Sunday, September 20, 2009

Off Topic - That Was the Week It Was 9/20/09

It's Sunday morning and that means it's time to take a look back at my week in words and photos. I was on a staycation this week -- a vacation during which I just relaxed and basically stayed home. Thus, I really didn't get too many tremendous awe-inspiring shots.

My week was spent pretty much with a cat, my new best pal Vincent. I think he's still adjusting to a safe life after living on the streets of New York City and in the shelter. When I first brought him home, he was very leery of a three-foot tall skinny wooden painted cat next to a bookcase.

He still alerts when he hears noises in the hallway. A dog barked in the hallway and he looked outright startled. I can't imagine how he felt at NYC Animal Care and Control with all those dogs barking 24/7.

But mainly, Vincent sleeps. He loves to sleep ... usually on me or next to me. I feel a bit guilty right now because I wouldn't let him on my lap as I write this up. He's a dear, but he is going to have to get used to the fact that he can't be on me all the time! Then he purrs and looks at me, then on my lap again. However, I return to work tomorrow and he will have to be alone. I think he'll be fine. He'll sleep and save up his purrs for the evening.

Vincent is very well-behaved. Although he can jump, he doesn't get on the kitchen counters or in the trash. He doesn't scratch the furniture and only uses his sisal cat scratch pad for that. He doesn't meow, although I know he can. The night I got him home, he jumped in the carrier and let out a loud meow as if to say "Put this away! I'm HOME now!"

The NYC AC&C gave me a bag of Science Diet cat food telling me it's what he's been eating. Well, that's because that's what they were giving him! I decided to open one of the cans of food I had bought in preparation for him and he went crazy for it! Why, he all but meowed! He does make the chirping sounds that cats tend to make.

I believe I made a good choice with Vincent. He seems thrilled to be in a safe home and has definitely decided he idolizes me. I know the relationship will grow. He is certainly a lovebug kind of cat. Onto my week ... clicking on an image will open it larger in a new window.

Track Five 5 Five

I took this shot last Saturday at Newark Penn Station while waiting with Vincent to get our transfer train home. One of these days I'm going to have to walk around Newark Penn. These days it's a lot more historical and cool-looking than New York Penn. When I was a child, New York Penn Station was supremely cool. Then they tore it down and gave us a cheap substitute.

Who's that cat?

Why, it's Vincent and he's sleeping! I really love that touch of a gray toupee that he wears.

City Hall Flowers

I took a walk downtown and noticed these flowers growing in planters outside of the Plainfield (NJ) City Hall building. Naturally, they became photo fodder.

Eek! Deadly nightshade coming out of the sewers!

Yes, the deadly nightshade has taken root in this sewer. I love the colors of the plant and know it's not all that deadly. Perhaps ill-advised, but it would take a lot to kill.

Look! Vincent is sleeping!

I tell you, he's doing a lot of that. He gets sleeping really soundly, too. I believe that will wear off after a while. Seeing him at home makes me think he had a really rough time of it on the streets and in the shelter.

Farmer's Market in Plainfield

I deliberately made a trip downtown for this as I'm always scheduled to work the days they're in Plainfield (and all the other local farmers markets in nearby towns, too). Wednesday and Sunday. Why can't the farmer's markets be set up for my days off? Wednesday isn't a bad day ... why not? Why Monday and Thursday while I'm at work? This is the Stillwell Farms of Robbinsville -- great NJ fruits and vegetables!

Mmm, mmm, good

I bought some peppers, strawberries, green grapes, and potatoes while there.

Plainfield City Hall

"Erected by the people to inspire zeal for the common welfare and dedicated by them to the cause of just and capable government." Um, okay. Seems to be a lot of brouhahas about the local government these days. The mayoral race should be interesting. BTW -- Mayoral candidate Jim Pivnichny commented on my photos last week. I'm not sure about my vote yet, but I have to say he's out and about really trying to get involved. That's a good thing.

Latino Heat and Flash Tattooing Car

Watchung Avenue in Plainfield. I think the Flash Tattooing car had to be painted by the Custom Underground folks -- both businesses are just around the corner. The Latino Heat bar used to be the Rusty Nail, if memory serves. I haven't been in it in either name. Thinking about it, I've lived here for about eight years and never have been in a bar in town. I have indeed been in the Plainfield Donut Shop, though. Maria rules and she'll see me at 6:20 tomorrow morning!

Please get that camera out of my face

This is as much as I'm going to open my eyes for your camera. Quit it. I'm sleepy.

I SAID ...

Darned paparazzi!

Mi Bodega

While I don't frequent the local bars, I do frequent the closest bodega. They tout it as a supermarket and, while they're really nice folks, it's not really a supermarket. The frozen foods are mainly ice cream and ices related. They have bananas, onions, and potatoes for produce. They do have a selection of fresh meats and deli items. Canned goods, soda, milk, juice, bread, cigarettes, and newspapers, as well as deli sandwiches, seem to be the real meat of the store.

Look! I'm an EAGLE! Master of my domain!

King of all he sees, a pigeon perches on a chimney at the corner of Berckman and East Second in Plainfield.

Rest in peace: Patrick Swayze, Mary Travers, and Henry Gibson. I feel some of my childhood (with the latter two) has been taken away.


Margo said...

God Morning Miss Jackie-

Vincent seems to have made himself at home. You pictures as always are interesting and beautiful.

Have a good week - now that you have someone to greet you when you get home from work.


Laurie said...

I do love starting my Sunday with the photo-journalism about your week. I was really looking forward to seeing more of Vincent and you did not disappoint me. Thank you!

Very sad about the celebrity deaths this week. I was in a singing trio in high school and we sang a lot of PP&M. I usually sang Mary's part so I felt a special affinity with her.

Laugh In was a bit hit in our house and all those characters made me laugh. Henry Gibson's sweetness and innocence was always good for a laugh.

Patrick Swazye ... just so sad to die so young and with so much more to give. He will be missed.

sizzie said...

Vincent is a smart cat, he already knows where he wants to be (with and near you) and how to make that happen (purr and smile).

Great photos, Jackie, as always. Our Farmer's Market is open on Saturday and Tuesday. What I bought yesterday looks just like what your photo shows. Beautiful green peppers, cucumbers and jalapeno, and I am a long way from New Jersey.

cha cha said...

awesome pics this week. Love Vincent!!!
I just watched a video of the vegas bash for BB...Jordan and Jeff confirmed they are dating. They are going back to LA and spending the week there and taking it from there.!!!!!

RJM in SC said...

Love your week in pictures Jackie,
Thanks for the great photo intro to Vincent.

Sally said...

Thanks for the Vincent update and photos! Your staycation sounds very relaxing and enjoyable--good qualities in any vacation. If Vincent is sleeping soundly, he must already feel very safe and secure in his new home.

I love late summer farm markets. Yur photo has me craving some homemade salsa.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that cat. =) Makes me miss my Buddy. Happy Sunday.

RyzandShyn said...

Happy Sunday Afternoon!
I might have a little Vincent in me. I spent Saturday awake, little nap, awake a little, nap a lot, awake, asleep. I think I was playing catch-up from a hectic week. I imagine Vincent is also playing catch-up. There's nothing like taking a nap just because you(finally) can.
Did the candidate see your pictures here or did you enter them at the library? Either way, fun stuff!
Best wishes for a happy back-at-work week.

joy n said...

Looks and sounds like you and Vincent are made for each other, Jackie. So happy to hear it's all working out. Vincent seems to sense he finally has a safe place to be.

Very cool pix as always. Years ago they tore down our architectually beautiful rail station in Rochester and replaced it with an ugly horrible building too. Don't get this supposed progress thing.

I've been singing Leavin' on a Jet Plane and Blowin' in the Wind for two days now. You're right, it's like losing a part of your youth. And it's happening more and more often. So many familiar faces are disappearing forever. Comes with aging, I guess. The natural order of things. Sigh...

cha cha said...

Lynn1-, Meb, Sizzie,

I set up my tivo for the biggest loser. I finally have another show to chat about. See yall Tuesday..

Again Jackie hope you had a great staycation and give extra scratches behind the ears to Vincent!

PDX Granny said...

It's good to see Vincent is adjusting so well to his new life, although we all knew he would. He's one lucky furbaby!

Sorry your staycation is over. Bummer, isn't it, when work has to get in the way of life!! : )

Loved your pictures, as always. We have farmers markets scattered all over town here. There's a big one every Wednesday in the park blocks in downtown Portland. It's just a block away from my office. There's always a real long line at the food carts. I've heard great things about the tamales, but I've never wanted to stand in the line so haven't had any yet. Maybe this week. : )

Jackie said...

Thanks for all the kind words! I found out that cats aren't necessarily all that conducive for taking relaxing bubble baths. Yep, you got it. He's ignored my showers, yet jumped in the bath tub when I decided to relax in bubbles. He's an odd cat, but I'm a rather odd person. Right now he's all primping like, "How did I get all wet?" But he just saw a lap under the bubbles in the tub.

RyzandShyn - I picked my photos out and had enlargements made for the library contest, but haven't sent them off as of yet. I'm linked on Dan Damon's Plainfield Clips page and I'm sure he got the link from there. I bumped into him today at the big Central America Independence Festival downtown today and introduced myself although I had already encountered him at a tenant uprising meeting at city hall.

SueGee said...

Staycation - another word to explain the process of practicing for one's retirement! I have had only one period of unemployment in my long life and I was just getting used to the rhythm of not going to work every day and really loving it when I got a new job and started all over again getting up and out of the house every day! I right then and there decided I was going to love retiring!! so little time and so much more to do!!

Vincent looks like he has adjusted well to his new home. He is going to miss you when you go back to work tomorrow. And the bathtub thing is hilarious. I have had only one cat that liked water enough to even come in the bathroom. Most have given that room a wide berth.

And her in Northern CA we are lucky enough to have year-round farmer's markets. This year has been exceptional for all the varieties of table grapes!! YUMMY


Becky said...

This is absolutely my favorite part of the week. I did check out the photos before church and meant to comment, but was running late.

Love reading about Vincent. Mr. V has made himself at home. You know he feels that he is safe in his forever home. My BFF had a cat who would jump into the tub and swim around!

Delee said...

Maybe when Vincent heard the dog bark, he thought he was back at the shelter and your place was the dream....

OT Sunday's I just love em and look forward to them. Don't stop!!!

Sydney said...

oooooh I am THRILLED to hear how it's been going in detail with VIncent and loved seeing all his pictures. Everything else was great, but what can I say, I have my priorities... and clearly he has his if he idolizes you, the giver of wet cat food! So happy for you!

Laurie said...

Jackie, what was the claw damage from Vincent getting to your lap in the tub. My previous cat loved to sit on the edge of the tub and play with the bubbles. She fell in a couple of times and neither one of us was happy about the outcome!

Jackie said...

He didn't like the bubbles when peeking over the edge of the tub. But then he must have seen my lap, stepped right in and got his tail, feet (to his knees) and tummy wet. He didn't really react at all except to purr and settle in a bit higher. For a while he seemed to enjoy thumping his tail into the bubbles and water.

Very odd. Teaser used to love to grab a paw full of bubbles and eat them. But he didn't like the actual water the one time he fell in.

Sydney said...

Cha Cha -- thanks for the confirmation of Jeff and Jordan. I did not see them on Bonnie Hunt because I have no idea what channel she is on and when. I don't know if it was mentioned then but supposedly both went on Jeff's booking on that show.

Jackie -- I am LOVING the story about your cat getting into the tub with you! My cat had a little accident of slipping in once (this was when I was 14) and he leapt up and for one frozen, seemingly endless moment in time, he splayed himself on the porcelain sides and looked as if he'd been electrocuted. of course he slid back in. I can't remember how he got out (but he did) but I will forever remember that moment!

Ever since I took that mid-life sabbatical I can't figure out how I ever fit work in! But I do miss a paycheck and have been using the time casting around for new things for when I go back...

meb said...

Wow... a cat who doesn't mind water. I'm surprised to hear that Vincent stayed there, even tho he was higher out of the water. Love the pix and enjoy keeping up with him.

Kathy said...

Jackie, love the pictures, especially of your new fur baby.I had 3 cats at one time and whenever I took a bubble bath they would all 3 sit on the edge of the tub with their tails in the bubbles. Never further than that , but looked neat. Too bad I was in tub & couldn't get a picture.All 3 are in kitty heaven now. Maybe next to a bubble bath together.I too have a previously feral kitty. She took a while to sleep well when I got her so you are lucky, he seems quite content. She still 4 years later only lets me be her person. Does not want anyone other than I, even my mom who lives here 3 years now.She won't get close to anyone else, sleeps when I am out. I got her as a baby. She was only 2-3 weeks old when brought into vet's office. Who knows what their little thoughts are. Cha Cha where did you see the Jeff & Jordan interview?Would like to see it but have no clue where to look.

Bernice said...

Hi Jackie,
Best wishes to you and Vincent. Today I looked in the window at the former car rental place on East Second Street and saw Roofus and a gray cat friend. Roofus deigned to greet me with a meow but would not stand still for a photo.
I am still refining my choices to submit to the photo contest.
Meanwhile the Block 832 cat known as Bowie for his one blue eye and one yellow eye is doing well. I wish somebody would entice him to leave the feral world and become somebody's special pet.