Monday, August 24, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Into Monday Evening 8/24

Jeff and Jordan putting Q-tips into the bottles. Don't ask.

Natalie's all smiles.

Here are the events into the evening from inside that Big Brother House of Roads Not Taken:
  • Natalie assured Kevin that Russell "walks the walk, but doesn't talk the talk" when he's mad. He'll get into a girl's face and scream at her, but he yells at a guy from a distance.
  • Natalie thinks that Russell is going to try to convince Michele and Jordan that he should stay.
  • Aw, Russell and Natalie talked things out and hugged.
  • I'm deeply touched.
  • Russell told Natalie she should work to keep Michele in the house for her own game.
  • Russell believes he never attacked Jeff or Jordan. He and Kevin talked about Chima's terrorist comments and now all is hunky-dory between them.
  • Or, at least Kevin has stopped hiding in fear of being punched.
  • Jeff and Jordan are proud of Jeff's move. They say Russell was a yo-yo, with them one day, plotting against them the next.
  • Russell mentioned that Natalie is only 18 and she's an amateur poker player in casinos?
  • She claims she can't get into most casinos but can get into the Indian casinos where the age to enter is 18.
  • Jordan and Jeff continue to count and study the house.
  • That's what the Q-tips are all about.
  • I'm sure you were wondering.


lynn1 said...

I am sure that Natalie and Kevin are having a hard time containing their glee at playing Jeff and Jordan like a fiddle.
I doubt that Russell will have to mop the floor with Jeff when Jeff is sent packing next week. It will hit Jeff like a ton of bricks that he was a big sucker for Natalie and Kevins BS.

joy n said...

I'm looking forward to someone, anyone, to wipe that smile off Nasty Nat's face.

joy n said...

I'm going to change my name to Anyone But Natalie.

ChicMc said...

Man, my comments always seem to be made right before Jackie does an update.

WV is nesse
Natalie needs to get evicted so she can rejoin Jesse at the jury house and be reunited as Nesse.

Anonymous said...

This is the first season where I have been unable to pick a favorite. For some reason, I find the Houseguests rather unlikeable and hard to root for.

Kevin is at least funny and entertaining in the DR sessions we see on TV. But that is about it.


monty924 said...

Watching Jeff and Jordan counting the bottles, tubes and cans in the GR tonight was like watching paint dry. BORING! When they started talking about counting the bubbles in the bubble wrap, I was done.

Laurie said...

At least Russell is questioning Natalie's age in regards to gambling. Now if he would question her drinking in the house. Of course, as an experienced liar she probably has an answer at the ready for that question.

I wonder what's happening in the Jury House now?

Anonymous said...

I think it's going to take a major miracle for Jeff to last through next week. Odds are against him, but there is a chance Michelle or Jordan will win HOH, or Jeff gets POV. I think all of the HGs deserve to win if they can last at this point. Most of the alliances are broken and they will have to win challenges (or be lucky) to hang in there any longer. Jeffie's tweeters are cute. I hope he makes it to the end.

Sasha said...

Call me crazy but doesn't it always get this way in the house when it gets down to relatively few people? It really was just a matter of who went after whom first...Jeff v. Russ. Oh well.

Thanks for the LOL, Monty..."When they started talking about counting the bubbles in the bubble wrap, I was done." Too funny.

sizzie said...

Did anyone see the beginning of BBAfter Dark? The first almost 30 minutes was of a sleeping house. The camera took in the part in the top of Natalie's head..all that could be seen under the red blanket. It panned throughout the house and yard. No one in sight. Once a slight noise was heard, but it was only Russ turning over a little as he slept.

Jeff was in DR.There was no shot of the HOH and I think that was where Mic was. At first it was boring, then it got funny to think what a waste of 'premium' time it was. There was no theme music playing, at least. I kept it on just to see how long the dead air would run. I turned it off at around 30 min when Jeff came out of the DR to wake Jordan.

It is 2am in the house now. Jeff is still upset, awake and talking to Jordan in HOH. Jor just asked, 'are you worried about stuff' and he says 'a little' and then again Jeff is talking about Russ. 'dude you got beat' he repeats from the hours ago conversation. He is justifying his getting rid of Russ, but most of his anger is directed at Michelle. He wants her gone, he hates her, blah, blah, blah.

Kev gave me his 'fing word when I took him off the block, but his word doesn't mean anything'

I am smiling since that is also the same argument Russ used to Jeff.

Jeff just said "I am p#ssed because I don't have any control over it'.

So, Jeff is seeing how easily the vote could change. He is angry that Michelle isn't on his side and yet he was never considering keeping her except as a vote to get himself to the end.

Which, while the point of the game, seems wrong for anyone except Jeff to least in Jeff's mind.

Jordan tries to talk him through his black cloud and asks if he wants to go outside. I don't know what he answers but he is taking a shower.

Jordan has had a long nap and is up and perky. She leaves HOH to go to the kitchen where I am guessing she will either clean or eat or both.

sizzie said...

J and J are in bed ready to sleep. Jeff is hosting a small pity party for himself. That Mic has cried is one topic that bothers him the most. He keeps mentioning it. He sees it as her crying over Russ leaving. I think she was crying for several reasons.

No one appreciates what Jeff has done for them. Etc. Yawn

this is how Jordan comforts him: She says that we could have got him out last week but it was more important to get Lydia first. Like in the can competition if Russ had been gone and Lydia was still here then Russ wouldn't have distracted Kev so that you could win and Lydia would have won and then put you up.

Weak, isn't it? She has said that she (Jor) wanted to send Russ home last week, but Jeff didn't.

'I fing hate being the bigger person', Jeff says, about not acting on the violence that came up during the Russ argument today. I can't do anything to him in the house, I just have to take it.

Jordan is trying to talk him down from his anger/pout.

chris said...

well jordo will have to talk jeffo down from a much bigger pout after he gets put on the block.
who can blame michelle, she sees he did not keep his word to russell
jeff is stupid to trust kev or gnat!
too frustrating
now i just want anyone but natalie to win the 500,000 grand!
why russell would not plant doubt about nat is unbelievable
it could just save his butt in the game.
and not doubt to kev to mich and jordo and even jeff

Joy Reed said...

Jeff is too trusting and he is playing with fire.