Friday, June 19, 2009

Belated Bloggy Bits

Finally! I've been trying to post an entry since I got home from work! Blogger has been out of order and I couldn't even get a comment on my last entry to post.

But I have to talk about my dinner with two fine blog friends last night. It never fails that when I meet folks I've befriended online, they're people who I find truly enjoyable to be around. Of course, meeting up with a bad element from online is what we all see on the news. And that certainly happens. But it all depends on the venue involved.

Last night's dinner with blog friends RBennie and Becky could have been dangerous. Yep. We could have stayed out all night talking until we were hoarse. We could have eaten far more calories than humanly possible. We could have gone shopping! We could have giggled until we started hiccupping or something.

It makes me feel so good inside that this blog has created such a fantastic community of really GOOD people. We may all live in various places around the country, but when we meet up ... it's like we've been "in person" friends for years. RBennie in person has that voice of reason with humor thrown in (but that voice of reason within couldn't stop her from having at least a bit of the triple chocolate cake!). Becky is such a firecracker (which is a good thing)! She kept us in giggles all evening ... I love it!

Both Becky and RBennie are exactly the kind of friends I like in my life -- kind, interesting, witty, intelligent women with whom you can have a good time. I have a feeling they also might be good shoulders to cry on, but we did no crying last night. Lots of giggling.

I don't want to just slap up photos taken of us last night. I myself am always a bit camera shy. But here's a bit of my journey --

Newark Penn Station ... where is my train? That's not my train. Why is my train late? I need to get to Midtown!

Finally, New York City, just as I pictured it ... skyscrapers and everything. Oh, wait. That's from a Stevie Wonder song ("Living for the City"). It's been horrible with rain this month here. However, the skies stopped for our Ladies Evening Out. All that was left was the fog. It usurped the Empire State Building.

Here's where we had our dinner -- O'Reilly's Pub and Restaurant.

After leaving Becky and her friend at Penn Station to catch their train back to Long Island, I walked over to Times Square just for the heck of it. Er, not really for that reason. I had to go to Port Authority as I took a bus home. If I'm in the city late, I usually catch the bus back home as the bus stop is across the street from my apartment while the train station is six (dark and scary) blocks away. Port Authority is on 42nd Street right at the edge of Times Square. I peeked at the pedestrian mall bit, but I'm not impressed. Even without cars right at Times Square, it's still a sensory overload.

Becky and RBennie ... thank you for an enjoyable time last night! You're both sweeties! And fun, too!


SueGee said...

Glad to hear you all had such a wonderful time! I have been part of a group of women that all met in an AOL chat room way over 12 years ago. We are all around the same age (old) but from all different parts of the country & Canada. We finally decided to do a group meet-up and we met in Las Vegas for a weekend! Not all of us were able to attend - but we are all still going strong today with daily e-mail flurries replacing our old AOL Boards. You have inspired me to try once more to get us all together again!


sizzie said...

Ah Jackie, You made me smile all over to read about the evening out. I could see and hear it all through your words. We all feel jealous we missed out !

Donna in AL said...

I tried earlier to comment on the last post but blogger was screwing up for me too.

I wish more of us could have been there. Sounds like you all had a blast! Becky and Rbennie are so witty, aren't they. I can just imagine all the quips going back and forth with all three of you.

Laurie said...

Your post made me smile and then laugh, Jackie. You certainly have built a wonderful community of friends here on your blog. You are quite right. We are all kind, witty and intelligent women (and ever so humble) with way more in common than we could ever imagine.

Thanks for sharing about your evening. If I'm ever in NY I'll be laughing with you and RBennie, too!

Nana in the NW said...

So happy to read your account of your evening--it sounds just like what RBennie said in her e-mail!! She sent pics....but failed to tell us who's were you the one in a black/white top? I keep hoping someday a large group of us will be able to have a meet-up! SueGee sounds like you have met some great people in your AOL chat room. Some of us have started e-mailing(remember the "warriors" from Survivor)and have developed great friendships. It's amazing how you can all be from different walks of life and yet still have so much in common.
Once again Jackie, loved the pics. of Time Square at night--it just screams energy and life.

""hi"" joyn!!!

Jackie said...

I'm the one with the frizzy red humidity damaged hair, no stripes.

Jennasmom said...

I'm jealous! Wish I could have been there! One of these days I'll make it to the Big Apple! But, Jackie & Ruth, you'll have to find a place that serves grilled cheese for my 5 yr old when we meet for dinner! Glad you all had a good time!

Jennasmom said...

Oh, and's even hotter here in Texas than when you left!

I missed the 10 pm weather report tonight. The weather guy is teaching us new ways to say hot:
calescent, febrile, thermogenic....those were the forecasts for the last three days. Thought Rbennie might enjoy the new vocabulary! LOL

Becky, hope you are having a great trip with Emily!

Jackie said...

Yikes! One thing I forgot to mention -- I'm blaming the Blogger outage and being tired -- is that RBennie gave me a print-out of little notes from many of you.

All I can say is ... aw, shucks. You folks keep me blogging! You're all so wonderful and I love the community we've formed here.

TerryinCA said...

Oh Jackie, Im still so envious of the cool dinner you all had together. someday it will happen, we shall meet all together.
you are so right, you have brought together some of the most interesting, giving,loving, honest to gosh good people in this blog, Im thinking you attract this kind of people, because that is exactly what you.
tons of thanks
Most of the gals know my dog Cruiser, had a horrible surgery to relieve an abcess on his neck, and while in there they removed a large bump off his was malignant cancer, but they are thinking they got it all...the ladies in this group were so thoughtful and truly made this experience so much easier to bear...I was never alone, I had them all and all prayed for me and my dog.
He will be fine....and thanks to all of them, me too!

TerryinCA said...

p.s. I meant to say...."Im thinking you attract this type of person because thats what you are...."

sizzie said...

SueGee...I was on some of the reality shows AOL blogs a long while ago. I have missed those times, I can't remember any of the posters names, but we had an off topic (maybe on a Survivor board) and talked how to make biscuits and a really great drink, too. That was a good time for me, I am wondering if that was 'your' board.

Donna in AL said...

I missed out on the notes because I was at work and it's really hard to read the emails, let alone repond. So thank you for giving us a "nice" place to gather and meet wonderful people from the whole country. These DOLLS are the best and I am so proud to be one of them!

SueGee said...

My "board" on AOL was actually in a health area, and I hosted chats too, but I was active in other areas too in what we used to call our street clothes. I remember those TV and specially the Survivor Boards (with separate spoiler areas) and some music boards as really being busy. I always loved the AOL board formats until they decided they had to be like everyone else's boards and hard to use! Then they pretty much fired everyone and the rest is history!!


Anonymous said...

Now that school is out I have found my way back to Jackie's blog, like coming home to the cherished neighborhood of fun friends. I'm so glad to see you had such a great time with RBennie and Becky! I hope you have been well and I look forward to reading about all that's going on!
Witt :)

sizzie said...

Sue Gee said:
always loved the AOL board formats until they decided they had to be like everyone else's boards and hard to use!


Yes ! The revamp was awful and I left then. But, because of the monitors imo, they were great while they lasted.

meb said...

Well I just missed everything, your visit with Rbennie and Becky and this post.

Well, I commented on the last post, so I won't repeat myself except to say again,


Lars Eller said...

Wow nice pictures
sounds like fun,
Thanks for sharing photos.

Happy Fathers Day!

RBennie said...

Yes that's right ladies, eat your hearts out - I got to have dinner with Jackie and Becky. Thanks for all your wonderful words about me Jackie. You are such a good judge of character, LOL. The pictures I sent to the DOLLs started a whole controversy about "which one is Jackie" - hilarious. Maybe I should have left them guessing and let you remain a mystery, LOL. No, maybe not, they would probably string me up for that - with MEB leading the pack. Seriously though, I had a great time with you both and would love to do it again anytime.

joy n said...

People magazine is reporting that Jon and Kate Gosselin (Plus 8) filed divorce papers in PA today.

How sad for the whole family. You would think that people would realize by now that reality TV tends to break families apart.

Jon wants out of the show and Kate doesn't. I guess she wants them to help pay the mortgage on that new house.

I don't know that I believe that gossip about him cheating and I'm not saying he's blameless by any means but the way she emasculated Jon in front of the cameras irritated me to no end. I'm not shocked to hear they will end their marriage.

Laurie said...

joyn, I was just checking online to see if the "surprise announcement" had been made yet. I'm not a big fan of the show but I have seen a few episodes on Saturdays or when I've been home sick. I liked the early shows but began to dislike the shows after awhile. I really didn't like the way Kate treated Jon, and I didn't like the way he acted like one of the children.

Personally, I think it's time to remove the cameras and get those kids out of the element they are in now. More than a big house or famous visitors or paid vacations, they need a mom and a dad who are working on their marriage and doing whatever is best for the family. Kids should come first, in my opinion, and they can be happy with a whole lot less "stuff" and a whole lot more love. said...

OMG!! It's good to be back and have BB back. Thanks Jackie!! I'm already building my campsite in front of the TV for the season.