Monday, June 15, 2009

At Least TNT Has Fresh Shows ...

... which aren't about pseudo-celebs in a jungle!

The Closer is new at 9 PM ET/PT ... and here's a peek --

Then, at 10 PM ET/PT, it's a new Raising the Bar --

I've already screened both of these episodes and, trust me ... much better than watching those fools in the jungle!


Donna in AL said...

I would have loved to watch these tonight; however; because of weather issues, I need to watch locals channels. Repeating House and Lie to Me.

PDX Granny said...

I'm going to have to make some adjustments to my viewing now that the transition has happened. I have cable at home, so that's no problem. I still get all the channels. I'm semi-addicted to my soaps tho. I have a radio at work that picks up TV so I've been able to keep up with them even if I don't watch them. My radio doesn't work any more.

Now I have to decide whether to record and watch them at night, or watch other shows.

Oh woe is me.

Becky said...

pdx Granny said...Now I have to decide whether to record and watch them at night, or watch other shows.

I know that CBS carries videos of previous Guiding Light shows. Or, you could put a tape in the recorder, record your soaps, then take it out and watch your evening shows. Then on Sat. or a dull TV night catch up on the soaps.

GL also has a daily recap. This is the only soap I watch. I started watching it when I was a stay at home Mom and when I retired I took it back up.

Becky said...

Just testing.... please excuse me.

SueGee said...

I got hooked on Raising the Bar last season and my DVR picked up that it was re-starting so I have 2 in the "can" to watch very soon, maybe tonight. I just haven't been watching much of anything at all lately. Even the PBS stations around here are pledge re-runs. Bring on BB puhleeeze!!

Oh and a musical suggestion. If you like banjo music, pick up a copy of Steve Martin's "The Crow". Yes the comedian is an accomplished musician! He wrote or arranged all the music and it is really good. He has some good friends singing and playing with him too!


meb said...

I watched them both Jackie. I've watched The Closer from the beginning and it is really good.

donna, I had to cancel my tape of Lie to Me because of two other things taping. I do like the show tho and will catch it when it comes around again on reruns.

Jackie, hope the knee is feeling better. I watched a tape of Celebrity and it was one where they were telling each other a favorite thing they liked about the other. Sanjaya said he liked Lou Phillips for the father figure he represented...then Sanjaya started crying and I have to admit, I lost it. Now, I only watched it because nothing else was on at the time, but that was touching. You had to see the whole description leaves a lot out.

Zoetawny said...

Hey Jackie and all!

Found a minute to check in and say, "Hello".

I know I'm missing watching some of my fav shows but TV is just not a priority right now.

My stepson is now in the process of the bone marrow transplant. I do mean process. What he's gone through is grueling but he's fighting for his life and I'm very proud of him.

Not to make any more excuses as to why I'm MIA but I don't get home most nights until after 10 p.m. If only our kids lived closer and UCLA Medical Center wasn't a two hour drive I wouldn't be gone most of the day and night. UCLA is the only hospital in the Los Angeles area that does bone marrow transplants.


I've started working on a new Big Brother logo for you but it's taking a long time. Some nights I can't get to sleep so I sneak out of bed and work on your logo graphic. I'll have to read your previous posts to find out what's going on with your knee. I hope you're hanging in there until you can schedule surgery. This time you will be a pro at knowing what to expect and how to deal with it. I wish you didn't have to deal with any surgery but now you know first hand how successful knee replacement can be.

I hope everyone made it through the digital transition without any problems. We've had cable for such a long time I barely remember analog. But, I do remember thinking why do we have to pay for TV. It used to be free. ;)

Well, that's it. Nothing exciting going on in my neighborhood.

Miss all of you!

EllerMedia Canada-USA said...

Thank-You Jackie for all updates
and great info~!

Susan in FL said...

TV still is free - at least it sort of is here in Myakka City FL. With a new rooftop antenna and a converter box, that is. And then the analog tv died so we had to buy a new flat screen tv - sigh. So we survived the digital transition but some nights we wish the stations would boost their transmission power. Looking forward to BB even though reception of our only CBS station is iffy most nights.

PDX Granny said...

Zoetawny, it's so good to see you checking in. My heart goes out to your stepson, as well as you and the rest of your family.

Remember to take care of yourself during this time. Stay strong and keep the faith.

Know you have friends here praying for you and sending you virtual hugs.

meb said...

I second everything PDX Granny said Zoetawny. Really miss seeing your comments.

I'm so glad your step-son is finally getting to have the bone marrow procedure. I know how frightening it must be for him and all of you.

I know its important for you to be there to support everyone, so you make sure you don't get run down yourself... I should say too much, cause I know you must be running yourself ragged.

We have you in our prayers all the time. God is in control.


Laurie said...

I've been a Closer watcher, too, from the beginning and love it. I like her new pink coat!

Zoetawny, it's good to see your post and to hear your step-son is getting the bone marrow he needs. It is a grueling process but it sounds like he has a great attitude. As others said, take care of yourself as much as you can, and know we are all pulling for you and for him!