Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day

I hope everyone is having an enjoyable kick off to the summer season and that the weather is cooperating for you.

I'd also like to pause for a moment to reflect on the reason for this holiday -- to remember those who have served for our country. My own father was a WWII veteran and my grandfather re-upped to help in that effort. I recently read a book written by a quasi-family member (my brother's first wife's sister's daughter's husband if you can follow that). He joined the National Guard at 17 and served in Iraq at 19, all inspired by the attack on 9/11. For me, the epitome of today's young soldier is indeed Ryan Smithson. His book, Ghosts of War, was an amazing effort and really told the story of war from a different perspective.

I'd rather a world without wars. But that seems unlikely. Bless the men and women who serve our country.


Donna in AL said...

Happy Memorial Day, Jackie. I hope you have a great one! Thank you for writing this blog and all your wonderful pictures!

I don't watch DWTS or Bachlorette (sp?) so I can't wait for Big Brother to start!!

SueGee said...

Let me add my voice to thank all that serve, all that have served, and specially those that gave their lives for our freedom!

My Dad was in WWII, my dh in Vietnam. I too hope that no one ever has to again lose their life to defend our country - but again I thank those that volunteer to be ready if needed.


joy n said...

My country tis of thee
Sweet land of liberty
Of thee I sing
Land where our fathers died
Land of the pilgrims pride
From every mountainside, let freedom ring!

Laurie said...

Thanks for posting this and letting us know about the book, Jackie. Like many others, I am the daughter of a WWII and Korean war Marine and the wife of a Viet Nam sailor. We lost friends and family in war and pray for peace daily. Bless those who serve.

Margo said...

Off Topic-

I'm back from vacation and posted the final pool results over on the DWTS discussion post. Congrats to Delee & Bet for winning braggin reights til next season.


Becky said...

Happy Memorial Day, Jackie. It was quiet around here this weekend.

Now that a year has past, will they be doing the other knee?

joy n said...

Off topic for DEXTER fans: Showtime has announced that John Lithgow will join the cast for its 4th season. He will play Walter Simmons, whom police call the Trinity Killer because he always kills in threes. Dexter is drawn to him because of his efficient killing methods and his ability to kill without getting caught for 30 years. I love John Lithgow as a bad guy: Blow Out comes to mind.

Also, Keith Carradine will return for several episodes as Deb's ex boyfriend.

Dexter returns on Sept. 4th. Just FYI.