Monday, September 21, 2009

The Amazing Race 15 - Meet the Cast - Part 2

Welcome to the second installment taking a look at the new season's cast on The Amazing Race! The season premiere is this coming Sunday at 8 PM ET/PT (when sports permit on the East Coast -- grr -- wins an Emmy every year and is on the most delayed night of the week).

If you missed the first five teams, you can use the blog tag for the show located at the bottom of this post to bring up all the posts for TAR. Please, if you want to be in the blog pool and weren't on Margo's list in the last post, post a comment here stating you want to join. Other than bragging rights if your team wins. Teams are assigned randomly.

Married for 18 years, so they're not testing their relationship, good. But that want to "solidify their marriage which they consider a blessing." They like to help people. Vegans. Oh, that might cause a problem with the cultural food task we see each season. Oh, they sound all new wave and enlightened, My jury is out on them.

Sure, the first interracial couple on the show includes a Miss America winner. That's typical, eh? They sound like very nice people. I hope they don't go all new wave on us! They've been married for two years, yet they are not "testing their relationship." However, they want t prove love is colorblind. Um, okay. I think it's several decades late on that stance, but whatever floats their boat.

Both are residents of California, yet they met in Barcelona. They've been dating on and off for seven years with three major break-ups. Uh-oh. I sense a brouhaha! They're both well-traveled and seem athletic. She's climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro. Wow. But if they can't work together as a team, they aren't going to make it to the end.

Father and son still trying to work out the kinks. While Brian and Ericka claim to be polar opposites, these two could probably teach them a lesson. It sounds very generational, though. They claim to have the same approach to settling problems which is something which can only help them on the race. They're not looking to mend fences or anything like that. They want to run the race together. Hmmm ... maybe a good team here.


Becky said...

Hey, Jackie. Looking forward to the new A-R season.

Would you please start us a 2009 DWTS place to meet. Thanks, bunches.

How was the first day of work?

ML said...

Margo I know I've said it in three places now haha! Please add me to the TAR pool if you don't already have me. Thanks,

Anonymous said...

Hi Margo, once again just asking if you got my name for the amazing race. thanks Karen in CA

Margo said...


So this is who I have so far for the Amazing Race (TAR) pool. Does anyone else want to play? I'll be doing match-ups on Wednesday I think.

**I think this is up to date but I will check when I get home. I added ML and Karen in CA.

Brent McKee
Donna in AL
Donna in FL
Joe in NY
Karen in CA
Nana in NW


Petals said...

Hey guys! SO far I haven't seen a brother/sister team - finally!
Margo - Throw me into the TAR pool, please. I'm BACK, BABY!!!

Laurie said...

Hey Petals, good to see you!

If you do a search on Eric Paskel you will find that he has a set of exercise videos and his touted as being a Celebrity Trainer.

He looks familiar to me but I think that's because he looks like Hollywood ... blond, tan, fit and tattooed.

Petals said...

Hey Laurie! Good to see you too. I was staying with a friend out in the country with NO CABLE, and no internet. It was like camping, but I didn't mind since it was for a good cause (love, of course).
Anyway... I missed the BB season, but I was over it after Jessie left.
I am so ready for Survivor and TAR now!
How are you?

Laurie said...

Ah, the things we do for love!
I'm doing well, thank you, although I am more than ready for California to cool down and have an autumn for us to enjoy.
I am more than ready for TAR and Survivor. Did you see Survivor's first show last week?

Becky said...

I'm all ready for TAR. I have sent Russell the Roach back to his tribe until Thursday.

Will see how this avatar works.