Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rest in Peace, Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson

It's a sad day in the entertainment world today as we lost two very iconic figures. Farrah Fawcett died at 62 years of age while Michael Jackson was only 50. Farrah made her battle with cancer very public and showed admirable courage. As for Michael Jackson, it was cardiac arrest. He might have had his scandals and oddness, but his talent cannot be denied.

May they both rest in peace.


Delee said...

Today was a shocker of a day. I remember when the kids were small they loved the Thriller album and the tv show with the Thriller video (the long version). Most days I only heard that album played time and time again.

Still waiting to hear if Farrah and Ryan had a bedside marriage ceremony, as he had asked again and she said yes.

Like I said a shocker and a sad day!

Sydney said...

I agree with you completely. Such a shocking and sad day. Thank you for posting something about it. It will be a good thing to read what everyone here at your blog has to say.

dgmommie said...

Delee, I can't remember where I read it - maybe TMZ? But I remember reading today about Farrah's death, and the article said specifically that she died without getting married yet.

Margo said...

RIP Farrah and Michael

monty924 said...

I knew to come here as soon as I heard the news. Wow! Two icons from my youth are gone on the same day. I'm only a year or two younger than MJ and it really makes you feel your own mortality when someone so young (I think 50 is young) dies.

I loved Michael Jackson as a kid witht he Jackson Five and later in his Thriller days. I can still remember watching the premiere of the Thriller video on MTV when it came out with my husband (at the time). That was such an amazing thing back then (the video premiere)... I miss those old days of MTV. It, like most everything, changed over the years and I never really watch anything on it any longer.

Farrah was on my brother's bedroom wall in that famous swimsuit poster and I loved her hair. I had a Farrah cut when I was in high school, but the brunette and the blond don't compare. :) I think a lot of girls my age wanted that look at the time. I guess I was just blessed with the type of hair, if not color, that could do that layered cut back then.

Thanks Jackie for starting the post. I look forward to others thoughts on both MJ and Farrah as well.

RIP to two souls who were at many times tortured souls. Sad day for the entertainment industry.

joy n said...

We had company and the TV was off most of the day.

I'd heard about Farrah's death in the AM and felt so sad that she's lost her battle with cancer. She'd fought so hard. Ryan said they didn't have the opportunity to get married before her death.

I was totally shocked to hear of Michael's death. Fifty is way too young to die. My first time seeing him was on a TV special with Diana Ross. I was about 20 or 21 sitting in a bar with my then-boyfriend and The Jackson Five were introduced. After a few notes, everyone stopped to look at the telly. They were amazing. I knew these kids would be around for awhile. Little did I know...

I remember living in Houston when Elvis died and felt the same shock hearing that news.

I've dug out my old Thriller album and some of my old 45's. I always loved "Ben".

Rest in peace, Michael and Farrah. Truly a sad day.

monty924 said...

Oh, Ben from Willard... that was such a good song and movie. I saw the movie at the drive-in theater in my hometown with my older sisters. My Mom didn't want me to see it because she thought it would give me nightmares.

I had an old cassette recorder and we taped that song from the drive-in speaker. I listened to it over and over even after I bought the 45.

Good memories on a sad occasion!

Sally said...

I'm sad about Michael's death too. I watched some of the TV tribute coverage tonight, and loved seeing those old performanes and dance moves again. I think "Billie Jean" is my all-time favorite video, with the finger-snapping and those sidewalk blocks that light up. I hope he's now found the peace that eluded him in this life.

That's three famous people who've died in the last few days: Ed McMahon, Farrah and Michael. A sad week.

lynn1 said...

I feel so badly for the children of Farrah and Michael.
I hope that Farrah is now pain free and that Michael finds peace that eluded him in life.

Anonymous said...

speculation michael died after
injecting himself with demerol.

Witt said...

Michael Jackson and I were not that far apart in age, and I was stunned when I heard about his passing. I remember the Jackson 5 days, and going out to a club or a party in college meant dancing to his music (those were the "Thriller" days). He always seemed like a tortured soul, and I wish him peace. For his family, my prayer is that their memories of happy times will help them through this extremely difficult period.

RBennie said...

I think I'm still somewhat in shock about Michael Jackson's passing. I grew up loving him and the Jackson 5. He was one of those larger than life figures that you never even give a thought to not being here someday.

While it saddens me to hear of Farrah's passing, it was expected and I'm glad she is no longer suffering.

My heart goes out to both their families.

joy n said...

I heard the 911 call on TMZ and the caller (someone who works at the house) told 911 that Michael's doctor was alone with him. The doctor disappeared after the ambulance took Michael away. It's reported he was given a shot of Demerol by the doctor.

Also, (?) Rowe (the mom of his two oldest kids) never gave up the right to those kids and is considering getting full custody. Right now, they're with Michael's mom and dad. I doubt Michael would have wanted his ex or his dad to have custody. What a mess this is bound to be.

SueGee said...

I was never a big fan of Michael, just recognized his genius and somehow knew that people with his types of problems were not going to live a long life - but to go so suddenly at 50?

I was at an (excellent)concert last night with Emmylou Harris, Patty Griffin, Shawn Colvin & Buddy Miller (Collectively called Three Girls & Their Buddy). Very different music, buy they did one of Michael's songs in an unspoken tribute...."just call my name, and I'll be there" is still haunting me.


PDX Granny said...

I'm watching Night Line while catching up on my computer. Not surprisingly, they're having a special on Michael. Watching him when he was a little guy is amazing. It reminds me of seeing him way back then and knowing he was special even then.

When I heard that Farrah was on Charlies Angels for just one season, I couldn't believe it. It seems like it was so much longer.

My WV is extra. Somehow, it seems fitting.

Susan in FL said...

Ahhhh - the bubblegum days. My daughter played the records of the young Michael Jackson and the young Donny Osmond (who is only two years older than michael) and their older brothers cobstantly. And she had a Farrah haircut.

Laurie said...

Farrah's death is sad in that she was relatively young, but also a release for her to leave that ravaged body. She was certainly died with dignity.

I'm not the right age to be a big fan of Michael Jackson. I do admire his talent and contribution to the world of music. He was part of the "We Are The World" song and idea of using music in that way. I think that's how I will remember him. Well, that and the moon walk!

dla said...

My world was rocked by these two deaths. So many important and lasting memories are tied to their iconic images and legacy.

My wish is that they both find something that escaped them on this Earth at the end of their days.

Rest in peace.

Donna in AL said...

RIP Farrah and Michael.

I had the (brunette) Farrah haircut and my brother had her poster when we were in our teens.

I loved Michael's music and his talent for knowing what his fans wanted. I have an old reel to reel tape that has the Jackson Five playing in the background, singing ABC when I was about 13.

They will both be missed by millions of fans including me. Prayers for their families.

Sydney said...

I feel kind of Bad that Farrah Fawcett's passing is getting lost in all the Michael controversy.

Remember when Mother Theresa died? She had said it was her wish to die without public fanfare, and how was that going to happen?

She passed away on the same day as Lady Di. And all the coverage was about the latter.

Sydney said...

Joy -- and only the oldest two children are Debbie's... he had the third, some other way... a potential mess to be sure.

I don't understand why folks who have so much don't have proper wills. I have had one in place since I was about 30 and I don't have kids or zillions of dollars. Someone needs to know your passwords, that you have a blog, your cell phone code even... I think I would put those in a safety deposit box, but then I'd have to also put the fact that I have a safety deposit box with the number, bank name and extra key in my papers too. Cuz every day you never know...

I had completely forgotten this -- but I went to see the Jacksons when they all were on tour together. When was that? The late 80's? For some reason I was back stage and had stepped out into the hall where the dressing rooms were. It was pretty quiet, as most of the band, roadies, press etc where in the big dressing rooms further up the hall behind closed doors and the roar of the crowd was muted too. From the deserted restroom I heard Michael warming up his voice using the acoustics to be found in there. Very high pitched and perfect. I of course stopped to listen and it was one of those moments where time stood still.

Jennasmom said...

I grew up roller skating to the Jackson 5 back in the 70s. And I tried for a Farrah hairdo -- but my hair was too thin & straight. Would curl it & brush it back, spray the heck out of it, and it would always be hanging down straight in no time. My brother had the Farrah poster and an insulated travel cup with her on it. He still has the cup in their kitchen cupboard - much to his wife's chagrin. Even though I wasn't a big MJ fan, it is still sad to see two "idols" of my youth pass on. And Ed McMahon, too. I grew up on Johnny & Ed. And to top off the week, Billy Mays, the infomercial guy dies too. What a week! May they all rest in peace.

joy n said...

I don't know that many of you will remember Gale Storm of "My Little Margie" from the 50's, but she died yesterday at age 87.

So did Fred Travalena at the age of 66. He was a comedian who was a regular guest on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show years ago.

So many familiar names.

sizzie said...

joyn wrote:
I don't know that many of you will remember Gale Storm of "My Little Margie" from the 50's, but she died yesterday at age 87.

I do remember Gale Storm and My Little Margie. Thank you for posting this, joyn, I had not heard it.

Sydney said...

well, and someone told me that the oxy clean guy -- Billy Mayes also passed away suddenly after being hit in the head by something when his plane had a particularly bumpy landing. Apparently he was interviewed right after and was fine. Maybe similar to what happened to Natasha Richardson.

He also was only 50. It just brings home how you never, ever know and it serves us all to just enjoy the moment... and if you aren't, figure out what to do so you can?

Margo said...

Apparently he had no head injury and died of heart disease. He had an enlarged heart or so I read.

The airplane had nothing to do with him dying. I'm talking about the infomercial guy not MJ.


Sydney said...

Wow Margo, thanks for clearing that up. I have not been able to get to a newspaper or on the internet to get the facts. That makes a bit more sense. Still, I wonder if he had any idea or it was not diagnosed before.

Arlene said...

First of all thanks Jackie for posting this.

Farrah's death was expected, and all due respect, she is not longer in pain. May she rest in peace. I wish her and Ryan was able to get married. And I wished that the courts would have allowed Redmond to be released from jail to go see her in the hospital. I heard that he will be let out to attend her funeral on Tuesday.

Michael, Michael, Michael. What can I say. The first time I saw the J5 I was in love with the 5 brothers. I went to their concert and Janet and Randy did the Marilyn Monroe skit and that was so funny. When the Olympics was in Los Angeles in 1984 I went to their house as often as I can for 2 weeks to catch a glimpse of them playing basketball. Unfortunately Jermaine had broken his leg playing basketbal and he was stuck in a wheelchair. All I saw was the bodyguards guarding the gate.

I went up on Ebay yesterday to see how much my Michael Jackson and Jackson 5 collectibles were going for and I could not believe it. I have the Jackson Victory Tour 6 pack Autograph Pepsi can and that is goin for $100. I did not even pay for it. A friend of mine gave me the 6 pack as a favor. She probably would be pissed at me knowing how much I can get for it. My Michael Jackson doll in mint condition was going as high as $900. My daughter told me I better not sell any of my stuff. I told her don't worry I wont.

Six deaths in 7 days and 7 deaths in 2 weeks is way to much. Let us not forget about David Carridine the first one to die.

Michael Jackson's music and dance moves will live on through other music artists and for that I will always be grateful.

BTW: Michael's mom filled out the papers necessary to get full custody of the his 3 children.

For all of those who passed away, may you R.I.P.

Sydney said...

very interesting and believable article about Michael Jackson... If it's all true, which I bet it is, it is even more tragic than we already feel it is.