Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Quickie American Idol Update -- April 8 Results

I'm actually watching Lost, but have a second TV muted in the background. The bottom three are: Anoop, Scott, and Lil. That's pretty much what I thought it would be although I had Kris in there instead of Anoop.

I think it's a toss-up who goes home -- Scott or Lil. I'm thinking Lil. I'll update this post with more results soon.

Whoops! I was wrong there. Lil was the one they sent back first. It's between Anoop and Scott and both Lost and AI are in commercial at the same time. Grr.

Scott and Anoop were separated by only 30,000 votes in the bottom two. Anoop is safe, Scott is singing. I know this sounds mean, but I hope the judges don't save him.

And they didn't. Bye-bye Scott MacIntyre.


Anonymous said...

ty ty jackie!!
debie in calif

lynn1 said...

I think it was the right time for Scott to go. He has talent but there are others that have talent and star power which Scott lacks.

----- Jennifer ----- said...

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Anonymous said...

Scott is a classy & talented guy, but he had several bad nights where he sang off key & I was tired of Kara & Paula treating him "special" just because of his disability. I know I wouldn't want pity votes. I am also rather happy Scott finally left. Others are more talented and now we don't have to tip-toe around the sensitivity issue anymore and get on with the real show. Good luck & God bless you Scott, but bye-bye!

My votes are for Alison & Adam.

meb said...

I, too, think that it was time for Scott to go, but I think based on the previous night's performances, Lil should have gone. I really don't think she's all that good.

I agree that Allison and Adam ar the two to beat.

Abby said...

I am very upset they got rid of scott. I knew it would happen soon. I just think Kris should have gone. He has been pretty bad.
But oh well, I am glad Anoop made it!

Jennasmom said...

Yes, it was Scott's time. I wish him luck and think he might do well as a singer/songwriter with his piano someday. Seemed like a nice guy.

I really was surprised to see Lil go back to safety over Anoop. He did a much better job than she did this week. I think they both will go soon.

The young girls like Kris, so he may last awhile.

I'm hoping for a showdown between Adam & Allison for the final 2.

Anonymous said...

YES! I didn't watch my tape yet, but I am also predicting an Allison/Adam final & never got on the Lil train. Sad to see Scott go - I don't think he was that bad this week - but it was coming. & I'm surprised Anoop was so close to being sent home.
Did they give the theme for next week?

Anonymous said...

Anoop looked pissed off again.

dla said...

Overall, I thought they sent the correct person home this week. If Lil doesn't select an incredible song and blow the roof off next week, I think she should be worried.

I completely agree that Adam and Allison should be the last two standing... Will be interesting to see how it plays out!

RBennie said...

I agree that this was Scott's week to go home. I also agree that if Lil doesn't blow it out of the box next week, she will be next to go. I think the final two will be Danny and Adam. I love Alison, but she doesn't seem to have a large enough fan base to keep her in it till the end, but, of course, that could change.