Monday, September 14, 2009

Meet the Cast of Survivor Samoa, Part 1

My apologies for getting this started so late. Darn that Big Brother and real life getting in my way of entertainment! This is part one of two of my look at the cast of Survivor: Samoa which premieres this Thursday night. I'll be doing blog party posts for the show as it airs here on the east coast. So, please mark your calendars and stop by for the fun!

In the meantime as we wait for the season premiere, here's a cheat sheet as we know we'll forget names in the beginning and my quick take on the castaways. It seems we have a lot of law students and lawyers, blondes (I know I'm going to be confused with them), a bartender and a mixologist (same thing), and two Russells. The Russells are easy to tell apart -- one is bald, the other has long hair. All in all, it looks like a fairly diverse cast, unlike some other shows.

Survivors ready?

Ashley: Young, outgoing, flirty, kickboxing. Hmm. Unless she has some tricks up her sleeve I'm not seeing in the CBS bio, I think her chances of winning are slim to none. She'll miss her mommy.

Ben: Whoops, in my photo caption I forgot to mention he's really from Kirksville, Missouri. Most people from Los Angeles aren't. I like his eyes. But he calls himself a mixologist. I didn't like it when Memphis did that, I don't like it now. Dude, you're a bartender. He sounds like a good ol' boy kind of guy. He may do well, but he may irk me. I'll wait and see.

Betsy: Will she be our Mad Dog for the season? As long as she keeps her teeth in, I'd love to have another Mad Dog on the show. A former hippie clean and sober for 21 years and only a cop for a year now. Uh-oh. She won't be a Mad Dog. She has the pity card -- a husband with cancer in remission and no health insurance. But I don't think she can count on the million.

Brett: This kid might have some potential. Something screams friendly about him. Although he's young and healthy (often targeted), if everyone likes him, he'll stay in there for a while. He says he's a flirt. Well, if it wouldn't be cougarish of me to say, he could flirt with me. Perhaps if I were 30 years younger, I'd flirt right on back.

Dave: In his bio, he comes across as an odd duck -- a bit like Ben last season, hopefully not as egocentric. "Fiery personality," opera degree, "rock and roll rebel." Um. Okay. Don't see him getting the million on first observation!

Elizabeth: She has a genuine-looking smile. I like that. She'd be my local choice for a win -- Franklin Lakes, NJ/NYC. Smart, opinionated, and blunt. Eek ... the last two aren't always the best traits for winners on the show. I still think she might do okay ... for a time. The winner? I don't know. If she can handle the people skills ...

Erik: Eep. I spelled his name wrong on my caption. He has a K. Forgive me. A self-proclaimed bartender and womanizer. It's the Anti-Memphis! His special woman in his life is his dog. I don't want to know. He has two degrees but prefers to be a bartender. I'd say it's because he can pick up chicks! If he's a smooth talker, he might do well with the ladies. But how will he do with the men? I see target written on his back.

Jaison: Now, he looks like your basic solid upstanding kind of guy -- undergraduate degree from Stanford, working on his law degree in Chicago, clean-cut. Why, I even think he might have manners. How did he get on the show? He was named Mr. California by Cosmopolitan Magazine ... that's how. He seems smart, has a game plan, and is in good physical shape. Will he be sneaky enough? I don't know.

John: Rocket scientist, eh? The bio page calls him a "charming, cocky genius." He is very nice-looking. He'll be good eye candy for me. But folks who were born with a silver spoon and described as "cocky" tend to come off privileged and sometimes not so nice to me. I think all I'll like about him is his looks. And, if he's that smug about himself, the others will pick up on it and vote him off because he'll annoy them.

Kelly: Free spirit with an edgy twist, spontaneous with a desire to live her life to the fullest. I could be wrong here, but I get the feeling of "flaky" from her bio. If she lasts long at all it will be because she's a flake and no one considers her a threat in the game. Let's see if she gets them chanting mantras or something.

Stay tuned for the remaining ten castaways in part two!


Catonine said...

Yea!! I was on here looking for this post last night thinking I had missed it. Thanks for the take on the new Survivors :-)

wv: obisial: a description of my participation in the bb-pool. What can you expect though I had Ronnie...

AlbGlinka said...

They sure all look "telegenic" from their bio pics!

Jackie's a cougar, Jackie's a cougar! Don't let your new kitty find out!

RJM said...

Did anyone see the show Jeff P. did introducing the new cast and telling about the new location? He stated that the viliest, meanest person ever on Survivor was on this show. (Can't remember his name) And he hoped that this person did not win! I have never heard him make that statement before. My first thought was that "joe from New York" will probably like him,since he is so fond of "nice natalie"

Anonymous said...

Methinks Jackie likes them redheads. lol cc

lynn1 said...

I did not see the show with Jeff introducing the new Survior cast members but I saw something a commerical or info on the new show where one guy was saying he was a Katrina survivor and telling some horrific personal experiences he had. He was making it all up trying to gain pity from the other survivors.
Being a Katina victim, although a very lucky and fortunate one compared to many, I think the very idea of using such a tragedy to curry favor is mean and vile to put in mildly.

Becky said...

RJM said... Did anyone see the show Jeff P. did introducing the new cast and telling about the new location? He stated that the viliest, meanest person ever on Survivor was on this show.

It was one of the Russells, the oil man from Texas... and my pool pick. I have a feeling I will be hoping my float sinks early. Jackie, you do have a heated pool don't you?

WV: frousne - I have a feeling I frousne up with my Texas guy!

Margo said...

OK we are down to the last 24 hours before the Survivor pool closes and I do match ups. You can put in a request - but I let fate decide the match - ups. I will post them on Wednesday morning after we have had time to wind down from the BB after-party.

I would list the names I already have but alas they are in my laptop at home. I will post them late this evening. This is a very busy day (unusual) for me today - but I promise it will be posted before I go to bed.

Cha Cha - I hope this fine Monday finds you well. Get better soon.

Leene said...

Thanks for the rundown on everyone - I haven't watched Survivor since Rudy was on the show but think this might be a good time for me to restart. I'll be sure to read your blog Jackie for all the info. Leene

Catonine said...

I am going to just sit on the side of the pool and dangle my feet in. I did horribly at the last pool, both in rooting for my pick [Ronnie] and in the pick itself [haha UGH].

I will cheer this one from the side... and throw snacks at the rest of yall.

wv: randud: the randomness that gets you a dud in the pool...

didn't take

2Wv: depeekl: the pool is shaped like depeekl.

Margo said...

Catonine - sorry you did not have fun in the pool. I have been on many pools where I am out first or second. I hope you choose to play along next time.

Oh and can you bring snacks that float - since you will be tossing them at people in the pool. It makes clean-up a LOT easier. =D

Margo the lifeguard

joy n said...

NY Daily News says that Elizabeth Kim, who is Asian, says that racism was the hardest challenge for her on her stint on Survivor. She gave no instances of what she meant.

Catonine said...


It wasn't that I didn't have fun, I enjoyed reading Jackie's updates, sometimes so much that I just skipped the airing of the shows lol. I just wasn't a good participator in the comments.

watermelon floats... pumpkins float...

"look out here is some watermelon. [big splash, dunk then float. hope there isn't any chlorine in this pool.. ]

wv: coyxe... sorry no g-rated defnitions come to mind

sizzie said...

Catonine, I know what you mean ! I had Jeff and before I even saw him, I heard he was foul mouthed and pickesd his nose. I thought I would just ignore my pool pick. Then I saw him and was pleased. : )

I didn't want to brag too much so didn't cheer him on here.

Then he left. Maybe it was my fault?

I am for Jordan now, and I think he would approve of that.

And as Margo will tell you, I always forget to bring treats. I pop in and grab someone else's drink and leave the party before it is over.

We'll all have fun together watching Survivor, though.

joy n said...

AOL News says that Ethan Zohn, Survivor Africa winner, whom had undergone 3 months of Chemo for Stage 2 Hodgkin's disease, has had a setback. Although the original growth is gone, 2 new ones have been found. Doctor's will start another stronger Chemo regimen. His still girlfriend, Jenna Morasca, Survivor Amazon winner, had slept in his hospital room every night and will do so again. I was so sad to read this. He's a nice guy.

Becky said...

Yucko-blucko! I saw a commercial earlier with Russell, the pig. If I forget my darning needle Thursday, please, someone, stab my float! He has made an alliance with the "dumb blond and the dumber blond, will use them and then throw them away". His words, not mind.

WV: taggings -- I wish some gangs would lay taggings on him -- fast!

Jennasmom said...

Catonine -- don't complain about having Ronnie in the pool. I have Natalie! LOL

Catonine said...

@Jennasmom: my condolences...

wv- clinsc: what natalie doesnt do enough of [pronounced cleanse with a silent or soft C]

Margo said...

**Survivor Pool so far***

Auntie Leigh
Donna in Al
Donna in FL
Joe in NY
Laura in Miss
Nana in NW
PDX Granny
Terry in CA

I'm home to snarf dinner then back out again.

Catonine - I think watermelon and pumpkin are great ideas - just make sure you get it to land next to Laurie as she is probably in the process of snatching someone elses snacks. =P


Sharon S said...

Joy, thank you for the news about Ethan. I did not know that. It is very sad. Hope this next round of treatment works.

I think there is lots of eye candy coming in Survivor. Hope that handsome lad with the great smile (John?) sticks around for awhile. It will be worth watching just to see him walking around shirtless and grinning for a few weeks!

wv = vendap; I hope the handsome one does not vendap going home first!

RJM said...


RIP Patrick Swayze

Anonymous said...

OT: Sad news - Patrick Swayze has died. Loved him - "Nobody puts Baby in a corner!"

mammaroos said...

woohooo Ben the Tshirt designer is From LA via Salem Oregon oh yeah that is where i am from.. I be watching him to see if he can make it far..
Natalie (Last yrs BB) the bikini Barista woker was from salem. I saw her the other day still working there i didn't say anything to her i went to see if she was still working there lol
Anyway Can't wait for Survivor :)

joy n said...

Patrick Swayze was only 57. Much too young. He'd been married for 32 years.

joy n said...

Jackie has the Survivor Part 2 post up.