then spreading grass seed... gotta do it before it gets mucky again.

Also having my shrubs cut back. Gotta do that before the new growth starts.

My daffodils fell flat to the ground during the snow, but have actually picked back up with the nicer weather. They are surely hardy flowers!

Delee said...

No sign of daffodil green shoots yet. Still have not seen a robin
(28Feb last year). Actually sat on the deck while Starry searched for sticks to carry around. Kind of like kids with toys, they love the cartons more.

Heading north to Seneca Allegany, Thursday for an overnight to their March birthday party, then 20 Mar to Atlantic City with daughter then DC on the 22th. So just say "NO" to snowy weather.

Sea gulls are interesting creatures and are always looking for handouts. Many beaches now do not allow you to feed them, again something that was fun gone.

Great now zoo's are under the gun. San Diego Zoo had a staph infection from a baby elephant to keepers. Soon we will be afraid to do anything...let alone have the $$$ to do it...

REMEMBER time change tonight (2AM)

becky said...

Jackie, wonderful pictures. The seagulls are beautiful when flying, but they are very aggresive birds.

I read the write up on TV Squad. Good stuff.

Deelee, thanks for the DST reminder. I HATE daylight savings time with a passion. My body just never catches up. You can tell me it is what-ever o'clock, but my body knows differently.

Petals said...

Meb & Jackie - same weathere here in the Midwest, too. Snow, then 76 degrees.
I'll worry about Roofus until you spot him again. Let us know, Ms Jackie.

Sydney said...

Well thanks Jackie, I was puzzled about that JOe vote. I like seeing them do the voting in real time and getting to see each person unedited.

Of note: Did you notice the cowboy, the last guy, wrote forming each letter from the bottom up? It wasn't because he was a lefty either... at least I don't think so.

Jackie said...

Sydney --I noticed that he was drawing his letters more than writing them. Very odd.