Sunday, November 22, 2009

Off Topic - That Was the Week It Was - 11/22/09

It's Sunday morning and time to take an off topic look back at my week in words and photographs I've taken. It's hard to believe that we're coming up on Thanksgiving this week. The next thing you know, it will be Christmas. Remember how the time used to drag when we were young? I recall it was an eternity waiting for the holidays or my birthday. I really think the time-space continuum has been warped. It can't be that I'm getting older and time only seems to pass more quickly. I want an investigation!

On the home front, I've found no pocketbooks, nor have I won any awards. Dang it. I knew that wasn't going to continue! But I've eaten well, paid my bills, have a roof over my head (which includes the upstairs neighbors), and have a dependable job. I have a cat who's definitely a nut, but a lovable nut.

It looks like the H1N1 flu might have hit my workplace. A few folks who never call out have been out for days. I'm loving me my hand sanitizer and, while I'm still congested from a second cold when the first one recently ended, I'm fine. No flu, for sure. I've probably only had the flu a handful of times in my life. I really don't need to be reminded what it feels like.

I'm spending a lot more of my time in the dark. On the days I go to work early, it's dark when I leave and the sun rises by the time I get to work. The sun is setting or has already set by the time I get home. Thus, I've been able to experiment more with my night photography. I like light, dark, and shadows. While I edit some of my photos, most aren't edited except perhaps a bump up in contrast and/or a bit of sharpening to post online. You can tell (and I'll usually tell you) when I've messed with photos.

That said, here's this week's shots (clicking on them will open them larger in a new window) --

Plainfield (NJ) Train Station Tunnel

Yes, I messed with it. The yellowish tunnel is the original color of the tunnel. The building itself is red brick. But I made it black and white, then put it in a "moonlight" hue with my photo editing program. If you want to go to Newark or New York City, just go underground.

Road to Nowhere

With surreal lighting, I might add. This is the night view from the eastbound side of the Bridgewater (NJ) Train Station. There's a freight train track in the distance which you can't see -- the railfans love to gather at the Bound Brook Station to get nifty shots where the freight trains and commuter trains pass closer to each other. What I liked about this shot is how the lights turned out. They look like little alien spaceships taking off ... or something.

No! I want to keep my leaves!

Most of the trees are barren, but there are a few holdouts around. This is a tree on East Front Street in Plainfield earlier this week.


I tell you, they're plotting a takeover. They've already captured the Dunellen (NJ) water tower and are probably sabotaging the water supply. There could very well be more of them than there are of us. I took this out the window of the train.

Need to get fat, need to get fat!

If anyone can save us from the bird revolt, it's our friends -- the squirrels.

Flash Tattoo

I edited this one, can you tell? ;-)
Flash Tattooing on East Fourth Street in Plainfield, NJ. I spelled it right -- they spell it wrong. Two "o's"!

Car Repair in Sepia

The sepia seemed to suit this shot -- also on East Fourth Street in Plainfield.

Customized Custom Underground

I did my own customizing on this photo I took of the Custom Underground garage. I loved the lights and shadows. But in their original color, they just fell by the wayside overpowered by the inside of the garage. So, I changed the insides to sepia, the outside to a muted black and white. East Fourth Street in Plainfield.

Dunellen Train Station at Night

The shadowy figure walks to the exit. I didn't mess with this one that I took out the train window. Again, the lights and shadows intrigued me. The person just happened to walk into the shot and made it even better.

A Man vs. Nature Sunset

I took this shot with my older Pentax in its sunset mode. Bridgewater, NJ.

Same Sunset, Different Angle, Different Camera

This one was taken with my (supposedly) better Canon. I don't know. I think the Pentax definitely sharpens the sunset a bit better.

Tale of the Sunrise Contrail, Part One

On my early day, the sun was just about to rise as I left my apartment. I spotted this cool pink contrail. In and of itself, it might not be all that picture-worthy. But there's a tale to tell. Plainfield, NJ

Tale of the Sunrise Contrail, Part Two

By the time I reached the vicinity of the downtown area, it was much lighter out. Yet the contrail remained.

Tale of the Sunrise Contrail, Part Three

Oh, and then this is what it looked like at the Plainfield Train Station. The man leaning on the rail looking over Watchung Avenue probably had no clue he's standing silhouetted in a beam of red/orange light.

Portuguese BBQ at Night

East Fourth Street in Plainfield, NJ. I've never been there. It looks interesting, though. The town boasts so many restaurants from all over the world that one could spend weeks trying them all out. I don't think that 20 years ago you could have taken a culinary trip around the world in this town. It's the influx of folks from many other nations. You don't want me to get going on various bakeries.

Red, Red Berries

Um. Yeah. Berries. They were there, so I shot them.


Or, could he be SEXTING? Yikes! Although I love technology and I'm really a bit of a computer geek, I never got the whole texting fad. I was never all that into IMs, either. But with IMs, you're on a computer without a phone. The texting is ON a phone. I find it much easier to just talk if I have a phone in my hands. I'm silly like that. Bound Brook Train Station, NJ

Blocking Out the World

This woman is always all wrapped up and sleeping on the morning train. She gets in the single seat so no one will sit next to her. I don't believe I've ever seen her awake. NJ Transit, Raritan Valley Line

New and Old

Yes, I edited this leaving the NJ Transit Train in its original color while making the platform and people a muted sepia. The Plainfield Train Station at night.

Plotting, Plotting

More birds gather for their world domination. You've been warned.

Taking Control of the Streetlights

More are arriving in the distance. Eep.

A Cat Will Save the World!

Or not. I do get the feeling Vincent could be a hunter. The way he goes for his cat toys should put those birds on notice. A takeover will not be tolerated!

How was your week?


smilinggreenmom said...

Beautiful and wonderful blog! Love your writing and love love your photography! Great work :)

Delee said...

AR late tonight DANG

I agree about the flu...had a few times I do not need it again!!!

Again agree you def have UFO's approaching RUN!!!

Our super wet snow made leaves fall faster than normal. Usually oak leaves stay on until mid-Dec. So happy that all are down and cleaned up now. BUT could have done without the broken branches it brought.

Love the red berry simple but beautiful.

Well you know the saying: "Birds of a feather flock together" Your pics just prove that point!

The train pic at the station could be a winner in 2010 photo contest if it fits the theme.

Becky said...

Love the pictures this week. Are you sure the woman is sleeping and not dead?

Sally said...

Loved the photos and the behind-the-scenes info about how you achieve your special effects. And I even learned a new word: contrail. I could even use it in a sentence. Thanks!

meb said...

Wow Jackie... some great photos. I really enjoy coming over here. I almost missed today... leaves, leaves, leaves... they are everywhere. I would love it if they'd stay on the trees and change all those beautiful colors, but so sad that they have to fall and I have to pick them up. Yuck!

Vincent is gorgeous as usual.

olddoc said...

I wish I had your gift of photo editing. Your subject eye is outstanding and resulting pictures worth a collection

Bernice said...

Oh my goodness, such great visuals.
U r truly an artist.
No wonder u won a prize in the local photo contest.
Keep taking these great photos.