Thursday, July 09, 2009

Bulletin: So You Think You Can Dance 7/09 Results Bulletin

Caitlyn is going home.
Phillip Chbeeb is out.

Nigel announced that both Phillip and Caitlyn will be on the tour.


meb said...

Hey Anybodybut(whocares)... Great to see you back. Are you going to stay with us this year?

Well, you got your hearts desire... Jannelle didn't come back. Of the four possibles, did it have to be Jessie????

Although the other three were no prize either.

I've got to get these names down quick so I know who Jackie is talking about.

Sydney, where were you last night? Missed your quick responses to what's going on.

And Jackie, I came in late but there was still no wv required. Thanks for that.

Caroline said...

I am beyond pissed that Caitlyn went home last night. She had the best solo of the women by a mile...she always has the best solo of the women. I don't understand how they can claim they based this on her body of work when every single week she was the one getting praised and Jason was told he was the lesser of their couple.

I have absolutely no idea what they see in Jeanine, I think she's the worst of the girls left.

Even though they tried to appease fans by adding Caitlyn & Phillip to the tour...they will not be getting my money after sending Caitlyn home this early!!!

Loneseven said...

testing my new high speed!

Loneseven said...

it works!