Sunday, October 11, 2009

Off Topic - That Was the Week It Was 10/11/09

It's Sunday morning. You know what that means -- it's time to reflect back on the week gone by in words and photos I've taken on my daily travels. Not that I've had any really exciting traveling going on this past week, mind you. As I recover from my bout with bronchitis, I've just been going back and forth from home to work and vice versa. Although I think I gathered some decent slice-of-life photos, I have no stunning artworks this week.

I had yet another hectic work week. I'd like that to stop, please. I just want a quiet work week ... just one. Thank you.

In the Dumb Criminals Department:
I have a police scanner (they can be both entertaining and informative) and listened to this going on the other night in town (Plainfield, NJ) --
An officer was sent to investigate a robbery report regarding one of the local taxi companies. Apparently a group of four called a cab to pick them up a few blocks away from where I live, rode across town with him, and robbed the driver. They got away with his money. Now, they should have stopped there, right? Nope.

The same group called the same cab company from the same phone from the same location less than two hours later. Duh. Of course, the cabbie who responded was a cop in the cab with back-up all around. They got nabbed. How stupid are these thug-wannabees? There are at least five local cab companies. They called the same one they just robbed? To respond to the same pick-up location? From the same phone number? Talk about deserving to be caught! No one got hurt and four dummies will be facing the judge. Heh.

Also on the local front, I'm doing something I don't usually do. I'm going to go political for a moment. With the issues going on with my landlord (the largest one in the city), I've become a lot more cognizant of the local government. While the current mayor of Plainfield seems to give lip service and appears to be involved, nothing is really happening. If not for the Courier News (local paper) reporter on the story, Mark Spivey, I think absolutely nothing would even be known about issues with Connolly Properties. In investigating more about the local powers that be, I'm actually going to come out and support a candidate for mayor, a Republican one at that. And, I'm not a Republican. I just think he seems to have the passion to improve the city -- Jim Pivnichny for mayor! There. I said it.

Onto the photos I've taken, clicking on an image will open it larger in a new window --


I took these photos over a three week period and stitched them together. This is an abandoned bicycle at the Bridgewater (NJ) Train Station. The back wheel disappeared first. Then the seat, handlebars, and the front wheel (couldn't fit five photos in the image neatly), so it was just a frame sitting there with a rusted chain. Then it was just a single handlegrip and pedal. Bye-bye bike.

The train! The train!

Oh. Wait. That was Tattoo with "The plane! The plane!" My train arrives at the Plainfield Train Station last Saturday morning. The weekdays tend to have too many people to take decent arrival shots.

Blue in a sea of brick

I sometimes feel like this -- a blue home surrounded by larger red brick buildings on Watchung Avenue in Plainfield, NJ.

Full Moon

We had a full moon earlier this week. I believe it was the Harvest Moon, but don't quote me on that.

Not a full moon

Nope, it's the MetLife blimp over Bridgewater, NJ. Snoopy seems dressed for the holidays. What's up with that?

Squirrel Watching

Vincent prefers to sit in the open window. But today, he'll just have to sit and look through a closed window. It's too chilly! Vincent is doing well and his personality is really coming out more every day. I feared in the first week or two that I had a cat who only loved to sleep. Well, sleep and purr. But no ... he has really been getting into running around and playing with his toys. Yay! He has also decided he likes to experiment with getting up high. Not so yay. But he responds well to "No" and a motion to get down. Yay! In the time I've had him, he's gained a little bit of weight (he's still kind of lanky) and his fur has gone from very coarse to soft.

I've looked in at the NYC ACC website -- the cats they're offering are around 2,000 deeper in the numbers. Sigh. So many won't get adopted. I don't think Vincent would be alive right now had I not adopted him. But he's such a love. I think he's happy, too. Well, maybe not so much when I tell him he cannot be atop the entertainment center up near the ceiling. But then he runs around batting his lighted ball or with a catnip mouse in his mouth (dropping it, throwing it up in the air, batting it under the bookcase, then scrambling to get it back) ... and he's forgotten his aspiration for higher heights. As I type this, he's sleeping on my lap.

It's a 1957 Ford Fairlane

Yes, I spotted that car once again. This time I got close to the back of it and found out its make. It's related to the Custom Underground car folks in Plainfield, NJ.

This one is in my 'hood

This car appeared nearby my apartment building this week. It's a 1965 Pontiac Catalina. Only $5,000! Of course, brand new back in 1965, it cost a lot less than that. But, in looking around the Internet, the price seems to be a steal.

You Will Be Towed

Yes, you, you trespasser. We're gonna put you personally on a rig and tow you on outta here! I think this sign in Plainfield should specify no parking or your car will be towed or no trespassing -- but not an odd mix of both messages.

Mutant New Jersey Bug

I have no clue what this is. It's not a grasshopper, nor is it a Praying Mantis. It sits on four huge legs like a tripod (but four - a quadropod?) It jumps and it flies. It has rather dubious eyes. It doesn't look like it bites, though. That's a good thing.

Here One Day

Gone the next. This group of mushrooms sprouted up in one day, the next they looked like a pile of excrement.

More Odd Nature

In the summer this plant has off-white blooms nothing like this bizarre red ball with spiky thingees.

As the Sun Rises

The view from the train station as the sun was about to rise one day this week. Tomorrow I expect my morning journey to be totally dark.

A notable Plainfield-born person passed away this week -- photographer Irving Penn. What a tremendous talent! While he and I obviously share a passion for images, he knew what he was doing! Plus, it's nice to know that someone famous other than George Clinton (P-Funk) comes from Plainfield.

Oh ... and in other news this week -- Marge Simpson is going to be a Playboy centerfold. Um. Okay.

How was your week?


RJM said...

Beautiful week in pictures. Amazing about the bike!!

Vincent is a lucky cat indeed and so is his owner to have found him when you did.

Laurie said...

I just saw a little tribute to Irving Penn on the CBS Morning Show. He was quite a photographer, wasn't he?

I do like the mixed-message sign, Jackie. Things like that make me laugh. We have a freeway sign that says "Cruise Ship Exit", but I've never seen one actually take it!

I hope your candidate wins the election and can do something about your city's issues. Good for you for getting involved!

I'm glad to hear Vincent is starting to fill out and is getting playful. Love that profile as he looks out the window.

See you later for the big race! Enjoy your Sunday.

Ron said...

I'm so glad you're giving Jim Pivnichny a chance. I'm noot a republican either but can't even fathom voting for Sharon again. How can we get more people in this town to vote for him and put aside the Republican label?

Sally said...

Love the Vincent photo and info. I wonder if he spends a lot of time up high while you're away from the apartment--his own version of when Jackie's away, the cat will play.

That dumb criminal story is really funny. Guess their initial success made them way over-confident.

I don't think political party affiliation makes too much difference on the local level, at least in the cities I've lived. Maybe it does in larger metropolitan areas.

Glad you're feeling better!

RyzandShyn said...

That's a Kousa Dogwood tree and berry, also known as a Japanese Flowering Dogwood. I understand you can eat them, but don't know anyone who has.

Margo said...

Hey Jackie - Glad you are felling better. I'm wishing for a quiet work week for you next week. fingers crossed.


PDX Granny said...

Jackie, it does my heart good to hear about what a wonderful companion Vincent is becoming.

Great pictures, as usual. I've tried taking pix of the full moon, but it just ends up looking like a black picture with a white dot in the middle of it.

joy n said...

Vincent sounds so delightfully happy! He even looks softer in that new pic. Maybe he'd been mentally exhausted from the trials of his former street life and the shelter and that's why he slept so much. Now he knows he has a happy place to be with someone who obviously loves him and whom he obviously adores. Perfect match!

Had to laugh at your recap of those bumbling local theives. They must have been in the wrong line when the brains were passed out.

Hope Jim wins that election for you and your neighbors sakes.

Talking about a picture saying a thousand words! That poor pathetic bike.

dla said...

Vincent is one handsome man. :)

Anonymous said...

Have you ever read "Five-Finger Discount, A Crooked Family History" by Helene Stainski? It's about a girl growing up in Jersey City in the 1970s. Reading your comments about NJ politics, you may enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

I saw one of those big bugs too, also took pics. It was huge!
We thought it was a big praying mantis - no? Maybe all the rain we had this summer made them big this year?

Anonymous said...

At least they couldn't steal the bike lock. It took 3 weeks to steal the bike? I wonder if it was the same person picking it apart.

meb said...

That you had the where-with-all to capture the bike in the varying stages amazes me Jackie.

Love Vincent, so pensive as he targets something out the window...I think he would still rather just stay inside with you. He's had enough outside days to last a lifetime (all his 9 of 'em).

Be ever mindful of your surroundings as the early morning hours get darker. Be safe!