Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

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Although Zoetawny has so much going on in her life right now, she took the time to make us an Easter logo for the blog. She does rock! I hope everyone has a good holiday.

Plus, I want to share some pictures I've taken during the week of our favorite roof cat, Roofus -- (clicking on any of the images will open them larger in a new window) --

Roofus on the move.

Roofus checking out the window.

Roofus thinking about the birds on the fire escape railing.

Whoa! I usually don't see Roofus when I return home from work (it's a morning thing), but there he is all curled up on the windowsill. This is the view from the train station.

Windowsill Roofus from ground level.

Windowsill Roofus from ground level zoomed a bit.


dla said...

Happy Easter, everyone!

Jackie, thank you for the Roofus update. It is great to see that all is right with the world.

Enjoy your day!

joy n said...

In that 3rd pic, it looks like Roofus is licking his chops a bit. Maybe in anticipation of an Easter feast? The next shots are of him changing his routine of where to take his nap. Maybe after a satisfying meal of those birds? Probably not, but........? I love that you give us followups of him whenever you're able to, Jackie. Something very endearing about that cat. Thanks for that, and thank you, Zoetawny, too, for your always lovely graphics.

Hope everyone is enjoying their best Easter possible.

Sydney said...

Happy Easter Alll this weekend or Next (Greek Easter)! I opened each picture Jackie and really loved seeing Roofus in so many different places and poses. Thank you for doing this.

(((Zoe))) Thank you for the festive and sparkling graphic

monty924 said...

Happy Easter to Jackie, Zoetawny and everyone here on Jackie's blog. I love the Roofus pics and it is amazing that you can spot him from so far off in some of the shots. His, umm maybe her, pictures always have and always will bring a smile to my face, and yet Roofus has no idea how much we all love seeing him. He is a SPECIAL kitty.

I've had my Easter fill of ham and eggs (those colored kind) and now I'm ready for a nap before TAR.

Zoetawny, you continue to knock these graphics out of the park.

Peace to all and I'll see you later on TAR!

sizzie said...

Thanks for the Roofus photos, Jackie. I hope you are having a great day.

Zoetawny, I love the graphic. Bluebirds are my favorite...I saw a real one the other day and I can't tell you how excited I got.

becky said...

Happy Easter, everyone. Hope the EBunny brought you a lot of colorful eggs and a chocolate bunny.

Zoetawny does rock! Thank you, Zoe for making Easter a little more colorful and pleasant.

Jackie, it is so good everytime you post pictures of America's cat Roofus. I hope he did have a great Easter bird or two.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie. I remember you from the AOL boards. You always do a great job on all your show updates, and they are appreciated!
I enjoy seeing the PICS of Roofus, but I have a question. Does he belong to anyone? Does he get fed? Thanks!

meb said...

S... Roofus is a cat that Jackie has been watching since forever and we've all come to worry over him when we don't see him. Roofus is a name given by one of the followers here, joyn. And I think you can tell from his size that he's doing fine.

We don't think he belongs to anyone, but this building is where he stays. Right around the corner, and Jackie could tell you better than I, a man feeds the feral cats. There is a building there with lots of food.

Just thought I'd answer the question since I was late getting over here.

Zoetawny... I love the colors in the graphic. My pastels... yes, they are mine.

Jackie, thanks for the pix.

joy n said...

Meb, I can't take credit for Roofus' name. I think Jackie had given him(?) that very fitting moniker. I had given his friend the name of Eave.

S, Roofus is beloved by a lot of people here on this blog, and thankfully, Jackie is in the habit of keeping tabs on him for all of us with wonderful pictures of him most weeks.

He's wild, and we're kind of a wild bunch too at times, so we've kind of claimed him as ours.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Meb. Yes, Roofus is a most appropiate name! That cat's agility is amazing, how he can be up at that height, and manuvuer through those roof corners.

I'm such a cat love myself, taking in strays. I have more than enough! lol Now, they've all been neutered/spayed, basically all indoor cats. A few homes close to me, foreclosed, and the former owners left their cats behind. I can't stand to see them starve, so now, I'm feeding more strays. Just what I need!
I'm glad to learn Roofus is getting fed. If he only knew, he's become so beloved right here, with Jackie's regular updates.