Sunday, December 06, 2009

That Was the Week It Was - 12/06/09

It's Sunday once again. Don't these weeks go by way too fast? Of course, since it's Sunday, it's a time to reflect on the week gone by in words and photos I've taken. Later tonight, please stop by for the big Amazing Race season finale blog party post. I should have no problems with the new computer.

That was my big happening this week -- for the first time, missing a review deadline on TV Squad, not showing up here. Argh. Of all times for my computer to crash ... just before Survivor! A new computer wasn't really in my budget. But to not get one would mean the big check from the bios writing project would go kerflooey. I really had no choice.

The computer itself? It's nice and I'm getting settled in. It's a Dell. I took their little cowprint Gateway wallpaper down first thing and put up a photo of mine. It has Windows 7 which doesn't seem all that different from Vista. So, it's familiar enough for me to move on in. Had this been a planned purchase, I would have scoured the web for the best deal. But it does have 750 GB of storage. Let's see if it lasts long enough for me to fill it up!

Then there was a mouse. I know I ignored my downstairs neighbor when he knocked on my door twice late in the evening a few nights before. I'm sorry, but once I'm in my bedclothes, I don't answer the door for anyone, including him. I knew I didn't flood anything, so I ignored him. I figured he wanted to borrow something or get a cigarette. I heard his door close (weird things you hear from the floor above and below). I rarely hear any noise from down there, but I always hear him coming and going. I just don't know which it is -- coming or going.

He must have wanted to tell me he heard scratching in the wall. This happened three years ago just about this time of year. Teaser got that mouse. Now Vincent has a notch in his um ... tail? Poor deceased mouse. But he picked the wrong apartment to emerge. After all, I have Jaws of Death living here.

Other than the eventful Thursday evening, I worked a lot. I slept not enough. I ate more than I should. And I took photos as I traveled about. Clicking on an image will open it larger in a new window.

Plainfield (NJ) YMCA

This building is way cool. And I thought it needed to be in sepia with old image edges. Yeah, I edited its edges. East Front Street.

Deck the Halls and all that ...

They usually put lights up in that big pine tree (fir? whatever) on the left. I like these quirky Victorian style homes. East Front Street, Plainfield.

Tested positive for performance enhancing? Oh no!

The NJ Transit cop must be wondering if that's a crime has been committed on NJ Transit property. This was at the Dunellen Train Station. I've noticed more transit cops around. But are they ever around when someone is acting up on the train? Nope.

Jaws of Death

Jaws, Paws, and Claws of Death -- Vincent is a walking (ex)terminator. According to him, "Best toy EVER!"

The Bread Man

America's Bakery delivers the rolls. And a dude rides his bike on the sidewalk which irks me to no end as a pedestrian. Not allowed, dude! North Street, Plainfield.

The Other Bread Man

It used to be every Saturday, now it seems down to every other Saturday. This man sets up his tables and gives free bread to folks. We're talking loaves, buns, rolls, you name it. People wait in line. One person I know told me I could get some as she talked to me when I was passing by. But I figure I can pay for my bread ... let folks who need it more than me take it. I don't know where the bread comes from. I do know it's been going on for the four years I've been walking through there on Saturdays. Church Street, Plainfield, NJ.

Sigh. Still no Roofus.

I'm beginning to think that his access to the roofs might have changed as the back of the condemned building deteriorates. Note that three of the four apartments are vacant. Only where the woman looks out the window (in previous photos) is occupied. Those apartments go through this every year. Seasonal laborers tend to live in them and move once winter knocks on the door. North Street, Plainfield.

I like to photograph decrepit things

It's almost time for the Super Bowl again! East Second Street, Plainfield.

View from my window

This is the squirrel nest I mentioned a while back -- the one I watched them build. Now that the leaves are down, it's entertainment for Vincent. Oh heck, it's entertainment for me, too. As long as they don't start throwing wild parties and make me have to call the cops, they're cool neighbors.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

And, so it did. It snowed like it was a blizzard going on for a while. But it only stuck to cars, trees, and lawns. The ground is still too warm for snow to stick around long right now. Saturday night in New Jersey.

The Latino Jesus Men

Yes, it's not just the Jesus Ladies, the men are in the act, too. North Street, Plainfield. And yes ... I did some creative editing. I did it because the focus was blurry, so I kind of made it something else to cover a bad photo.

Look what I found!

It's that 1923 fire engine I photographed back at the Fire Safety Fair some time back. It's in an empty closed (yet secure) car dealership garage. There's also some big military kind of vehicle in there. The image isn't the best because I was taking it through a grungy window.


I liked the neon eyeglasses and the reflection of the other buildings in the window. East Second Street, Plainfield.

Moon over Presbyterian

The moon was full earlier this week and hanging out in the morning over the Presbyterian Church on East Front Street in Plainfield, NJ.

Jersey Boys

Kids heading into the city (NYC) for the evening. Bridgewater Train Station.

The birds are getting bigger

You know that I've mentioned how the birds are planning to overthrow mankind. Now the big guns are arriving. Sorry he's so far to the left, but he refused to fly still for me. A hawk in Bridgewater, NJ.

Oh, Plainfield Parking Authority?

Is there any time left on this meter? Tow it on outta here! I still don't get this piling the leaves in the streets bit in New Jersey. By the time they scoop 'em up, there could be dead bodies under there! Plus, they take up parking spaces.

After the storm

A wild storm went on all night as a cold front arrived earlier this week. This is what it looked like just after sunrise as the fair weather moved in. Plainfield, NJ. Looking at East Second Street homes via East Front Street.

If I flatten my butt, she won't see me.

But I did.

We refuse to leave(s)

Some leaves just don't think they should give it up for the winter.


There are two bikes (well, kind of sort of) in this condition parked on the north side of the Plainfield Train Station. Somehow I doubt they were parked and locked in this condition. Unlike the Bridgewater deconstruction, I didn't see these happen slowly piece by piece. Just WHAM -- two bike frames hanging by chains. I declare this one my picture of the week. I like the way it turned out.

So, how was your week?


Delee said...

Great pics per usual!!!

I think you should take a pic of the Victorian home lit up at night and do a side by side with the daytime picture. I too love Victorian homes and have count-crossed stitched many.

Just be glad it was a mouse and not a "rat"...ugh!!! Vincent gets a gold star for his hunting prowess!

Sad about your old puter and hope new one works for you. That seems how it seem to be able to get on the upside of things and have a bit more money in the waiting wing and somehow things go kaput. Wow that was a run-on sentence!!!

Back for AR finale tonight...always sad when these shows wind down and we are left twiddling our thumbs!!!

Donna in AL said...

I am so glad you are back up and running. I missed you not being here Thursday night! Yay for Vincent, he is a good kitty! My fat, 10 year old cat will not chase a mouse. The mouse has to get within his reach when he is laying down or it is not worth his energy.
I would love to see a picture of kids jumping in that big pile of leaves! And I think if I wanted to park there, I would just run over them! Of course, I am a country girl, so I don't the rules in NJ!
Have a great day and see you tonight for the TAR finale.

joy n said...

All is well in the world...Jackie is back online!

The pix are wonderful as always but I particularly like the squirrel, the squirrel nest, the Victorian, Vincent and the bike. There's always something sad about those bike pix.

Vincent the conquerer! Cats always seem so proud of themselves when they bring you those "little gifts".

It is so sad, too, to think that Roofus may no longer be able to access that roof anymore. Maybe he's only spending less time up there at this time of year?

Very much looking forward to TAR's finale tonight.

Sizzie said...

I have been trying to get my computer to do what I want it to all day, Jackie. Frustrating business, isn't it. Glad you found one. See you for the photos.

Becky said...

Another wonderful week of pictures and clever captions. My favorites are the Victorian house, squirrel and the bikes. I always loved old homes, but then I visited a friend who had one and came home and told DH he no longer had to worry about me moving us into one. I love my comforts like AC/central heat/windows that don't leak. Call me a sissy.

See you at the race.

Oh, Jackie, have you heard when Leverage is coming back? It sounded like mid-season, on the one brief mention I read sometime back.

SueGee said...

Great pictures as usual Jackie and I'm glad your getting to know your old computer. I hope the crashed one isn't holding back any of your files. I am such a stickler for backing up stuff - but I haven't gone so far as using one of the internet places yet. Would love to hear if anyone has and how they like it.

Looking forward to the finale of TAR tonight. This is one show that keeps my interest right to the last minute!!

Sue on the left coast

Laurie said...

Jackie, my favorite is the moon over the church because I tried to get that same moon that same morning! I only had my cell with me so it' not great but it's meaningful to me. I love that you took it, too.

Second would be the bikes because of the story they tell, the Victorian house because I love them and Vincent because he is so handsome and photogenic!

Do you have Craftsmen houses in your area? Those are my other favorites.

Looking forward to seeing the finale of TAR tonight. It will be a bit late, again, but the good news is that my Chargers won again!

Jackie said...

Becky - Leverage returns on January 2 ... I think.

Laurie - I must plead ignorance. What's a Craftsman house?

Laurie said...

Becky, I found this info online about Leverage:

The show's summer finale will air Wednesday, Sept. 9. It will then return to complete the second season in winter, with the third season slated to air in summer 2010.

So we should see new shows in January or February!

Laurie said...

Crafstmen houses were bungalow type houses that were ordered out of catalogs. The supplies would be delivered and then craftsmen would come put your house up on your lot. I'm not sure what era that was but I think early 1900s. Lots of cities in CA have areas full of them. They are very popular here in San Diego and very pricey. They are usually small, with big porches and lots of built-in shelves and cabinets. Now I'll go look it up and see how professionals describe them.

Laurie said...

Here's the Wikipedia link to a lot of info about it. Funny, I didn't see any mention of the buy and building, but that's what I was told years ago.

monty924 said...

Go Vincent! My cat is a mouser as well.

I missed all the fun tonight with the Race. :( I din't get home until well after it was over.

I just wanted to weigh in on the Craftsmen homes. I actually owned one at one time. My ex and I bought a house, bungalow style and we discovered the blueprints in the attic after we had bought it. It was literally a mail order catalog house. My Dad said it was a Sears Catalog house.

It was very similar to how Laurie described the house. The living room had a wall to wall built in around the fire place. Beautiful built in bookcases, with glassed in doors, and little peek-a-boo windows above the bookshelves.

I loved that house. Just didn't love the marriage. ;)

So happy you are back up and running. I completely understand the computer problems. I think my next computer will be a Mac. My sweetie in on his first Mac, while I'm on my third PC in the same amount of time. I just hate paying that price for a Mac. In the end, it might me wiser. Who knows?

Give Vincent a good neck rub for me.


supersaiyangoku said...

hey jacki great pics love the victorian home looks great.