Friday, December 04, 2009

I'm Alive

My apologies for last night. I was so glad that Sydney called me so I could let you know I was okay. My computer is dead, my ex-computer doesn't want to work despite me working hours trying to fix it. With the writing project deadline for AOL, I can't afford the time for the computer to sit in the shop. So, now ... a few hundred dollars later, I have a new cheapest computer I could find without going online to look for bargains. And, I'm dead tired.

Oh. And Vincent shall be known as Jaws/Paws/Claws of Death from now on. I couldn't believe a real mouse got in my apartment just as my computer died and Survivor was starting last night. It's too bad the mouse had to die, but he chose the wrong apartment, and Vincent had a great old time ... until mean Jackie took the mouse away.

I never did write up the review for the show on TV Squad. It's too late now. And, after getting less than two hours sleep last night, working all day, hooking this computer up, I'm ready for bed.

Thanks again everybody for your concern. I'm alive. Vincent's alive. The computer is dead. The mouse is dead. The budget is dead.


Anonymous said...

Whew! I was worried about you! Glad Vince took care of one problem anyhow! I think everyone missed you. Glad you're back.
You go, Vincent

Anon in Indy

joy n said...

Well, there goes a chunk of the new raise. And while you're going nuts over your computer woes, Vincent decides to go on a hunt and snatch spree. All that excitement! Guess that mouse was playing his own game of Survivor last night. And was apparently, voted out, permanently. LOL!!!

Relieved to hear you're okay, other than the exhaustion anyway.

It was very odd not having you here.

Becky said...

Jackie, glad to hear that you at are okay. Mousie is at the Ponderosa in the sky and the computer is in electronic graveyard, buy you are okay. That is the good news. So many of us were worried about you last night. You have become an important part of our life. I am so glad that Sydney was able to get in touch with you.

I can't believe I didn't think to go to the last blog post (Amazing Race) to see if anyone was there last night. I just sat and worried until after the show was over.

Well, looks like Santa came early to the apartment thus the computer. At least you have your guard cat. And you took away his toy! Abigail said she is proud of him. Now she wishes he would come kill the squirt bottle I keep on the desk and use to shoot at her when she gets on the desk and tears up paper.

See you Sunday for the Week that Was. Oh, did you get a picture of the mighty hunter with his prey?

Sydney said...

Wow, with all that, you still wrote a stellar post FOR US at least. Sleep tight Jackie... TGIF! (though I think you work tomorrow anyway)

Laurie said...

The important thing is that you are okay! Give the Paws of Death a big hug for us and we'll see you on Sunday!

meb said...

Lots of panic when you weren't here Jackie. I'm sure you knew we were all like crazy people trying to find out why you weren't posting.

Too funny about Vincent. I'll bet he had to kill a few of those little varmits while he was lost on the street, just to survive, so his Survivor skills were honed. Good for him.. I would have been standing on my dining room table watching him afar tho while he was hunting the mouse. Sorry, just don't like them, although add a big bushy tail and they become a squirrel, and they are adorable. Go figure!

TerryinCA said...

gosh we all were soooo worried Jackie, sorry about the computer (and the helpless feeling trying to fix it and get back to cyber world)
And hurrah for Vincent the Invinceable and the rat capers....

Dottie in NC said...

Thanks to Sydney for contacting Jackie and reporting that she's okay!

tslandry said...

jackie I have a hunter in my home too Spazzy, and she lives up to her name daily! She was a feral cat who allowed us to adopt her, but on her terms she comes and goes and when she comes she brings us "treats" live ones as if she is thanking us for the food water and treats we leave her. We tried to make her strictly an indoor cat but she stopped eating and out vet said we where basically killing her spirit. So she has her special door to come and go she comes in at night and lets us lock her in sleeps with us and nibbles on our fingers if heaven forbid the bottom of her food bowl becomes visible at any point in the night .... hearing of you Vincent bringing you a treat made me smile as Spazzy allowed me to pet her, she is becoming more loving as time goes by I hope one day she will be a shoulder car like your VIncent but no matter what she is ours and brings joy and laughter into out life's daily! Spazzy is hoping for pictures of Vincent's catch, LOL they can have a contest who can catch the larger mouse! YIKES! GLad all is well with you I don't post, think this is my 2cd one but I read faithfully and honestly your sunday post are my favorites! I'm thankful all is well with you take care and keep taking your photos!

Jennasmom said...

Glad you & Vincent are alive & well. Shame the poor mouse didn't lose his battle in Samoa -- some of the survivors might have had a snack.......ugh!

Jackie said...

I didn't take any pictures of the mouse. With all the computer issues, the show starting, and the very idea a mouse was even in here ... I just was more worried about whether it was really dead and disposing of its body.