Sunday, July 26, 2009

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was

Since I received good reaction to last week's array of photographs taken during the week, I'm giving it another shot. Or, to be more accurate, shots.

This wasn't an easy week for me. I'm missing my cat every day -- things just aren't the same when you lose a friend and confidant of so many years. The weather turned hot and humid, something I really wasn't missing when we had a chilly (for summer) June. Work budget cuts mean that I might not financially be able to do my needed knee surgery this fall.

Other people had a worse week, I guess. Lawmakers, mayors, and rabbis oh my! The latest New Jersey corruption scandal is a doozy. Where else but in NJ could you have the unique twist of corruption involving money laundering, Gucci bags, and body parts? I, of course, am not a suspect in the investigations. You don't want to know how many years it's been since someone offered me a bribe.

I hooked up my Comcast digital adaptor doohickeys with the biggest hitch moving the bookcase blocking my outlet for my living room television. I'm not thrilled that each adaptor sucks up electricity, nor am I happy that I've been told that I'm not eligible for any of the promotional plans. But if I didn't do it, by Tuesday I'd lose several stations I watch. Grr.

Here are some of the shots I took this week (clicking on an image will open it larger in a new window) ... for some reason, it was a big pigeon week:

He had a wild look in his orange-red eye.
Plainfield Train Station, Plainfield, NJ

Jus' waitin' on a train.
Plainfield Train Station

Does that star-spangled banner yet wave?
Historic Quaker Cemetary in back of the
Friends Meeting House

Plainfield, NJ

Hot town, summer in the city.
Back of my neck getting dirty and gritty.

Lyrics by the Lovin' Spoonful
Plainfield, NJ

Mourning dove on barbed wire.
Bridgewater, NJ

Roofus the Cat
North Street, Plainfield, NJ

A sunflower grows in Plainfield.
East Front Street, Plainfield, NJ

Pigeons in a window.
Plainfield, NJ

Abandoned condemned Miron Furniture warehouse ...
where pigeons sit in windows.

East Second Street, Plainfield, NJ

Zoom, Every Baby Has a Story, WATERMELONS
East Second Street, Plainfield, NJ


sizzie said...

I love sunflowers, thanks for all the photos, but it will be my favorite. It looks like the pigeon matched his eye color to his feet...clever of him. The contrast of the Quaker cemetery to the city streets is a good one, Jackie. As always your eye is showing. : )
We have pigeons in our back yard. We don't like them being there, but what are ya gonna do??! Doves and Pigeons are related and we love the doves. We used to love them baked on a bed of stuffing, but now I just love to see them flying and cooing and whatever. Great photos and thanks for posting them, Jackie. I know the pain of everything at once can get a person down.

Becky said...

Jackie, wonderful pictures -- as usual. I took one of a pigeon on the ledge of the observation deck of the Empire State Building. I don't know why, but I never expected a bird up that high.

We have a lot of white wing doves in our neighborhood. I love to listen to them coo.

Our dentist has bird feeders across the back of the space between the fence behind them and the back of the office. It is fun to sit and watch them feed. He has one hugh one (I told him I had seen smaller chickens than the dove is). He said the pigeon is so fat because he runs the other birds away from the bird bath where they put feed.

WV is dentsc -- guess that's why I thought of my dentist.

PDX Granny said...

Jackie, your photos never cease to amaze me! You have such a knack for catching what normally wouldn't be noticed.

How many shots do you have to take to get such great ones? With me, I can take pictures all day and am lucky to have even one turn out half way decent.

I stand in awe of you!

joy n said...

We have mourning doves at our feeders every morning. Two practically live in our yard and sleep every afternoon on the feeder itself. There's something very soothing about their cooing.

You've captured some great shots again, Jackie.

Margo said...

I love your pictures. Thanks for the sunflower.


Jackie said...

You wear it well, Margo!

Sally said...

Unfortunately, Jackie, I don't think there is any shortcut to getting over the grief of losing a well-loved pet. It just takes time, and we need to keep plodding along, being thankful for all those years of happy times and companionship.

I've long though that if I ever needed to cry on cue (not likely), thinking about losing my Siberian Husky would do it. And that was seven years ago.

Enjoyed all the photos. It seems like you actually take time to look at your surroundings as you go about your daily routine. I should make a point of doing that--who knows how many birds, flowers, interesting sighs and strange signs I'm missing!

Jackie said...

PDX Granny - Sometimes I get the shot I want first time, sometimes I just catch it right. I'm thankful for digital as I can just keep on clicking!

lynn1 said...

Honestly Jackie your photos make art out of what I would see as an eyesore if I bothered to let it register in my brain at all. You have a gift for photography and writing.
I know you are still hurting and grieving. It took me months to get where I didn't cry every single day.
There used to be a great pet grief hotline associated with the University of Iowa or Iowa State veterinary school. I talked to them several months after my Mitch died. They helped me so much.
I doubt you are ready to talk with them or need their help now but if you reach the point that you would like to talk to them I will try to find their number.

TerryinCA said...

Now you tell me you are up for bribes....I would have bribed you to give me Bachelor spoilers all season!
Body Parts & Gucci bags? hmmmmmm
Just a side note Jax, my father and his family were Quaker...and while I was in Philly once I went to the first ever Quaker meeting hall...I was surprised to be told that the Quakers were very much women's rights activists...I know they are always seen as pacifists towards war and things, but I never heard them being to the forefront of womens rights...but its true..

Any way keep up the great photography, its just the best to look at your pictures and read your take on things...Im always entertained!

Jennasmom said...

Great photos, Jackie! Thanks for sharing them!

Lars Eller said...

Hey Jackie,
Here's a bribe for you;
How about lets do a on-the -radio
I actually was already going to donate to your blog prior
I'm guilty of being to busy.
About this interview I'll send you the questions Haha

I'm still thinking of your loss
it's difficult.

cash gifting said...

Beautiful photos Jackie.

I've spent almost all of my 34 years in Plainfield. It's interesting to see some of the local spots on film, let along mentioned on a blog. Thanks for sharing.