Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Amazing Race 15 - Meet the Cast - Part 1

Well, Phil is excited about the season ahead ... strongest cast ever? Hmmm. Let's check them out!

Aw, met in elementary school, almost inseparable for the past five years. At least they're not "testing" their relationship. I hate that with dating couples on TAR. They both seem athletic and are into sports. She doesn't like that he tries to quell disagreements with humor rather than seriously talking things through. But they're head over heels in love. Who wants to bet one or both of them call each other "babe"?

Oh, no ... a ho on the show? I'm sorry. I couldn't resist. What's with these professional poker player careers going on these days? I don't recall that being a career option during my school days! That said, I think I like these two. They're smart, Maria speaks Mandarin Chinese if they travel out that way, they're both well-traveled. And, more importantly, they have spunk. Even Lou Grant would call that a good quality for the show.

Marcy and Ron want to prove that 60 can be sexy and energetic. These two met on an online dating site and have been dating a year. Uh-oh, they want the race to strengthen their relationship and identify potential areas of conflict. Now, that doesn't sit well with me -- the pressure of the race is nothing like anything they will encounter down the relationship road. They're both into athletic activities. I'd like to see sexy 60 do well.

Dating for over two years, Lance proposed to Keri last winter. Argh -- they use the words "test their relationship" in the bio. I told you before, I don't want to hear those words. I'd rather someone say, "Let's see if we don't kill each other in a foreign country." Putting that aside, Lance is said to have an
"├╝ber-aggressive personality and is admittedly confrontational." I say brouhahas.

Keep in mind that the short guy is 6'3". The sheer size of these guys might work against them in some flights, detours, and roadblocks. I always have a bit of a soft spot for the work of the Harlem Globetrotters. I think I'd like to see them do well. I leave now humming "Sweet Georgia Brown."

The rest of the cast will be up before long. However, it is inadvisable for you to sit holding your breath. I'm thinking along the lines of another entry tomorrow, then one midweek to finish it up. I don't want to be responsible for any breath-holding until Wednesday!


Jackie said...

Eep. Can you spot the caption typo?

Becky said...

Hey, Jackie. Good to see a post from you. I was beginning to get worried.

How is Mr. V?

Oh, I usually see what I should when I am reading email and posts.

Can't wait for the season to begin.

Jackie said...

Vincent is fine. He's sleeping right now. He does that a lot -- I think he's still catching up on lost sleep from the streets and the shelter! Usually he's sleeping on me or near me. Right now he's actually across the room. He's a sweetie.

Laurie said...

I was just reading about the contestants while watching the final BB. Can't wait to see who I get in the pool!

I'm glad to hear Vincent is doing well and acting just like a cat ... sleeping. Harlie would meow hello if she was awake ... but she is not.

Laurie said...

Jeff's promo was interesting. I know it's just a glimpse at the contestants but a few things stood out.

One of the guys has Aspergers Syndrome and this game theoretically will be very tough on him. He says he's always wanted to play but it's a big hurdle for him, IMHO.

One couple was already bickering in the promo. Granted it was playful but I think we will see a lot of that from them in the show.

One guy started off on his partner being emotional because she's a woman. I'll bet they bicker, too.

It's an interesting group of people, for sure. Can't wait to see them all in action.

Joanie said...


Hope it's OK to continue to play the wv game, sometimes it's just way to easy.


If I get the poker players in the pool I might get bented out of shape. Too many Big Brother flashbacks.

Margo don't worry I'll be happy with whichever team I get.

sizzie said...

Casting directors seem to be hanging out at poker tables and in doctor's waiting rooms. Phram. Sales people, poker players, and, oh my, where is the bartender in this group? Those jobs have become mainstays of reality shows.

I love the Race, thanks for the post Jackie.

meb said...

They really look interesting. I'm anxious to see how they really act once it starts.

Glad to hear Vincent has settled in and is enjoying a little respite. He has earned it and so did you.

Thanks for all you do Jackie.

Anonymous said...

Sizzie said: and, oh my, where is the bartender in this group?

Don't you mean where's the mixologist? LOL


joy n said...

I'll bite. Is the typo concerning Cheyne? Is it supposed to be band instead of brand? I have no idea what a brand mgr. might be.

TAR and Survivor are my two fave reality shows so I'm in heaven right now. I'm so looking forward to Sundays and Thursdays again.

ML said...

Margo- just in case you didn't see it on the other post I would like to be in the TAR pool plz. Thanks!