Thursday, May 21, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance, Some Off Topic, and Hooked on a Commercial

I'm sitting here watching So You Think You Can Dance. I have no clue why I always get so addicted to this show but don't care for Dancing With the Stars. Maybe it's because it often has more of a street vibe and/or because the kids on the show work so hard to achieve their dreams.

Obviously, since it's the first night, we're in the auditions phase. Do you want me to set up a discussion post for this season? I'm sure to comment, but don't know if I'm up to blogging each show.

Some off topic --

Due to so much rain and timing, I haven't seen Roofus the Cat lately. However, local blogger Bernice emailed me and told me she spotted Roofus inside the garage building where the food and litter box sit. I'll keep looking! BTW -- if you look at her blog, the new Senior Citizen Center is just a few doors down from where I took all my kale shots and I walk by there on my way to the train every day. It's just a bit away from my own neighborhood and is where the business district starts up.

Many of my commuting NJ Transit trains have gone to the fancy-schmancy double-deckers. If you sit in the top level, it tends to sway a bit like a boat on a mild sea. If you sit in the lower level, you bang your head when you stand and there's a step up to the seats (which I've already tripped over). If you sit at the main level in the bikes/handicap area, the seats aren't as comfortable and it's like a fancy-schmancy version of the NYC subways with passengers facing each other.

Above is a shot of the nearly empty lower level on one of my rides. The conductor is watching me shoot him. Oops. (Clicking on the image will open it larger in a new window.)

There's a fancy-schmancy at my train station. One thing which will take getting used to -- you can't flip the seats. Half of each car faces backwards for the trips. They're only two-seaters instead of two-seaters down one side and three-seaters down the other. I can't sprawl my stuff. BUT ... the seatbacks are one-piece molded plastic. No one in back me can poke me with their feet working them between the seatback and the seat itself. I hate toes poking me in the butt! I'm funny like that.

I'm still putting in extra time at work, but it's paying off as we're acing all of our audits. Phew! Also, I went for my year follow-up with my orthopedic surgeon for the knee replacement. He's happy. I'm happy. My knee can grin if I hold it sideways (the scar). He gave me another cortisone shot in the other knee. Hopefully it will last more than four days. My plans are to get the knee done before winter. I have to build up financial doings and stuff.

Hooked on a feeling commercial
"Front, back, side to side, front front back back side to side, up down ..." I have mad hamster love going on for those Kia hamster commercials. The songs are catchy, but the hamsters are the bee's knees. Or something like that.


dla said...

Hi Jackie! I, for one, would love a place to comment on SYTYCD! This is one of my absolute favorite shows to watch... No politics, just great kids who love to dance and entertain. I always find it extremely positive and uplifting.

I am 30 minutes into the auditions out here on the West Coast. Great entertainment so far!

Sydney said...

HI Jax -- that's some fancy train. Relly.. it looks at first glance like Robo Cop's closet.

I'm glad you're knee got a gold star from the doc. Will look forward to hearing that this shot did the trick in the other knee... both fingers crossed. It would be so good to get it done before slip-slidey winter, but when would that be... counting recovery based on your last experience? It'll be June in 2 seconds ('s going so FAST these days).

sizzie said...

Jackie, thanks for the photos and the mention of Roofus. Also good to hear about your doctor's visit. One year, glad that part is behind you.

Delee said...
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Delee said...

I would get sea-sick on the upper level if it does sway like that. Glad about the seats being poke your if they did that to airline seats.

One knee to go. I too hope the cortisone works. That is not fun to have injected...OUCH!!!

I watched about 1 hour of SYTUCD and turned to HGTV. I tire of watching the baffoons that think they can dance. I will watch once the real comp starts...

My pic is of Starry watching out the back door for something to bark at. Copper was never a barky dog unless it was really something to alert me to, this one, a leaf falls and arf arf arf. I sent this to Amanda and told her that Starry was waiting for her to come! HAHA

Love the hamsters too, but I would never buy a car that small. I could never get out of it without a forklift, knees do not cooperate.

meb said...

I enjoyed the auditions Jackie... there weren't that many bad dancers... or at least they didn't show that many.

You "bad" knee is no laughing matter, but I had to giggle when I enlarged the picture of the conductor and there, in great big letters, were the words "Watch Your Step". You did say you tripped on them didn't you. Smile.

Roofus is no dummy. When it's bad weather, he goes where there is shelter and food.

And Yes... I would like a place to go talk about SYTYCD. I won't comment during the show, but I would like to talk with everyone after.

Thanks... no more trippin' (up steps that is).

gaylos said...

I'd also like a SYTYCD post... thanks!

Jackie said...

Meb - Those steps I knew. The seats themselves are a step up from the aisle. Sitting in 'em make the conductors look shorter.

I'll get a SYTYCD entry up before the next show!

Oh ... alas, I'm having what's known as a cortisone flare-up. Swelling, pain, and hot knee. I called the doc -- elevate and ice, it should go away within 48 hours. Argh!

Lars Eller said...

I love your photos
Roofus come back!

Becky said...

Jackie, loved the pictures and the update on Roofus.

Is Leverage going to be back on TV. I got addicted to it last year.

I am not a SYTYCD fan. I have honestly tried it and just can't get into it.

Rest that leg this weekend. Just a few weeks and I will be in NYC for my reunion. I can hardly wait.

Jackie, elevate the leg this weekend. You have the perfect excuse to sit on your behind and read or watch TV.
Any good play suggestions from anyone? I know we are seeing Jersey Boys. And my friends children will take my grandaughter to see Wicked (which I have seen).

Kathy said...

I love your Roofus pics and commentary on his doings in life. I so Love that commercial and didn't think there was anyone else but me singing the song. Never paid much attention of what kind of car it was so thanks for the info. I just love it when that commercial comes on so now I can just come here to watch it. Thanks for all your great work you do and good luck with the knees.

Jennasmom said...

Jackie, I love that commercial, too. And the Jack in the Box one: "cows the size of schnauzers, but they're cattle." Both of those songs won't leave my head!

Laurie said...

Now I have that song in my head.

Well, Jackie, we all know I would trip on that bus, and just the description of the top level made me a bit nauseous.

Here's hoping the knees news is good and you will have a healthy summer, autumn and winter. Now, wouldn't that be nice?

I saw a commercial this morning for Big Brother in July! There were a few pictures from past shows and they made me smile. Bring on our summer trash!!