Sunday, April 26, 2009

TV Bits, Photography, Roofus the Cat, and Stuff

Welcome to what just might be the most random entry I've ever made. I mean, I'm talking TV, Roofus the Cat, commuting, spring, life, and the fact that my space key on my keyboard has decided it will stick today. Clicking on any of the images will bring them up larger in a new window.

Roofus the Cat enjoying the sunshine earlier this week.

TV: Yes! A&E is FINALLY airing the finale of The Sopranos tonight! They've been pussyfooting around it for nearly two years. Sure, I know what happens -- I've read about it and have seen clips of the end. But I want to see the whole episode. I swear I've seen every other episode of the series at least twice by now. No, I don't have HBO and I'm too cheap frugal to spend the money on the DVD set.

With a ton of rain in the past few weeks, mushrooms seemed to appear overnight.

Health: I swear my immunities have been lacking since my knee replacement. I seem to pick up every bug that comes along. I told you I had a killer cold last week. Now, I still have lots of cold symptoms, but I think allergies are kicking in as well. I wake up congested, sneeze a lot, and am taking too much over the counter stuff daily. Blergh. The replacement knee continues to do well; the other one continues to fail albeit with a bit of improvement due to the warmer weather (I think). The year anniversary for the replacement knee is only a few weeks away -- May 14th. Oh ... and this swine flu stuff can keep its distance from me, please. Thank you.


Life: Grr, the elevator in my apartment building has been broken for two months. They worked on it this week and it worked for a day. I feel like I'm living in the apartment from The Big Bang Theory with its never-working elevator. Yes, it's only a three story building -- four if you count the laundry room in the basement. But it's still a big inconvenience for me, especially arriving home with groceries.

On a better apartment living note: My really loud and annoying fairly new next door neighbors not only had their cars towed (they weren't paying for the parking privileges), but due to complaints from other neighbors they were served with a cure or quit notice regarding excessive noise. Nope, wasn't my doing! Now I only know they're home when they allow their toddler to kick my dining room wall until I kick back.

Two trains head at each other, thankfully on different tracks.

Commuting: I took this photo as my train was stopped at a station and another one was arriving on the other track in Dunellen, NJ. The fluorescent lights and luggage racks are the reflection from inside my train. Yes, it's MY train. NJ Transit just won't recognize that fact.

MY train is fancier than theirs.

Commuting: Nah, not really. The engine on the back (there on engines on either end so the train needn't "turn around") is the same as on the previous image. I'm still not getting the fancy-schmancy double-deckers too often on my commute.

Oh! Boarded-up windows and police barriers on one of Roofus's rooftop buildings!

Life and Roofus: The window coverings appeared almost as quickly as mushrooms, along with a PD saw-horses and "do not cross" tape. I can no longer see through the building from the front. However, the back and part of the roof is all still crumbling away and open. I think they plan to take down the marquee there as it's starting to really strain at the lions' heads. But it's been like this for a week now. I don't know what's up. I just know that Roofus the Cat doesn't seem to be affected by it.

Next stop, Suspicious Acts, NJ. Really ... that could be anywhere in the state, right?

TV: To whomever is responsible for the television ad campaign for tourism in Canada, stop it. I mean it. Stop it now. Have you seen these commercials? They have to be the absolutely-freaking-most-annoying ads I've ever been subjected to. Well, perhaps those Head-On ads were worse, but ...! I don't want to hear people screaming. I just don't. What if blind people are tuned in? They'd have no idea that folks are screaming because a seal swam by. Sheesh. Boycott Canada until these ads are GONE!

Have I mentioned it's spring?

TV: I tried getting into Harper's Island, but dropped it off my viewing list on rather rapid order. I just don't care about the characters -- I think I'd off a few of them myself just to see them die. If I want to waste my life watching overly dramatic deaths, I'll get out my old videotapes of Halloween or something. Yes, I like murder mysteries, but this show just isn't my cuppa. On the other hand, I've been watching Southland. I enjoyed Third Watch by the same folks behind Southland. So far I'm not as totally into the show as I was Third Watch or Homicide, but it's keeping my interest.

More banks will probably become nightclubs as the recession continues.

Life: Even with the recession, I'm working more hours than ever before on my job. That is good as (a.) I'm gathering hours for my FMLA leave requirement for a second knee replacement and (b.) I can use the money. The side writing gigs have taken cuts over time. I'm glad I didn't foolishly quit my job and think I could make it freelancing for a living. In just two years I can see what I can get in my early retirement package and then consider whether that and writing gigs will work.

But chances are, I'm going to have to keep the day job for many years to come. At least, in this economy, I have a proven track record with the company (almost 30 years) and about as much job security as a person can have. The company is stable and I'd have to do something incredibly stupid and out of character to get fired.

Roofus is sleeping on that windowsill once again.

Roofus and Stuff: The people in that apartment have noticed Roofus. I saw them peeking out the window for him -- either that or they were checking for birds. They weren't looking at the street or the train station. And, one day, I saw them open the window and put something out on the ledge. I believe it was food. So far I haven't seen the person and Roofus at the same time. I'm thinking that Roofus probably avoids humans as much as he avoids everything other than rooftops, balconies, windowsills, and birds.

I've seen more of my alma mater this weekend than I have in years. That Craigslist killer guy did his undergraduate work at SUNYA. Well, nowadays they call it U of Albany or something like that. I always said the pre-med students there were a bit too intense. Me? I studied English. That's always great for landing a job later on, right?

It's going to be in the 90s here today. I call RIDICULOUS! I want spring. I don't care for really hot temperatures. I like spring and autumn for the daytime temps in the 70s. It's like we've gone from winter to summer. Sigh. I refuse to go out.

I'll be returning later with The Amazing Race. Can you believe we're down to the final four? Yikes! I hope you all can stop by!


Delee said...

You were correct a hodge-podge of entries. But considering you have been storing all those up, it just great to hear from you!

Please do stay away from the swine flu. I am so glad we did not go to Mexico. I take a zytrec-like (WalMart brand) tablet with supper lately. You only need one every 24 hrs and it has helped me with the pollens and other springy things that are appearing.

Always glad to see Roofus and it is nice of someone to place food out for him. Plus I bet you are glad someone griped about the noisy neighbors, wonder how long the notice affects their noise levels.

I was thinking just the other day that your one year anni for your knee was approaching. Glad that it had the desired effect and now for the other to complete the set! LOL

You are correct about this heat, at least a 30 degree jump in a week. Rather have 70's for a bit. My front yard is filled with violets in the grass and I wait until they stop blooming to cut the grass, gets long but I can not cut them.

Hope to see all for AR tonight, I am finally back to east coast time zone, I think!!! Less tired or wanting to sleep at 6pm, or waking up at 2am. Easier travelling to then it is adjusting on return.

sizzie said...

Hi Jackie, I hope you are feeling better and that they fix the elevator soon. I love Big Bang and while I can see stairway talk adds to the show, I never understand how the smart guys can't fix the elevator.

I like Unusuals, maybe even better than Southland. Similar shows, but different. Thanks for updating us and for the photos.

meb said...

Great update Jackie... As I read, I was pleased that you just kept adding comments.

I did want to add something that some of your readers might want to know. Joyn inquired about Sharon the other day. For those of you who don't know her, Sharon is someone who used to post here regularly but disappeared from the comment sections.

By the time we found a way to contact her, she had been in and out of the hospital numerous times.

nana from the NW recently contacted her husband and he has informed us that she is living in a medical facility and being taken care of there, as she is unable to come home...needing 24 hour care.

Just wanted to let everyone know for those who remember her. Keep her and her family in prayer...they sure need it.

Jennasmom said...

Enjoyed the hodge-podge! Always good to hear about Roofus, too. Take care of yourself & watch out for those allergies. I think allergies are causing some of my other problems now.

We've been spared the Canada commercials - guess we're too far away down here in South Texas. Between the violence & swine flu (not to mention State Dept warnings), we haven't been getting our usual Mexico tourism commercials. They have been showing cases of swine flu in San Antonio, but actually all three cases have been in the little town of Schertz - which is even closer to us. Just what I need, something else to worry about.

Haven't been able to check in much lately as we've had family emergencies/health issues going on. But when I get a chance, I always try to see what I've missed. That had to be one of the best Survivor episode's ever! Bye, bye Tyson! : ) Will try to check in on TAR later. Thanks so much for all you do!

Hugs to you! And prayers for Sharon.

Dusty said...

I, too love Big Bang Theory. I started watching Southland and I just don't care for it at all. I didn't even attempt to watch Harper's Island. I'm glad that I'm not missing anything. As for the Unusuals, I'm on the fence. I really like Amber, but it's hard to see her as a cop. She seems like a teenager pretending to be a grown up.

What do you think of Flash Point, or is it Flashpoint? I've only watched two episodes so far, but I like it.

I think your warm weather will disappear in a few days. We had only four days of hot weather, and now it's cool again.

becky said...

Jackie, loved your write up and pictures. I too rate the last Survivor as one of my favorites.

Sharon, we all send our love and God's blessings to you.

Meb, thank you for letting us know.

I am off for a nap. We had a covered dish lunch after church and I ate waaaaay too much.

meb said...

Dusty... Flashpointe has become one of my favorite shows, right up there with Lost and Criminal Minds. I'm also enjoying In Plain Sight.

I watch the Unusuals, but I'm a little up in the air with it. I agree Amber seems young for the part but I think she does a good job.

Prison Break only has 2 more episodes before the series finale.

24 is going strong, not as good as it used to be, but still holding my interest.

OK, there's a few more I could comment on, but then what would I have to write about later. Smile!

meb said...

Oh, forgot to mention... today is Sizzie's birthday!


becky said...

Happy Birthday, Sizzie

Sydney said...


great post and pictures! I am so evil and chuckling that your loud neighbors got a little message from the outside world. I have lived in many an apartment building and you can be calling a place home for years... then someone comes in and makes life hell immediately. It's horrible.

I am so glad someone is feeding our Roofie. And I hope that the boarding up is to preserve the building, not tear it down. It has a nice front architecturally, and apparently a good location.

I too am glad that you kept your day job, but when you said cuts, I am wondering what you may be still writing... Having job security is a very good thing

Dusty said...

Happy birthday, Sizzie!

Meb, I also enjoy In Plain Site.


meb said...

Jackie... last year I pulled 10-15 bunches of those mushrooms out of my back yard and you're right... they grow overnight. I hated them. They are so ugly.

On a nicer note, loved seeing Roofus again... he is so neat.

I loved the bank turned into a nightclub... that picture is strange looking.

Sydney said...

MEB -- I'm sorry, I posted without seeing that you posted about Sharon. Thank you so much for doing that. She was a regular commenter here with us all and about this time last year began to feel very sick. I remember we were all worried about her as she went to see doctors who didn't quite seem to be helping. I know she has been very sick and it's been such a hard time for her family and those who love her, including us here at Jackie's.

The thing about Sharon was, she was always upbeat and rarely spoke about the considerable struggle she must have been going through when she came on board. She was always funny too. Really a ray of sunshine who is much missed.

Please all, send your love and positive healing thoughts to a fellow commenter here at Jackie's. Sharon, you

sizzie said...

Thank you all for the birthday wishes, and meb for mentioning it. You all have made me blush to see my name here : )

I started watching Flashpoint just because of meb saying it is good and I agree...I watch it every week now, and In Plain Sight.

Jackie, Now that you have seen the last ep of Sopranos, what did you think. I know you had heard about the ending, but seeing it for yourself and in context is very different. A real jolt.

Anonymous said...

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