Sunday, August 09, 2009

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was 8/09

Another week done and over with. I guess I should be happy that I have the rather all-encompassing Big Brother live feeds and the blog to concentrate on. I've been having extreme troubles sleeping -- I'll sleep three or four hours tops a day, then crash for eight on about the third day. I'm ending up a bit fuzzy-minded at work (which isn't a good thing) and definitely much too "emo." Well, that's what the kids call it.

Things may be changing. I met a cat, a cat who needs a home, a cat who really seemed to take to me. I can't replace Scherzo, but I know that each cat is special in his own way. I stopped in at PetSmart during my lunch hour from work yesterday. Each week they have a volunteer group -- Second Chance for Animals -- doing pet adoptions for the Franklin (Somerset) Animal Shelter. I got there just as they were packing up the cats. There were mostly kittens, but one cat attracted my attention.

If I hadn't been at work without a cat carrier and such, I think I would have snagged him right then and there. They've named him Dudley (which might end up being a middle name as I don't want to call a cat "Dud"). He's actually on the website, so you can check him out. He's two years old, neutered, microchipped, has all his shots, and is feline leukemia/aids negative. He licked my hand and purred as I petted him. The volunteer there said he didn't do that for anyone else all day. He's very sweet.

I'll be calling the shelter on Tuesday when they're next open. If I can get a ride there on Wednesday, I'll pick him up then. If I can't get there Wednesday on my day off (they're open for two hours a day Tuesday-Friday), I'm going to have them bring him back to PetSmart on Saturday. I'll bring my small carrier and if he has to ride the train home with me, so be it. The trains do allow pets in carriers. I honestly think I'll be a whole lot better with a friend in my apartment again.

Then there's my weekly photography. It was an odd week there, too. I think my best shot was a huge unidentified black bug. I seemed to be having a bee week rather than a bird week, too. Clicking on any of the images will open them larger in a new window.

My, what big alien eyes you have

Yep, this is my shot of the week. Albeit a very scary huge bug (insect?), it has the coolest alien eyes I've ever seen. This guy was sitting on a bridge overpass. At first I thought he was dead, but he started moving as I shot him and eventually flew away. I'd say he measures an inch and a half to near two inches long ... the size of a mouse. I've never seen a bug like this before. I'm not even sure what classification it is. But, dang, way cool eyes. You NEED to click on this one to get a good look at the eyes.

UPDATE: Ding, ding, ding -- we have a winner! Delee identified this as a horse fly. It was bigger than any horse fly I've ever seen, but it is indeed a black horse fly -
Tabanus atratus - the largest of the species. Ohh ... they slash the hides of animals and then drink the blood. But they still have cool eyes.

Sign of the times, Plainfield, New Jersey

Commercial reprographics? Whatever it is, I like this weathered sign.

Eek. A wasp.

Or, maybe it's a hornet ... a yellow-jacket or a mud-dauber. I only know that I'm deathly allergic and would probably go into anaphalactic shock if stung. Ah, putting my life on the line for the sake of one good shot. To be honest, he wasn't interested in me at all.

In which I continue to risk my life.

I believe this is a carpenter bee rather than a bumble bee. Its abdomen didn't seem to be hairy. Of course, I didn't tickle his tummy to explore the matter. These bees are out in full force this week, but most of my shots are fuzzy because they just don't stay still.

Frolicking in the graveyard

The quality isn't too good as this was a one-shot deal. The squirrel jumped down from the headstone right after this was taken. But I liked the image anyway. This is at the old Friends Quaker Cemetary in Plainfield, NJ -- taken through the fence.

Used tire for sale

I guess they keep a single used tire in stock at all times. Plainfield, NJ.

Do I have a death wish?

I continue to bug the bees with my camera.

I don't think I want an Aztec car, thank you.

Parked in front of Custom Underground in Plainfield, NJ.

We're talking classic car now.

I found this gem parked in front of the Plainfield Police Department/Municipal Court. I used layers to make the background black and white while keeping the car its brilliant blue. Like my bug shot, I have no clue what kind of car it is. But it is indeed on my Cool Meter.


joy n said...

Haven't read the post yet except about the car. Looks maybe a 55 056 Bel Air Chevy? Or maybe a Pontiac? Whatever it is, wish it were mine.

joy n said...

Meant 55 or 56.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking a new kitty would be showing up in your life by now. It's a good thing. My pet has a terminal illness. I have no idea how I will cope. Happy Sunday.

joy n said...

Jackie, ? Dudley Schoop looks adorable. I'm so happy to hear you've found each other. Sounds like it was meant to be. Having a small warm body next to you may help you sleep again.

Don't know what that big bug is either and hope I never find one in my house. Are those horns or antennae in front of those creepy eyes?

Pictures are lovely as always. I didn't get my first bee sting until I was 54. Got a hornet sting and two days later, got three bumblebee stings all at once. Got hives from those. Hope I get thru the rest of my days without any new ones. You're very brave to get so close to them.

That last car is really a beauty!

It's thunder and lightning here and very humid. Thanks for the day brighteners, Jackie.

meb said...

Loved the squirrel on the tombstone. Also thought the car was a Chevy. The bug with the alien eyes was scary... never saw one like it before.

Great news about the kitty. Do they know you want it and they are keeping it for you. I worry now that they'll adopt it out before you can get to it. Yes, definitely a different name.

It will be good to have someone to share your time at home. He'll never replace Scherzo but he'll become special in his own right.

Anon, sorry to hear about your pet. It's so difficult to lose one of our fur babies.

Jackie said...

Joy - They seemed like some kind of pincher apparatus or an external mouth or something, not antennae. I was stung over 200 times by a swarm of bees when I was a child and have been severely allergic ever since.

MEB - The volunteer knows and they're not open again until Tuesday. I'll be calling them first thing. I got the feeling that Dudley has been overlooked by many for the cuter kittens. The volunteer was thrilled with his reaction to me and I know I could offer him the perfect home. My cats in my adult life have stayed with me 19 years, 15 years, and 17 years. One only lived 3 years (back in the early 80s) but she had a chronic illness and no one could have helped her live a longer life.

meb said...

That's reall great Jackie. I thought that perhaps the cat was being passed by for the cuter little kittens, but he is absolutely beautiful. Black and white and great markings.

I's so happy for you and yes, you will enjoy having company. Even with my family living in another part of the house, my Buddy is my forever companion. Don't know what I'd do without him.

wv: spirize Jackie had a spirize waiting for her at PetSmart!!!

meb said...

You know my typing errors are due to my excitement for you and your new family friend.

PDX Granny said...

Jackie, love all your pictures, as usual. But the best news is about your new found friend. Yeah, I'd change his name too. Any ideas yet, or are you going to wait to see what his personality is?

Jackie said...

Well, it all does hinge on me actually getting him. I'm a bit partial to MacDuff -- the Shakespeare character who killed Macbeth. I always thought it would be a neat name for a cat and "Mac" is a better nickname than "Dud."

sizzie said...

Wednesday is so long to wait ! You will tell us when you get him home, won't you? !! And let us know when you decide on his first name.

I always preferred the slightly older kitten to the babies. When we picked up our little Siamese (who lived with us for over 20 years), she had been forced out of the house where the other cats where and placed in a cage in a carport. There had been a loud noisy storm that night. She was dry and safe, but must have been beside herself with fright. She had been put outside because she didn't like being with a crowd. Neither did any of us. She hugged us immediately and was the perfect addition to our family. She was around a year old then.

sizzie said...

57 Ford..maybe a Fairlaine. That is my guess on the car. No idea about the bug,

Margo said...

congrats on having a kitty find you. He is very handsome.

bees and bugs - um ok. At least you seem to lots of flowers to look at.

Laurie said...

Jackie, my little Harlie who is in this picture was a Petsmart rescue cat. She was feral and pregnant when she was rescued. After she gave birth she was too young to care for her kittens so they took them away from her and cared for them in foster homes. I knew she was meant to be mine, as I had asked my 17-year old cat to send me someone special when she passed in my arms just one month earlier. Bringing Harlie (who was called Little Tortie) was just what we both needed at the time. She needed lots and lots of love and patience and I needed a new cat to love. I read her story online and was amazed that I found her at Petsmart. I knew she was mine and as soon as she was in my arms and licking my ear, the volunteer knew she was mine, too. Apparently she had been scratching and biting people earlier in the day and they were afraid nobody would want her. She was wild at home for awhile and terrorized our dog, but once she knew this was her forever home and we were giving her regular love and attention, she mellowed into the sweetest of cats. The vet thinks she was between 9 and 12 months old when we got her.

Well, that was a long story and I hope you understand that it was just to say my heart is with you as you go through this. We never replace our beloved animals, but we do have room in our hearts to love again. Isn't it wonderful that there is someone you wants to love you right back?

Delee said...

That ugly insect was a horsefly...they can be huge and bite. That is a Ford.

Kitty sounds wonderful hope you get him. Dudley Doright LOL

Sydney said...

I love Dudley and am so glad you found a kitty you connected with.

And I love the picture of the squirrel perched on a headstone in the old fashioned looking graveyard. It lends a bit of whimsey to the feeling you might get just looking at the pic without him.

I'm sending you an e-mail shortly so pls keep an eye out.... xoxox

SueGee said...

Glad to hear you will soon have a new roommate! The local shelter here is doing an "adopt-a-thon" here this weekend and I keep repeating the mantra that I must not go to that part of town. We just have one cat right now, and it needs to remain that way for several reasons. I always get rescues anymore, but even those groups are getting really picky and want way too much info out of me. The first day of my retirement (whenever that may be) I am going to once again have a dog and maybe another cat (or two or three) Right now I have to settle on having the spare bedroom in our house (where this computer is) decorated in Cat. Cats on the rugs, cats weaved into the lace curtains, cats on the comforter, cats in the pictures on the walls etc etc

Sue on the Left Coast

Becky said...

Jackie, let the rescue know you want the cat! Love MacDuff Dudley Schoop (we in the South believe everyone, even animals, need a middle name! And no, you are not "replacing" Scherzo. In fact, I bet Scherzo had a paw in you going to the store.

I asked DH about the car and he said it was a Ford from the '50's.

As usual I love the photos. Girlfriend, you need to do a book!

Meb, your WV was purrfect! I didn't get anything that interesting.

WV wariv Wari, no one in the BB house is giving the victory sign yet.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, Jackie! I really enjoy all the pics you share! Thank you so much for doing so!!! Congrats to Dudley! He is so lucky to adopt such a great owner! ;-)

joy n said...

Jackie, whatever they are, I wouldn't want one near me. I've never seen a horsefly that's 1 1/2 to 2 inches big and if that is one, Delee, I'm staying out of New Jersey.

200 bee stings and you get that close to them? You're braver than I am, J.

My husband says that looks like a 50's Ford,too.

wv is fletten Hope Jeff starts to fletten the TH this week!

Joe in NY said...

Congratulations (and fingers crossed) on Dudley! It is quite true that our pets pick us more than the other way around.

Good luck!

Laurie said...

Re: the very cool blue care ...
My husband says '57 Ford but he's not sure of the model. I think it's a Fairlane, but have to admit I don't know a whole lot about cars from that era.

Anonymous said...

cool pics, my parents just got a dog and named him Dudley. I don't much like that name either.

Auntie Leigh said...

Great news about Dudley McDuff. I can not wait to hear he is settled in at your home, ready for his real life to begin. Lucky, lucky little guy!!

monty924 said...

Happy Sunday everyone,

Dudley is absolutely beautiful and will be such a lucky kitty to find a home with you, Jackie. He looks like the black and white feral cats at my mother's house. My kitty was from a litter of three and she was the only one who looked different from all the others there.

If my dad were alive, he could tell you the make, model and year of the Ford. He only drove Fords his entire life. Me, I've been known to drive an off-beat or two, according to my Dad.

Looking forward to the show tonight, even though I know what will happen. The only good thing for us Jackie bloggers is to see the DR's and what they block from the feeds. We should see the food comp tonight, I think.

I've read all the posts but most of my thoughts have already been written. Jeff will use the power and Jessie or Natalie will be out the door on Thursday. I'm hoping its Jessie now, just so I can watch the unicorn come riding in the front door.

Bet said...

Jackie, I think Dudley will be purrfect for you. They are so much comfort and company to us. It nakes me happy for Dudley and for you.
I love your pictures too...great shots.
That car is a Ford..maybe a 1955 or 56. I am old as dirt and remember them well...LOL.
Thanks for all you do.

Anonymous said...

dudley is beautiful! i think he's your new family member. i don't live too far from plainfield. i'd be more then happy to give you a ride to the shelter. -jeannemarie

RyzandShyn said...

I think we had that car when I was very little. My Dad was a photographer and we daughters were his favorite subjects. I have a bunch of pictures (b&w) of us posed on a car that looks like that, but was aquamarine on the botton half, if I remember correctly.
Gee, Jacke, my vacation is officially over, back to work tomorrow, or I'd come get you and go get that cat. I think it's response to you was a sign.
Anyone watch Cake Boss? One day on my vacation I rode over to Hoboken and went to the bakery. Oh My! Good stuff! I got some of this and a some of that,and a cake (of course) came home, made a pot of tea and had at it!
The only one working there that day that I saw was Buddy's sister, the younger, smaller one.It's really quite small inside, tight, must be hell with a camera crew.

joy n said...

I love that show, even more than I love Ace of Cakes.

RyzandShyn said...

Me too Joy. I love Duff and his staff. You'd be hard pressed to find a more kind-hearted group of people who were meant to work together. However, Buddy and all those family-workers crack me up and are just so darn endearing.
I find the whole process so interesting too.

centerburg usa candy said...

that is a Ford and most likely a 1956. One of my favorite cars!!

joy n said...

Yeah, they're a real family. Sometimes they yell, sometimes they deflect the blame, but you can see how much they love each other. Loved when Mama saw the male stripper cake for the bridal shower in the fridge!

Zoetawny said...

Happy Sunday!

I'm trying to think of it as happy. It's been one of those weeks.


There must have been a reason that you happened to stop in at PetSmart...Dudley! I knew you'd know when you were ready for a cat. Dudley is one handsome Dude! I hope it all works out and you'll have someone to snuggle with. I'll be sure to check back to find out. IKWYM about not sleeping well. It can really affect your thinking the next day. I hope your good sleeping pattern returns soon.

Now that I'm on the subject of pets...


I'm so sorry to hear about your pet, dog or cat? The grief over losing our furbabies is overwhelming but somehow we have to cope. I always try to console myself with thinking that I gave my pet a really good life. There are so many animals who don't have the love and caring of a good home and it's beyond sad. My prayers go out to you and your pet.

Still on the pet Shadow (6 yrs. old Cocker Spaniel) has had serious health problems since April. I've had to take him to the vet almost every other week with another problem. Yesterday Shadow went to the vet again. He started limping and hobbling on three legs Friday. The vet's diagnosis is possibly arthritis in his right hip. But, that is the area where he had a mast cell tumor (skin cancer) and laser surgery to remove it in April. Mast cell tumors can reoccur internally as well as on the skin. I'm very stressed out about it.

I haven't read the recent BB reports so I'd better catch up before the show tonight. I enjoy all of your comments but have to admit my mind is just not that into the show this season...too many other issues requiring my time and attention.

Thanks for all your reports and wonderful photos, Jackie!


joy n said...

Zoetawny, so nice to hear from you again. Still hoping and praying that your load will lighten soon.

Hope your stepson is doing as well as he can be.

Also hope you find some moments here and there to sit down, take a deep breath and relax enough to gather your thoughts.

You are missed.

meb said...

Good to hear from you Zoetawny. I'm so sorry to hear about Shadow... my goodness you have had your trials this year haven't you.

I hope your stepson is doing better. Take some time for yourself.

Look forward to more posting.. and it goes without saying, love your graphics!

meb said...

joyn ... I think we were on the same page, thinking the same thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words. Our pets are God's Angels. We are lucky he shares them with us.

Witt said...

Jackie, Dudley is beautiful! I hope it all works out for you. His reaction to you speaks volumes. I am sure he was overlooked with those looking for kittens.

The first thing I thought when I saw the car was the car Ron Howard drove in American Graffiti. I think that was a Chevy, though.

Zoetawny, my thoughts are with you and Anonymous 1:26. When your pet is sick it's like your child is sick. I hope things improve for you both.

Witt :)

Anonymous said...


I rarely post, but I am always reading your blog. I just had to write and tell you how happy I am that you are adopting a cat. I work at an animal shelter with cats. I have several cats myself including a former feral, an FIV cat and a few others. I wish you all the best with you new "son."


Anonymous said...

I believe that is not a wasp but rather a cicada killer. we had several in our yard and I thought they were hornets and researched them. Their sting does not hurt a human but will paralyze a cicada. This bug will sting a cicada, fly it back to a hole in which they lay an egg. The egg feeds on the cicada all year and hatch in late July to start the cycle over again.

dla said...


I have been MIA quite a bit but just read back to get the scoop on Dudley!! I am thrilled for you!!

What a lucky young man to find a home with a loving Mom like you!

Sally said...

Wow! What great news, that you and a new cat have found each other. It sounds like a match that was meant to be. He's a handsome fellow--beautiful eyes. A perfect subject for your photographic skills.

I like the name MacDuff too, and Mac is a good nickname for a pet. (I'm partial, as we had a collie named Mac who used to help watch/protect me when I was a toddler playing in the yard.)

Wish I lived a state or two closer....I'd help make sure you could pick the little guy up whenever you wanted!

JOKATS said...

OHHHHH Jackie!

I can see why you would fall in love with that pink nosed / gold eyed cutie. Each person has a different take on getting a new pet after our family member passes. Living alone, I am soo glad you decided to SAVE someone new to love!! Warm Regards, Jo>^,,^<
ps: "DUDLEY" doesn't float my boat either!!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy to hear you are going to have a new friend in your life. You deserve all the love in the world! :)


joy n said...

Jackie, I'm so sorry. I just realized I'd misspelled your last name.

MacDuff Dudley Schnoop!

Anonymous said...

my dh said its a 57 ford prob a fairlane. congrads on dudly.


Dud720 said...

I think you should keep the name Dudley --- I got my dog from the humane society 5 years ago and they had named him Dudley --- thought about changing it but decided it fit him just fine --- now he has lots of nicknames and everyone seems to love his name --- Dud --- Duds --- Dudder-Do --- Studley Dudley! --- Congrats on the new cat and have fun =)