Wednesday, May 06, 2009

American Idol Results Show - May 6, 2009

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Although I'm watching Lost, I have the other TV on in sight (muted) and will be posting the results of last night's voting. I basically enjoyed last night's show -- classic rock is my own "growing up years" music. Although I'm not an Adam Lambert fan, I do think his rendition of "Whole Lotta Love" was the best one of the night. I'm sure he'll be safe ... he always is. Adam and Allison went at it like old school rockers in their duet, easily beating out the Kris and Danny duet.

I'm not sure who's going home. I think it will be either Allison or Kris. But I'll let you know when I see it in the background.

Kris is safe.

Adam is safe.

Danny is safe ... Allison is going home.


joy n said...

That surprises me. Not looking good for Allison.

joy n said...

As you said, Jackie, Adam is always safe. Too bad for Allison, though I think we'll hear from her again sometime.

Anonymous said...


SueGee said...

I was really liking Alison more and more each week, but at her young age watch out America!!


lynn1 said...

Jackie, like you I was watching LOST but keeping up with Idol. I am sorry Allison is gone but not very surprised.
I think she is a better singer than Kris but that wasn't enouogh to keep her in the competition. I think her style, her age and possibly her gender, were working against her.

Anonymous said...

Too many teenie booper girls voting. Bah.... Allison should be in the top 3. I am getting so bored with Danny.

American Idol Top 3 results said...

American Idol judge Paula Abdul leave the judging to others when she hits the stage for a live performance on American Idol final three, May 6, 2009.

Anonymous said...

Hi! "American Idol" is my favorite show on earth. In Season 9, I think Adam Lambert and Danny Gokey will be competing for the finals. I like them both so whoever wins, I'll be happy.

Caroline said...

Lol, the two posts above me are highly amusing. Thanks for telling us about Paula approx 12 hrs AFTER she performed...not to mention it was Top 4, not Top 3. And for Anon....this is Season 8, not Season 9.

Anyway...I'm sad Allison went home last night...but I wasn't gonna be happy no matter what since I wanted Adam to go and we all know what the chances of that were.

Did anyone notice during Paula's performance that one of the dancers was Benji Schwimmer from S2 of SYTYCD?

nicole addison said...

hi! i agree with you, adam's not my favorite but he did an awesome job tues night and... regardless of what i think..he's a great performer. if kris wasnt so "cute" i think he'd be gone a long time ago but danny has a special place with me! i hope he wins!!

meb said...

Caroline... I haven't seen the show yet (taped), so thanks for telling me Benji was in Paula's number. I'll look for him now.

He sure is getting around. He was also one of the special dancers on DWTS last week I think. Of course, Lacy being his sister couldn't have hurt him there. Smile

I think Adam probably does have the win in the bag and I think he's very good, but he does yell a lot, which is not soothing to my ears.

Danny is Danny... pretty much the same every week, but he does have a nice voice.

I agree with you joy n... Allison will do well even tho she's gone from Idol.

Can't wait to see Daughtry.. someone said he was on.

Anonymous said...

i love adam hope he wins

Anonymous said...

i am shocked that Allison got voted off , she is an awesome singer and look out america we will be seeing more of her. Kris is the one who should have been voted off he is a boring singer and I think Adam is our next Idol, he has the total package , looks , personality, and a great voice.

Sydney said...


IS anyone watching HBO's IN Treatment?

or Rescue Me on FX?

dla said...

Sydney, I am not watching either show. I have heard great things about both, but my dance card is full.

I just read online that they announced a premiere date for Mad Men in August this year. I can't wait, and thank you for turning me on to this great show!

Anonymous said...

Caroline wrote: "Did anyone notice during Paula's performance that one of the dancers was Benji Schwimmer from S2 of SYTYCD?"


Here is how the the AI's should be rated:

1) Adam
2) Allison
3) Danny & Kris (tie)

Yes, Kris is still there because he is eye candy for the 10-16 year old girls. It's down to a popularity contest again. :-/

Did you see Simon's face??!! He was NOT happy that Allison left instead of Kris or Danny.

Anonymous said...

Danny's piercing scream at the end of his song only reaffirms how talented Adam is. I am not a fan of the rocker's scream but Adam has never been off key or pitchy on his rocker's scream all season. I also want to differentiate that from his incredible range from notes so hi, only a soprano can sing to notes in the low range. The others seem so boring compared to Adam's performances.

dla said...

I was very sorry to see Allison go, but, when you get to this point, someone has to leave. I really enjoyed her.

I did not see the performances on Tuesday, but pulled each of them up on youtube after seeing the results show last night. Danny's scream was out of control, and not in a good way. ;(

Great to see Chris Daughtry again. He was definitely my favorite of his season.

Anonymous said...

Lol, my bad, caroline. I stand corrected. Anyway, my predictions are usually precise when it comes to the final round of the show. And surprisingly, I always end up liking the two finalists. Like in the case of Hicks vs. McPhee and Cook vs. Archuleta. This time, it will be Lambert vs. Gokey.

Anonymous said...

Can't resist the bait on this one. You predicted a Hicks-McPhee finale?!? I was sure it would be a Daughtry-McPhee finale, which I think would have been more entertaining. Daughtry's elimination was incredibly dimwitted on the part of AI viewers. I also never would have picked a Jordin-Blake final 2. I think Melinda should have been in there (and won). Cook-Archuleta was obvious though. And this season it should be Adam (we should just kick both Danny and Kris off, lol). So seeing as Danny (slightly better voice) vs. Kris (better looking) are approximately equals, I'd say the other person in the finale with Adam should be whomever performs better on Tues. night.