Tuesday, April 28, 2009

American Idol does The Rat Pack Era

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Although I was too young (and non-existent) for the Rat Pack era when it was ongoing, it's a genre I've grown to love over the years. Going into tonight, I had high hopes for Matt Giraud as I thought it was a genre in which he'd shine. He sang "My Funny Valentine." Simon thought it was great, but my feelings were more along the line with Randy -- good, but something a bit off.

Danny Gokey has Gokey-ized me once again after some lackluster performances as of late. Adam pulled another Adam while both Kris and Allison had decent performances.

Here's how I'm seeing the voting --
  • Adam will be safe. Adam is always safe. Adam will win this season unless someone gets Bullwinkle to pull a rabbit out of his hat.
  • While I don't adore Kris, he has this Jason Mraz/John Mayer thing going on. That's very popular. Plus, he's as cute as a button, kind of reminiscent of Peter Brady. He will end up coming in second or third this season.
  • Oh, Danny Gokey ... if he keeps up with the sort of performance he had tonight, he will be number two to Adam. If he fumbles again, he'll be number three behind Kris.
  • Matt Giraud will go home this week or next. I'd be interested to hear what kind of music he does down the line. I like his jazzy style, but he's not going to last much longer. He reminds me of a new age Boz Scaggs.
  • Then there's Allison. I enjoy her voice and admire her ability to hang in there as the only girl and such a young one at that. I think she will go home either this week or next. But we won't have heard the last of her.
Who's your choice for the win? Or, if not your choice, who do you think WILL win? And who goes home tomorrow night?


lynn1 said...

Jackie, I tend to agree with you that Adam will win it all. He is not my personal favorite but I do think he will win. Yes he can sing but he is more of a performance artist than just a singer.
I think that Allison and Matt will go this week and next. I am impressed with Allison but know she doesn't have a good shot at winning.
I think the number 2 spot is a toss up between Danny and Kris. I like Danny the best of all the remaining guys but usually my fav does not win.
I wasn't able to post on Sunday for TAR but I do want to shout out to Sharon. I miss reading your comments. You and your family are in my prayers. God Bless You.

Margo said...

I hope it is bye bye to Matt. I did not like his performance last night. I thought maybe Simon was using reverse psycology on America last night with his critic of Kris and Allison and his rave about Matt. Sometimes when he bashes a contestant America fights back and votes them through. We shall see. I vote for Adam, Kris and Allison for final 3.


Caroline said...

Last night Simon said to Allison "Do you really think you can win this thing?" Personally, I don't know how any of them think they can win this except Adam. The judges have made it so abundantly clear that they think everyone else is drivel compared to him...they've never given any other person (except Paula for Danny) even a glimmer of hope to win this thing. Why should the kids believe in themselves when the judges clearly don't believe in them?

I haven't understood the appeal of Adam since the beginning and I'm real tired of listening to people on blogs (nasty ones, not this awesome one) tell me & others that we're stupid or tone deaf or bigots just because we don't like him. This has been the most unenjoyable season for me since I started watching the show (Season 4). Coming on the heels of Season 7, which was amazing, this has all just been a disappointment.

That being said, Kris is the only person's whose album I would buy after this.

Anonymous said...

I am a fan of Adam but I can see how some don't like him. Sometimes, he sounds just like Sam Harris from YEARS ago on Star Search. Anyone remember him?

I agree with Randy, he's ready, he's been ready and I also agree with Kara - that there's a bit of a sleeze factor with him that I kind of like.

It's got to be super hard on the other contestants, wanting to be on Idol for so long and then when they finally get their chance, there's Adam. Every week, he's golden.

joy n said...

I agree with everything that Caroline said. Adam is their golden boy this season and I am not a fan. He's just okay to me and as lynn1 said, he's more of a performance artist.

Guess I just don't see what the judges see.

Anonymous said...

I'll make it simple.... I agree with everything Jackie posted about the contestants last night. Hubby said he would buy Danny's CD and I would buy Allison's and/or maybe Adam's CD.

Jennasmom said...

My choice: Allison

Who do I think WILL win: Adam

Bet said...

am a fan of Adam but I can see how some don't like him. Sometimes, he sounds just like Sam Harris from YEARS ago on Star Search. Anyone remember him?

I remember Sam Harris...I loved him and his little penguin suit...LOL. But I do not like Adam...he is just not the style I like. I prefer Allison or Danny

Anonymous said...

Gosh. I'm shocked. I really like Adam. I'm surprised more ppl here aren't fans. I think the guy is a phenomenal singer and performer. He gives stand out performances every week. He should win IMO b/c he can go on to do great things. Danny and Kris are the typical good singers AI finds every year, they aren't all that unique and actually have little chance at any lasting success. I highly recommend checking out Adam's studios as well such as Mad World, I can't have you, and Feeling Good which are all gorgeous. And Adam covers the Led Zepplin song really really well. Adam has an amazing recording voice. And seriously you know you'd all go to a Broadway show that he was starring in.


Anonymous said...

I just can't get past Adam's nude gay pics.

Anonymous said...

I just want to point out how rude previous anon. poster is. What nude gay picks? Adam made out with a guy in some photos (pg not x rated). And get over it. I'm a pretty conservative person but I can acknowledge differences and recognizes real talent and Adam's got it.


Anonymous said...

Gay? Bi? What's the dif? The world is changin'. It's just him makin' hisself out to be somethin' he's not to all those screami' lil' girls.