Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Amazing Race 15 - Meet the Cast - Part 3

I asked Vincent if he'd do The Amazing Race with me. Sure, he wants me to do all of the tasks and carry him around, too. He offered to flirt with the girls and eat in any fish or mice meal roadblocks. I guess I'm not going on the show.

This is the final installment taking a gander at the teams we see this Sunday night. If you missed the first two parts, you can get to them easily by clicking on the TAR blog tag at the bottom of this post. Margo should be coming along with pool information and we're just about all set to go!

I don't know. I was a Connecticut resident for many years. I don't think I can get used to a guy named after a small town there. Perhaps that's not why the name is, but it is for me. In their bio, they sound like nice kids -- dating for two months and so deeply in love. But then, she cries and breaks down under pressure. So, why did they go on the most high pressure, high adrenalin race around the world you can do? Hmmm.

Sam and Dan look older than they really are. They're kids, too! Although they're brothers and both gay, they claim to be polar opposites. What's up with the "polar opposites" this season? This is the third pair claiming to be such. They seem smart enough, in good physical shape, but I question how worldly they might be and whether that may hold them back.

Now, this is an interesting team. I haven't read National Lampoon in decades. But just seeing Justin's job, I have the give him a tip of the hat. That is, if I were to wear a hat. And Zev has Asperger's Syndrome, a form of high-functioning autism. (That's what Goren is supposed to have on Law and Order: Criminal Intent.) I'm looking forward to watching this team. I believe I'd be very happy if they do well.


Margo said...

Swimming Suits are NOT optional
NO running
NO Roughhousing
NO Horseplay
NO Name Calling (of fellow posters)
NO Swearing
NO Glass containers
NO Spitting
NO candy bars in the pool
NO public displays of affection in the pool

We are only here to have fun so everyone please PLAY NICE.

Which ever team wins the Pool gets bragging rites until the next season starts.

The teams are:

Meghan & Cheyne - DKNYNC, ChicMc, Joanie
Maria & Tiffany - Margo, Becky, Donna in FL
Marcy & Ronald - Meb, Laurie, Monty924
Gary & Matt - Delee, Lisanne, Brent McKee
Ericka & Brian - jennasmom, Caroline, Zoetawny
Eric & Lisa - Lynn1, Jackie, Joe in NY
Lance & Keri - Dusty, Donna in AL, Petals
Herbert & Nathaniel - EileenM, Sizzie,
Garrett & Jessica - Rbennie, Tessa,
Dan & Sam - Sydney, PDXGranny
Zev & Justin - Nana in NW, Karen in CA,
Mika & Canaan - SueGee, ML

Good luck to all participants! Mom and I are sooo excited that we got the HO! Woo hoo.

Margo aka the Lifeguard

Sally said...

Yea! Vincent is awake. If Jackie and Vincent were on the show, I'd never miss an episode, for sure.

I just read all the TAR profiles. Seems like a good mix of people. I may have to tune in more often this year.

monty924 said...

Thanks Jackie and Margo. Now I have to go back and see who Marcy and Ronald are again.

Margo, the poker players and the Globetrotters look like good teams to me.

Woohoo, come on Sunday!

monty924 said...

Sexy and 60 Team All the Way!!

Ronald describes Marcy as quite a linguist, and that can only help in TAR. She speaks fluent french, lived in Milan and speaks good Italian, pretty good spanish, and knows catch phrases in Russian, Chinese and Arabic.

I watched their interview video on CBS, and I agree. :)

Meb and Laurie, we have a fun team to root for. YAY!

joy n said...

Jackie, five generations of my maternal side of the family came from a teeny town called Beecher Falls in Vt. A stepstone away is a teenier town called Canaan. They're on the U.S./Canadian border.

Isabella said...

Poker players for the win! Second place to the son and dad team.

PS: I think Vincent is Catholic, he looks like he hasn't washed his head since Ash Wednesday.

Sydney said...

i have sam and dan in the pool so its good to see them. thanks for all this hard work jackie!

lynn1 said...

Hey Jackie and Joe in NY are you feeling all Zen about our TAR pool team, Eric & Lisa?

SueGee said...

Oh my, another young couple in love! I don't see them lasting long, but will await the verdict after watching Sunday (and I can hardly wait)!! Survivor tonight - will try and make it home in time for the party....


meb said...

Jackie... Vincent looks so regal in this picture. He really is a beautiful cat.

monty924 and laurie... we have a great team... well at least based on the information we have so far. Hope we can go far.

As for Survivor, someone told me that they saw previews with Jeff kicking someone out of the game. They weren't sure if it was the full game or just that particular competition. And they couldn't see who it was... just that they were wrestling. Guess we'll find out tonight

RBennie said...

My team is Garrett & Jessica, the on and off daters. This is just a wild guess, but I'm betting they will be the bickering team.

ML said...

Hi SueGee! We shall root together for our team. As singer/songwiter maybe they'll at least be entertaining?

Amy said...

"Zev has Asperger's Syndrome, a form of high-functioning autism. (That's what Goren is supposed to have on Law and Order: Criminal Intent.)"

The Jerry "Hands" Esplinson (?sp) character on "Boston Legal" had it too.

SueGee said...

Just read that Julie Chen had her little baby this morning. Me thinks she was glad they wrapped up BB last week LOL!!

ML I do hope they are entertaining and not obnoxious!


EileenM said...

Yeah Sizzie we got the Harlem Globetrotters. Can't wait for Sunday! Congrats to Julie and her husband on the birth of their baby boy Charlie.

sizzie said...

Yes, EileenM, I think we may have the most fun team of any of them. I am looking forward to the new season.

joy n said...

Little Charlie wasn't due until Oct. 4th. He was born at 9:40 this AM. Guess that makes Julie a producer now. LOL!

Leslie said...

If's it not too late to join the pool, can you please add me in? thanks!