Wednesday, April 22, 2009

American Idol Results Show 4/22

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Not surprisingly, Lil Rounds is the first to go tonight. I'm watching Lost, but keeping tabs on AI in the background. We have one more going home tonight. I'm thinking it will be either Anoop or Matt. But I'll let you know!

They're doing the bottom three for the second boot. Anoop is in the bottom three. Now Allison has joined Anoop. One of the two will be going home.

Allison is safe. Anoop is going home.


SueGee said...

I can't say Lil surprises me, she had not done a song in weeks that I actually enjoyed. I will miss Anoop

Hi to Jackie & everyone! I never seem to make the parties here anymore. Guess it is the time difference ha ha ha


joy n said...

I was also sorry to see Anoop go, but pretty much expected it would be him. After last night, I wasn't at all surprised to see Lil go.

Here I go again.....RTVW has a story about Kara blowing up at everyone after last night's show and threatening to quit, which apparently DIDN'T happen. She says she's regretting taking this job and feel's she's not appreciated there.

I don't think I'd miss her so much if she left.

Anonymous said...

good i hope she goes!
debie in calif

meb said...

I was sorry to see Anoop go as well joyn. I really enjoyed him and hope he can get a contract from someone. And of course, he'll be on the tour, so not all is lost.

I think it shows Paula is not on "medications" this year, since she actually makes sense when she critiques.

I sort of like Cara... she seems fair to the contestants where Paula is usually gushing all over all of them.

She probably isn't appreciated, but should remain as a judge if Simon really decides to quit.

Jennasmom said...

I don't understand why Allison keeps ending up in the bottom three. She's a fantastic singer with a voice that sounds much more mature than her 16 years. The others are almost twice her age! Only thing I can think of is that Adam is taking all the rocker vote. Or maybe it's the red hair?

Anonymous said...

Alison probably doesn't have that big of a fan base. Plus she's too much like Kelly Clarkson, been there done that.

I would rather Paula left. Sometimes, her comments seem rehearsed, yet she still has trouble spitting them out.

Anonymous said...

Adam is my favorite, but sometimes when he hits a certain high note he loses credibility with me. I hope he stays with the hard rock vibe. Can't wait to see what kind of music he comes out with. Hopefully, when they get their hands on him they'll smooth that glitch out and he'll be a superstar.

lynn1 said...

I wasn't surprised that Lil and Anoop were voted off. I did not see either of them being in the final 2.

I guess of the ones left I like Allison best but she probably won't survive the next 2 weeks.

I thought KC of KC & the Sunshine Band looked like "Tony Soprano" singing Disco! LOL

Anonymous said...

KC's voice hasn't held up so well after all these years tho.

monty924 said...

I wasn't surprised by either Lil or Anoop going. DialIdol sure had it wrong though. They had Lil leading over the entire pack, go figure.

I'm so thrilled that Thursday is here.... YIPEE! Now 8:00 o'clock get here already. :)

Anonymous said...

What a horrible show! Between the aging Disco singers who all looked & sounded like old lounge singers & listening to David A sing off key.... ugh.

I feel Anoop has a better voice then Matt, but Anoop has not shown any personality until this last week. I'm getting bored with Danny. He sounds the same every week. Kris, Adam & Allison are the top 3 for me. But since teen & pre-teen girls do most of the voting, I think they will vote for the guys. I haven't voted yet, but will do so next week... for Allison so she is not booted off.

lynn1 said...

Not that anyone is interested in hearing more about KC & the Sunshine Band but I received a flier from the Hardrock Casino in Biloxi MS saying they are performing there on May 1st. They even offered me 2 free tickets.
I wasn't interested before seeing them on Idol but after seeing them last night I have zero interest in seeing them.
We seem to get a lot of concerts by "has beens" artists down here on the Redneck Rivera.

Anonymous said...

The judges have a tough job commenting on every song & singer,but I for one wish they would just judge and quit promoting certain ones. Adam is a polished performer taking the stage in "Wicked" in LA, sings to high and wears to much eye make-up. Hope anyone of the remaing three take the prize.