Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year (well, New Year's Eve as it's not midnight here yet)! Looking back at 2009, we had some good TV seasons, some dubious winners on reality shows, a lot of confusion on LOST and Heroes ... but all in all, we were entertained.

But, to me, even more important than television (WHAT? something more important than TV?!?!), is the fact that the friends who frequent the blog here have become a cherished part of my own life. And, of course, each other's lives, too! We're meeting each other in person and having tons of fun. I appreciate the thoughtfulness and kindnesses so many of you have shown me over the past year. I probably wouldn't have Vincent if not for those of you who helped me out. And, although I dearly miss Scherzo, Vincent is a way cool cat and even lets me put him in Santa suits! Thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart -- oh, the top and middle of it, too!

Zoetawny made us a New Year's Eve 2010 graphic ... she continues to rock! A few folks asked if I would put up an entry tonight for those staying in. I count myself as one staying in. I got home from work around 7 PM tonight and I won't be going back out there again. I've done the Times Square ball thing twice in my life and that might be once too much. I also had to endure the crowds of drunken college-age kids on the train tonight as they headed to go there. Call me old. Call me a curmudgeon, call me cantankerous. I'm staying in for the night!

I found out that the Turner Classic Movies channel is having a Thin Man movie marathon all evening. Wow! Other stations have The Three Stooges, TLC has an odd array of sex-related shows (um, n'okay), and such. But it's Thin Man movies for me! They're great and I own only one of them, so this is fantastic!

But I'll surely be peeking in here on and off. Everyone is welcome to stop by, hang out, cyber-drink and snack ... and dance! Please do NOT step on the cat while doing the watusi, though. He doesn't like that.


monty924 said...

We're staying in also. We have for the past seven years or so... no traffic and the only drunks we encounter are ourselves! ;)

We'll play some cards, munch on Shrimp Cocktail and other goodies then watch the ball drop in Time Square on the TV.

Happy New Years, Jackie, Vincent and all!


SueGee said...

Happy New Year to everyone! May 2010 be a great year for everyone!

We too will be sitting home, but we are able to watch the year change in each time zone from the west coast and never feel any pressure to stay up until midnight here after celebrating on East Coast, Midwest and Mountain time.

Sue on the left coast

Becky said...

Hey Jackie, Monty and Sue! Happy New Year.

We were invited to a neighbor block party, but decided we really didn't want to go out. Neither one of us slept well last night, so we didn't feel up to partying.

Also one of our dogs is terrified of fireworks. Even though there is a ban on fireworks inside the city limits, some still bring them in.

Sue, I smiled when I read about the time change. We never make it until midnight. We usually call it a night after the ball drops in NYC. I don't know that I will make it until midnight!

Jackie, thank you for opening your home to us again.

Laurie said...

Thanks for inviting us to your party, Jackie. It's nice to end the year with you and Vincent and all the other bloggers who show up.

We are staying in tonight, too, which is our usual thing for the last few years.

I usually celebrate the new year by saying good night at 9 pm here, midnight for all the east coasters. I'm so exciting ...

Happy New Year to all of you. I'm glad you are in my life!

Becky said...

Laurie, we are glad YOU are in our lives too. I don't know if I will even make it until the ball drops tonight. I am almost falling asleep in my chair.

Jackie said...

Becky - Me, too. I'll stay up jusy to say I did. But at midnight, it's BEDTIME! I have to work tomorrow. (Waah)

Jackie said...

Duh. Scratch that. I guess I'm so tired I don't know what day it is. I have to work Saturday. That's it! Cut off my Coke Zero!

Becky said...

Happy New Year, everyone! I can't stay awake. I know it is the 2010 somewhere in the world!

Jackie, will check out The Week that Was on Sunday. I thought of you and our theory that the birds are out to take over the world. I wish I had my camera today. Momma and I took my younger brother to lunch today to celebrate his birthday. We ate at a seafood place on a canal. It was too cool for Momma on the deck overlooking the water, so we sat inside. Everything was fine until some idiot threw a piece of food up to the few sea gulls. They must have cell phones! It was no time until they converged on the deck. One couple jumped up from their table and the d*** gulls swooped down eating the food off of their plates. Makes me shudder to remember it! I enjoy watching the birds --- at a respectful distance, but not up close and personal. We did enjoy watching a flock of pelicans in the water. Six or eight white birds follow a brown one. I guess he had the eye for the schools of fish.

Anyway, thanks again for making a place where we could meet and chat. I just wish I had slept last night so I could enjoy the fun. The chocolate covered strawberries (fresh) and the bottle of Champaign are in the fridge, so enjoy them at midnight.

BTW, when is Leverage coming back?

Jackie said...

Leverage returns January 13.

Mmm ... chocolate-covered strawberries!Dibs!

dla said...

Jackie and all,

Happy New Year!! I wish everyone peace and prosperity in 2010 ~

Jackie, so glad that you found Vincent. He is a gift, and oh-so-precious!

Here's to health, wealth and all good things in the New Year ~


Syd said...

Happy new year Jackie and all my fellow commenter buddies from a little log cabin in VA!

Jackie said...


Becky said...

So, has the ball dropped?

Becky said...

Happy New Year and Happy Night.

Jackie said...

Yep the sleet and all.


Lars Eller said...

Happy New Years!

Zoetawny said...

Happy New Year!

WHOOHOO! We made it another year.
I've got 3 hours to go here on the west coast but I'll celebrate early with all of you east coasters.


It's still the best blog ever here thanks to you and all the wonderful posters. Guess Santa paws wouldn't trade his furry hat for a party hat, huh? Give Vincent a little kiss from Zoe and Shadow.

We're staying in and watching the festivities on TV. We still know how to party, right? LOL

I wouldn't mind watching "The Thin Man" with you, Jackie, but it's not on in my area.

In fact, at midnight all of the Fox channels might be going off the air because of the failed negotiations between our cable provider, Time Warner, and Fox Broadcasting. I'm not sure what the real story is but supposedly Fox is asking Time Warner to pay three times more than the prior contract to carry their shows. I don't want to change cable providers because my only other options are the Dish Network and Direct TV. The satellite providers are priced well over what we're now paying. Guess we'll just have to wait and see what transpires.

Peace, love and prosperity in 2010.

Cheers from the west coast!

Donna in AL said...

Happy New Years all!! I'm a little late. I did go to a party, but did not drink as I was driving home. We left by 12:30 hopefully ahead of the drunks since I had to go 28 miles home. Safe and sound now.

I hope everyone has a great 2010!

PDX Granny said...

For all of you West Coasters that are still hangin' in there, it's almost time for our ball to drop!

For those of you who are already sawin' logs, when you read this tomorrow, know you were thought of at midnight my time.

I wish you all a Happy & Prosperous New Year, and may all all your dreams & wishes come true!


Margo said...

Happy New Year to Jackie and all her bloggy friends!


Anonymous said...

From joyn.

Can't get my blue name up, so adding this to top and using anon. I just can't retype all of this. Have to go reup with Google. Why do they do that?

I hope this won't put a damper on everyone's new year but I need to tell about my last week and a half which has been a nightmare but with what looks like a happy ending. All of 2009 hasn't been a good one for us and we are looking forward to a new 2010.

My husband, underwent triple bypass surgery yesterday morning and the doctors tell me all went well with no complications. He is 59. I saw him again today and he is very sore and groggy from the pain meds, but half-heartedly joking with the nurses so I know his sense of humor is intact. They even walked him down the hall this pm.

He'd been having trouble catching his breath after even short walks. His doctor sent him to a cardiologist on the 22nd. A stress test was done (he did poorly) and then x-rays that showed one artery totally clogged and two others clogged at 95% and 80%. The 4th was amazingly clear.

He was taken to the nearest hospital by ambulance (Strong Memorial), admitted, and it's where we were told he needed the open heart surgery. We have no health insurance so he was transferred on Thursday by ambulance to the VA Hospital in Buffalo. (He's an Air Force veteran, thank God.) On Monday the doctors there decided to do an angiogram to see if he would be a candidate for the stents procedure. He was not, hence, yesterday's surgery. They took a vein from his right leg and used that to repair the arteries. If all goes well, I'm told he may be able to come home in a week. His surgeon said that his heart is actually healthy, it's the three arteries that were very bad. He also said if Barry had waited six months longer, he would probably have had a massive heart attack.

Since that day of the 22nd...
Our car broke down as I followed the ambulance to Strong. It took 2 hours to get a tow truck and my sister to get there to drive me to the hospital. Christmas eve, my furnace stopped working. The igniter wouldn't ignite. Because of the holiday, they couldn't get here until Tuesday morning and this is the 3rd igniter installled on it in 2 years. Very luckily we have a maintenance agreement so no out-of-pocket expenses on that. My stepson paid for our car repairs (idle pulley and serpentine belt). He wanted to give us one less thing to worry about, bless him. And I, like Jackie, had a small space heater that was practically attached to my hip for five cold nights and four days. Every where I went, that bit of warm air went with me. I was surprisingly comfortable and extra blankets on the bed kept me comfortable. (I was afraid to leave the heater on all night.)

All that, plus the 90 mile trip to Buffalo almost every day has left me exhausted. The weather will be bad here for the next few days so I will only be talking to Barry by phone, but he is now on the way to feeling good again and I have been thanking God over and over for that. I found a chance to get on the computer tonight and came straight here because I needed a sense of routine and you guys are part of my everyday life. Even if I don't comment everyday, I read the comments each day, with the exception of this past week and a half. I consider all of you friends and just needed to unload tonight.

There were moments when I wanted to scream, but didn't. Many moments where I fought the tears because I had to be the strong one. But last night when I got home and I knew the surgery was over and looking so promising, I finally let it all out. Cried for an hour and then really felt a ton of anxiety lift off me.

Like all of you, I am now looking forward to this wonderful happy new year. 2010 HAS to be a big improvement.

Gayle said...

Happy, Healthy New Year to all!

Jackie said...

Oh my, Joy. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Anonymous said...

Interesting - I thought I set up an identity a few days ago. But anyway, I'm wishing ALL a Happy and Healthy 2010!

NC in GA

Sally said...

What you've been through the last couple of weeks, Joy, really puts things in perspective. I hope your husband continues to do well and that the worst part of the new year is behind you already.

Happy new year, Jackie, Vincent and everyone! I'll be back Sunday for my weekly addiction.

Donna in AL said...

Oh my goodness Joyn! I am so sorry to hear of your troubles. I pray you have strength and faith and your husband has the worst behind him now.
These are the times when your cyber friends need to be your neighbors.

dla said...


My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family...

All the best,


joy n said...

Thanks, all of you.

Called the ICU this am. They are keeping him there another day because his heart rate is elevated. He has been given digitalis (sp?). He's being weaned off the heavy-duty meds and is feeling the pain more so apparently, this is not unusual. They hope to send him to a room tomorrow. Just feel so helpless at this end. I'll let you know of any changes.

RJM in SC said...

All the best for a Happy Healthy New Year to each of you.

Joy, I will be keeping you and your family close in thought and prayer.

Jackie, hope all goes well with your landlord problems.

Love to you all

Nana from the NW said...
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Nana from the NW said...

Ok--now I've changed my pic. so I need to say....HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
I know it has been months since I have checked in...(hanging my head). It has been a very busy fall. I became a new grandma in Sept. I have a beautifual little girl named Autumn Hope. She had a blockage in her stomach and needed surgery at 3 weeks old. Now she is becoming fat and happy and doing well. Her mom went back to work so Autumn has become my "companion" for 9 hrs. a day. I've discovered I am too old to take care of a baby!!! There is a reason a female's reproductive system shuts down at 50! LOL

Sounds like everyone is doing well here and some of you rang in the New Year together. I had company over for dinner and played Mexican Train....I kicked butt!! We stayed up until 1am and slept in the next day.

My New Year's resolution is to give back Santa's present to me....6 lbs. I didn't need and to come back to regularly visiting all of you at Jackie's.

I am excited for the new season of television....Biggest Loser, The Bachelor, Leverage, American Idol, and I think I will check out a new show called Life Unexpected. Is there anything new you are going to start watching?

Nana from the NW said...

I should have read comments before posting.....Joyn...OMG!!! What a stressful last few weeks you've had. I am glad to hear Barry's heart problems were caught now and repaired. Car problems AND the, oh my! Maybe bad weather is God's devine intervention...sounds like you need to stay home and rest. Be sure to take care of yourself, too. You both are in my prayers....

Becky said...

Joyn, boy the Black Buzzard of Poop has been nesting at your house. I hope a years bad luck got over itself in the last week and a half at your house.

I agree with Nana, maybe the bad weather was God's way of making you get some rest.

My husband had his heart attack in November several years ago. I know the stress and strain you have been under. Please know that all of your blog buddies have been sending up prayers for you.

Margo said...


I'm so sorry to hear about your stressful holiday. Happy to hear your hubby is on the mend and your car & furnace are fixed.
I wish a speedy recovery for your husband and a Happy New Year.


Sizzie said...

Joyn, I just read about what you and your husband have been going through. Staying home and waiting is difficult...but really, you are doing the best thing. And, I am so glad you came to Jackie's and let us know. Can you feel the good thoughts lifting you both up? Because you know we are all here behind you. Take care and let us know how things are going. We did miss your comments, too, and wondered where you were. Take care.

monty924 said...


Prayers are definitely being said and sent your way. The holidays are stressful enough without a serious medical situation occuring. My thoughts are with you and your husband today. I know from family history how exhausting these things can be. Take care of YOU while you are taking care of your hubby. God Bless!

I'm about 'Bowl'ed out, but the Buckeyes won the Rose Bowl so I'm very happy.

Here's to a Wonderful, Healthy, Prosperous, and Fun-filled 2010 for everyone.


joy n said...

Thank you all for the prayers and words of encouragement. You've all brought a few more tears to my eyes reading them.

I called ICU and Barry is doing as fine as can be expected. His heart rate was back to normal quickly after the digitalis. They expect he will be in a regular room tomorrow and he'll have a phone so I can talk to him at least.

I have appreciated the day at home and got a really good night's sleep. Tomorrow I plan to do some needed housework. Dust is everywhere.

I will keep in touch.

You guys are great!

Thanks, Jackie, for allowing my very OT comments.

joy n said...

I am finally feeling rested and actually got to talk to Barry for about two minutes at 9 this am. His nurse stretched the phone line to his bed. A one-time only deal she said but I very much appreciated it.

He said he's feeling better and is still waiting for a bed in post op. He wants out of ICU so that he'll have access to his own phone.

I think I'm finally allowing myself some breaths of relief. His biggest complaint is that he wants that darn catheter OUT. Hope that's not TMI. LOL!

I believe everyone's prayers are working. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

I just can't wait for him to get back home. No date set for that, of course, but he's progressing well.

Let you know of his progress.

Love you guys!

SueGee said...

joy - continued prayers winging your way. Hope your husband recovers quickly and is back home bugging you before you know it! Mine had his last January at 58-1/2 (same age his dad died of a heart attack) He flunked his stress test and they were able to put in a stent the next morning. He really hates taking all the meds he has now, but he eats better and exercises more.

Sue on the left coast

joy n said...

SueGee, I can't wait for him to be home driving me nuts again.

All of this started with that well-timed stress test. Sounds like those poor results saved both of our hubbies. Mine is already complaining about what he won't be able to eat anymore.

Zoetawny said...


I'm so sorry to read about the major ordeal you've been through. I can imagine the stress you've been enduring. My prayers and positive thoughts go out to you and your husband for good health and a new beginning in 2010. God Bless!

I don't stop by as often as I would like but so glad I did tonight.


Thanks for posting an alert to joyn's post here in your recent entry. I'll have to go back again to enjoy the amazing photos.

Stay warm and safe all!