Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Amazing Race Blog Party Post 10/25/09

Yikes, the show is actually starting roughly on time here tonight. Football only delayed the start of 60 Minutes by a few minutes.

As it airs here on the East Coast, I'll update any major happenings in this entry. However, the real fun (and most of the information) will be in the comments. Everyone is welcome to join in. My actual show review will be posted over on TV Squad sometime late tonight.

Pit Stop order:
1. Megan and Cheyne -- each won a personal watercraft
2. Maria and Tiffany
3. Sam and Dan
4. Brian and Ericka
5. Gary and Matt
6. Flight Time and Big Easy
7. Mika and Canaan last and didn't complete the water slide -- Philiminated

Yeah, she did let Canaan down and herself, too. But I'm glad the Globetrotters are still in.


TerryinCA said...

Hope everyone is having a great time tonight!
I'll be watching the Angel game and missing you all on TAR

Jackie said...

I believe that's the YANKEES game.

sizzie said...

I am watching and the TV is in a different room than the computer. I stopped in here during the commercial. Poor Big Easy, I want to help him. It is hot there, did you know?

Alecia said...

I'm hoping for a Yankee win myself so we can have the 'Liberty' series.

Jackie said...

I'm beginning to think everyone is watching the game not TAR

sizzie said...

It makes me too nervous to watch the game. I want a Yankee win, too. Sorry Terry. First team to arrive are from your part of the world, though, aren't they? Water craft were a good prize for them, I think.

Alecia said...

So the lesson learned thus far mis to examine what you've beengiven, the answer is in front of you.

Alecia said...

Wow, what would do without a calculator. My cell phone even features the handy tip calculator.

sizzie said...

I gasped when I first saw the slide, so I know it had to be frightening. My team are the Globetrotters, but it is always sad to see a team leave without completing a task.

Sissy said...

I just want to say one thing here. I know these people have seen TAR before on TV and they ALWAYS have some kind if height thing, whether it's hand gliding, skydiving, bunji jumping and they all knew sooner or later you would have to do it so why even try out for the show? I KNOW I would never do any of that high stuff which is why I am so content watching TAR from the safety of my couch!!!

SueGee said...

Wow, can't wait to watch the show out here in a couple hours! I think this means I'm out of this pool, but from what I'm reading I have a good chance to stay a while longer in the Survivor pool.

Sorry Jackie, but I dislike all things Yankee, and I'm not a big Angels fan either - so I will root for the Phillies I guess.

joy n said...

I didn't like what one of the Globetrotters said to Mika but they are there to try to win a million so I understand it. Mika, on the other hand shouldn't have tried for the show to start with. What a disappointment for Canaan to get this far only to find out now HOW fearful Mika was.

sizzie said...

Sissy, I was thinking the same thing (about heights) while the show was on.

Sissy said...

Sizzie, I Love your Las Vegas pic. Hubby and I have been there every year *Sometimes twice a year)since 1998 but finally the economy has caught up and we couldn't go last year or this year However I have told people that when my house is paid off in 16 months the first thing I'm doing is booking a trip!! Of course we lost all the "clout" we had so we'll have to start from the beginning,,lol

sizzie said...

joyn, we posted at the same time. : ) I didn't like any of that whole segment. It was all difficult to watch. I didn't like him trying to force her to go enough that she was yelling to the helper to stop him. I thought for sure she would go when the Globetrotters started taunting her. That was an amazing view of the water is huge.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Mika should have known when she signed up that there were all kinds of things that could have to do with heights. She was very childish. I know the globetrotters did taunt her a bit but after all it is a game and for a million to boot. I can't say I really feel sorry for her. She should have paid more attention to what she might have to do. I know Canaan was a little rough on her but he was so frustrated because he knew that the million dollars just went down the drain! (Or guess we could say the waterslide!) Still a good episode though.

Donna in AL said...

I have a feeling there will be a lot more comments when the left coast show airs! I haven't seen it yet but have it tivoed for later. Big family dinner and company at my house all day and the last have just left!

I am guessing Mika was the one on the commercial that did not want to go down the slide and they were eliminated.

Margo said...

Hey Y'all from Vegas baby!!!
I'm here with Sydney, Meb, Laurie, RBennie, PDX Granny, Becky, and Auntie Leigh and we are ready to PAR-T-A. Nana in the NW was her but was called home cause her new Grand baby has a medical emergency. We are having a blast.


joy n said...

Sizzie, yeah, that whole thing made me uncomfortable, too. I feel for Mika and Canaan both, but her fear is a detail they should have considered before they came on the show.

joy n said...

Margo, no wonder it was quiet around here tonight! Hope you ladies have a great time in Sin City! If you see Jimmy Smits anywhere, tell him joyn said hey.

Sorry to hear Nana had a family emergency. Hope that turns out well for her family.

Par-Tay on!!!!

Donna in AL said...

Hey, you Vegas gals!!

Margo said...

We just had an early B-Day for RBennie. I had chocolate cake yummy.

Jackie said...

Hey, Vegas party people! I hope you're having tons of fun! I can't believe I'm sitting here watching a baseball game when I should be in bed.

Laurie said...

I'm trying to watch the show here with e in Vegas. As you can imagine, it's noisy in here so we don't really know what's happening, but we are having fun. Miss all of you!

Laurie said...

People here think they might do the slide but nobody is crazy about the sharks!

dla said...

Hey Party Girls in Las Vegas!!

It was terrific to meet everyone last night, and I am sorry to have missed the b day / TAR party tonight!

Hope you are having a ball!! :)

Jennasmom said...

They have the same slide at the Atlantis in the Bahamas. Kids were going down it - so it can't be THAT bad. Canaan must be a super nice guy with the comments he made about not holding it against Mika & forgiveness, etc. I probably would have killed her! Or picked her up & thrown her down the slide. It was a million bucks &, like you all have said, she had to have known something like that would be on the race.
He was more patient with her than I would have been.

Hey, Vegas girls! Hope you are having a good time!

ChicMc said...

I guess the spin on my team not being in the play-offs is that I can watch TAR. : )

ChicMc said...

I totally felt Canaan's frustration, the girl wouldn't even sled at the ski resort, so he had to know that this would be a battle. I was glad that he eventually went on down the slide, he at least was able to try something new.

I would not have gone down the slide.

Anonymous said...

I felt sorry for Mika, you could
see the terror in her eyes. I think
he was ready to push her down the slide, can't blame her for screaming for help.
glad the trotters are still in.
Go yankees.

ML said...

Mika and Canaan were my pool team so I'm sorry to see them go. I agree she should have known this would be an issue. That's why even though I'd love to try Survivor, I am terrified of bugs (especially if you have to eat them-no way million $ or not). Although I like the trotters, they did show a bit of their true selves tonight. Whether it's for a million or not, that was cruel sabotage. They merely needed to wait their turn, not taunt her. If Lance and Kerri had done that we would all be singing a different tune.

joy n said...

Kind of quiet around here without the Vegas vacationers, isn't it?

Rochelle said...

Hi JoyN--I was thinking I shouldn't add any more to this post because it's not about TAR.

Margo just got home and she was the last to arrive so everyone is back and BAD now. Are people still posting on Project Runway and DWTS discussions on the right sidebar on Jackie's homepage?

meb said...

VEGAS was a blast. Everyone was exactly who I expected them to be. We had lots of fun and lost lots of money... well except for one of the Margaret's who couldn't lose. I'm a Margaret and it wasn't me.

So much fun, so little time. Lots of walking, lots of leg cramps. LOL

I did win a tiny bit and immediately bought a couple of rings so I would have something from Vegas. Lost more than I won though... lots more.

We're back Jackie so you'll be seeing more of us again.

Had a couple on the plane ride there who cautioned me about meeting up with people I had met on line. They actually gave me their phone number in case I got into trouble and needed help. Sweet... HA!

Margo said...


Sorry for the delay but I was winning moolah in Vegas baby. WooHoo

Meghan & Cheyne - DKNYNC, ChicMc, Joanie
Maria & Tiffany - Margo, Becky, Donna in FL
Gary & Matt - Delee, Lisanne, Brent McKee
Ericka & Brian - jennasmom, Caroline, Zoetawny
Flight Time & Big Easy - EileenM, Sizzie,
Dan & Sam - Sydney, PDXGranny

Eric & Lisa - Lynn1, Jackie, Joe in NY
Garrett & Jessica - Rbennie, Tessa,
Marcy & Ronald - Meb, Laurie, Monty924
Zev & Justin - Nana in NW, Karen in CA,
Lance & Keri - Dusty, Donna in AL, Petals
Mika & Canaan - SueGee, ML

Margo aka the Lifeguard

joy n said...

OT: Syd, I'm not sure about Project Runway. I watch but don't post. Myself and a couple others are posting on DWTS.

Sounds like you guys had a great time in Vegas. Congrats on your good luck, Margo!

Just read that Dr. Will Kirby and his girlfriend, Erin Brody of 03-04 reality show 'For Love or Money', are expecting a baby boy in May. I see a new reality show coming out of this in about 20 years. Hope they don't make Boogie the godfather.

Zoetawny said...

Hey Jackie and all!

I'm still here but viewing our shows a few days late. What would I do without the DVR? It seems like I'm not home much in the evenings. I'm still dealing with family health issues. :(


Sorry to hear about your building problems and inclement weather. I hope your cough is better. I'm loving your great photos, especially that handsome guy, Vincent. There's a new Halloween graphic waiting for you in your emails.

What's this, some of you are partying in Vegas? I'm soooo jealous. I'm sure it was a great time for all.


I was rooting for the Angels since my Dad is a huge Angel fan. They gave it their best shot but those Yankees are formidable. There's always next year. ;) I'm going to have to root for Philly, sorry all you Yankee fans.

Back to TAR...

I really thought Mika would eventually go down the slide. I was impressed that Canaan was so understanding and empathetic at the end. ITA with those of you who have mentioned that Mika should have known that she wasn"t suitable for the show> OH OH! MY SHIFT KEY IS STUCK> I"D BETTER SIGN OFF NOW AND SEE IF I CAN FIX IT> PLEASE EXCUSE THE CAPS AND PUNCTUATION> GRRRRR!