Sunday, January 03, 2010

Off Topic - That Was The Week It Was - 1/03/10

Baby, it's cold outside! Here in New Jersey it's bitter cold with high wind warnings. I hope everyone reading this is home, warm and cozy. I am. (So is Vincent.) And, of course, it's Sunday -- time to ramble through my week in words and photographs I've taken. Speaking of photos, the 2009 Plainfield Library Photo Competition is now up online if you want to peek at the entries.

Where to start? Hmmm ... it's COLD. Waah. Hmmm ... television has been mostly boring with reruns. I watched all of The Thin Man movies on TCM New Year's Eve into New Year's Day. No one can beat Myrna Loy and William Powell! I realize the movies were filmed in the 30s and early 40s, but they're ahead of their time. Oh, Asta the dog was great, too.

On a dog, TV, and movie note -- I went into work two hours early and got home an hour early Saturday night. That works out, right? Anyway, since I got home an hour earlier than I usually do, I looked to see what was on television. Old Yeller was on TCM. I recall seeing the movie when I was young, but it must have been a re-release of some sort. I was around eight when I saw it, yet the original release was 1957. I was NOT eight years old in 1957! Nor would I remember any movie I saw in 1957. I remembered the story and also knew it really upset me at the time. So, like a fool, I caught the last hour of it knowing the ending. I'm such a sap! It still got to me.

In other TV watching, I watched a whole lotta episodes of Barney Miller Friday on WGN. Then I watched the Chicago news at 9 PM at 10 PM. Then I watched the NYC/NJ news at 11 at 11. "It's just a jump to the left, and then a step to the right, with your hands on your hips, you bring your knees in tight, but it's the pelvic thrust that really drives you insane, let's do the Time Warp again!" No, I didn't watch The Rocky Horror Picture Show, but the Time Warp seemed to fit in here. I enjoyed the Barney Miller episodes, the news not so much. But the cold they had in Chicago arrived in this area yesterday and today. Brrr.

I know New Year's Eve came during the week, but my own week was rather uneventful. By the time I got home from work on New Year's Eve, I was already hearing all kinds of accident calls on my police scanner. The roads around here were slick and the drunks were out. I like to think I can be pretty slick at times, but I don't do drunk well. I learned my lessons about drunk decades ago and, though I'll drink some socially, I won't get drunk. I don't like the feeling and I get sick to my stomach. To me, that's not a good way to start out a new year. Instead, I baked Trader Joe's truffle brownies and had hot chocolate with them at midnight.

Onto this week's photos --

Berckman Street Bunny

As I walked to the local bodega, I spotted this guy munching on grass between two houses. You know I had to shoot him. He can't be a wild rabbit -- he's fat and clean, bigger than most cats. I'd estimate he weighs a good 15 pounds or more. As I shot him, one of the people who live nearby told me he's been hanging around for over a month, disappeared with the snow cover, then reappeared. He told me he called animal control on him, but they couldn't catch him. Since he's so fat, so clean, and went away during the snow cover, he thinks the rabbit must have access in and out of someone's home. Just in case he doesn't, he's been putting carrots out for him in his backyard. Berckman Street, Plainfield, NJ.

Eek! Crazed Killer Rabbit!

Er, no. It's just I had to use the flash and it made his eyes glow. This is as close as I got to him, then he went through a basement window under one house's porch. Maybe he's their rabbit. I don't know. Berckman Street, Plainfield.

Brr. Foggy Windows

Danny's Bakery early Saturday morning in the FREEZING cold. Of course, my eyeglasses would steam up if I went in there, too. I edited to make the windows and sign in color while the remainder is black and white. Corner of North and Watchung, Plainfield, NJ.

From the train window - One

This is the Rock Ice Pavilion -- indoor ice skating year round. It's still a hit all through the winter. There's always a year-round snow pile in the back of the building from the Zamboni, even when it's 90 degrees out. Taken as I commuted to work on the New Jersey Transit Raritan Valley Line near Dunellen, NJ.

From the train window - Two

On one side, we have factories and industrial buildings. Raritan Valley Train Line, NJ Transit outside of Dunellen/Bound Brook area, NJ.

From the train window - Three

Ah, the Chipman Chemical Company -- New Jersey, just as you pictured it, eh? This is approaching Bound Brook heading west on the Raritan Valley Train Line. To be honest, there are some woods and streams where I spot deer, herons, and such. But the woods blur with the train movement when trying to use the camera.

Naked again, finally

No Santa suit! Yay! Vincent has no clue how cold it is outside. He's curled up sleeping as I type this.

Lights, shadows, and snow

The fury of the early morning snow on New Year's Eve morning took just about everyone by surprise. It wasn't snowing when I headed out to walk to the train station. I stopped a few minutes at Everybody's Food Store on East Front Street and came out to snow coming down. Two short blocks from there is this scene at the corner of Church and East Second. The snow is covering the roads and sidewalks and blowing about.

Another short two blocks

Gee, it's really coming down. It didn't snow for all that long, but was coming down at the rate of about two inches an hour. East Third Street and Watchung Avenue, Plainfield.

Snow on the bushes

First Fresh Tracks!

"I walk this empty street
, On the Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Where the city sleeps and I'm the only one and I walk alone." - "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" by Green Day. Yes, these are my tracks. I find it interesting that I'm putting more pressure on the toes of my knee replacement knee. Before the knee replacement, I'd wear my right shoes out leaving the left one fine due to my horrid limp. Now I must be limping the other way -- weight on the left knee replacement knee and taking it easy on the right one.

What is going on here?

The brief blizzard continues. North Street across from the Plainfield Train Station.

There's no business like snow business ...

Plainfield Train Station under siege from snow.

Where IS that train?

Supposedly security was beefed up this week due to terror issues. No evidence of such on my train line. Every now and then, we see NJ Transit cops. We're more likely to see local police.

I see the light!

It's either the train or that woman has an aura of goodness and light about her. Plainfield Train Station.

The train has arrived

Note the cowboy boots. I see more cowboy boots around here than I did when I lived in California. Mind you, I'm not seeing a lot of horses or cows, especially in this area. When I first moved here, I almost drove off the road when I saw an elephant walking along the road. Yes, an elephant. No, I wasn't drinking, nor was it pink. There used to be a zoo around the Scotch Plains/Plainfield area and I happened to be driving by when one of the elephants was taking an illegal jaunt. It's a shame I didn't carry a camera back then like I do now.

It's her again ... or still

If she didn't change clothes, I'd think I was seeing dead people. She's always in the single seat by the stairs on the double-decker train. Me? I hog up the four-seater across the aisle from her. The morning trains always have plenty of room heading the wrong way for peak during the rush hours. That's the stairs and my seat check you see in the foreground.


Hugo's, a bar in the pre-dawn hours, not at night. Again, I'm loving the lights and shadows. I've never been inside. I probably will never be inside. The corner of Church and East Front Streets in Plainfield.

How was your week? And, welcome back, JoyN. (Folks might want to check out the New Year's Eve comments to see what's been going on with her.) Oh ... and a welcome to new folks coming aboard! Pretty soon, we're getting new show seasons! Yay!


Donna in AL said...

Brrr is right. I know you guys in the north laugh at what we call cold but our highs have barely been reaching 40 and with the wind, it is cold. They are forecasting highs in the 30's and lows in the teens several days this week.

I think my cat has been reading about your cat in your lap. Fluffy has become the lap cat from hell! I use a cordless mouse on my leg and he has to lay on that hand if I am using it. If I am typing, he has to lay across the other arm too! He is as his name implies, Fluffy and weighs almost 20 pounds!

Great pics this week Jackie. Thank you so much for giving a chance to see a part of the world I would otherwise never get to.

I did not watch Idol last year but I'm going to try to this year. It comes on so many times a week and I watch a lot of shows at that time. 24, Damages and Lost are upcoming too and I can't wait for these!

What is everyone watching as new shows are starting back up?

Donna in AL said...

My new avatar is the sun rising as I was driving into work one morning about a month ago.

joy n said...

I looked at the competition photos and they are wonderful. Especially in the close-up views. They were right to put yours in the top three although I think maybe you should have taken first place. But maybe, also, we might be a bit biased here. You're photo was very impressive. Congrats again!

That bakery looks like a warm haven in this cold, snowy weather and what better haven than a yummy bakery!

Vincent looks to be very content in his haven there with you, too.

Your snow scenes are very similar to ours here in the upstate area. It's 11 degrees here right now with almost a foot of snow on the ground and more expected today. BRRRR! My wonderful generous neighbor is doing all my shoveling for me, bless his kind soul.

That adorable bunny does indeed look healthy. Love those shots you took.

Great photos as always. Very enjoyable every Sunday morning!

Thanks, too, Jackie, for the heads-up. This place is bringing a much-needed feeling of normalcy back into my life.

Delee said...

15 minus 3 with wind chill and gusts can be over 40mph. Cold everywhere I guess even Florida.

Hope Roofus has a warm hidey-hole...maybe him and the bunny are snuggling somewhere. We have a pet rabbit that was left loose and he pals around with the cats. He is also healthy weight-wise. This will be his 3rd winter outdoors.

Vincent will have to get a cupid outfit for Valentine's Day.

Asta is almost always an answer in crossword puzzles.

I have been watching CSI Miami- Criminal Minds-NCIS-some Food Network whatever I can find of some interest. Also some tivo'ed shows from Nov/Dec. Doubt I will ever catch up.

I am out of milk and bread so I have to run out. BRRR and my heavy coat is in the car...dumb dumb and dumber. Left it there New Year's Day. Gloves there too. Guess I will not freeze if only out short bursts.

Will check out the comp pics and as always your pics of the week cheer me up. I am starting to feel if I ever get to Plainfield I would not need a map or Garmin to get around. The bakery would be a stop for sure!!!

Delee said...
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Becky said...

Another week of great pictures, Jackie. Happy New Year to you!

What "competition photos" are you talking about Joyn?

How is your husband doing Joyn? I hope the neighbor continues shoveling your snow for you. When DH had his by-pass our neighbors mowed our lawn for three months. Good neighbors are a blessing.

Of course the big return TV show I am waiting for is Leverage. I will also be glad to get back to new shows of Criminal Minds, Modern Family and, of course, the reality shows. I haven't watched American Idol in several years.

Margo said...

Jackie -
Can you do a blog post on the starting dates for returning and new shows?
Amazing Race
Dancing w/the stars


Sizzie said...

It is cold here, too. You know how I can tell? I am wearing socks with my house slippers. It is below freezing, but not as cold as where you are. I looked at the library (their site count will be up because of you, Jackie). I loved the station photo and the ones from today with the snow, too.

grrr, three interruptions and I have only typed a few sentences. I'll end and go see what they want! Thanks Jackie for welcome you give to all of us and for decorating the place with your photos.

monty924 said...

Awesome photos as usual, Jackie. I love checking in on Sundays to see your art. When are you going to publish your photos in a book? I'll be the first in line.

Becky, check back on Jackie's The Was the Week it Was in the first paragraph. She has a hotlink to the library photo contest.

Joyn, hope all is well with you and the hubby. Prayers are still coming your way.


NC in GA said...

Thanks for all of the wonderful photos of your area. It's nice to see snow - we just don't get a lot of it here. But like Donna in AL said, it's really cold right now! We may get to see some snow flurries in a day or so. You and Vincent stay warm and have a great week!!

joy n said...

Good neighbors are a blessing indeed. He says he will take care of it for us thru the winter. He and Barry are summer lawn buddies, always talking seeding, weeding and fertilizer.

Talked to him on phone today. He sounds so much better. Thank all of you again for the prayers. They're working.

meb said...

Happy New Year Everyone. Missed the post on New Year's Eve... believe it or not, I was into a book I could not put down... "No Time For Goodbye" by Linwood Barclay. If you like suspense, you need to get some of his books... they are layered with one suspenseful happening after another.

Joyn.. I was able to 'talk' with you briefly with and am so hapy that Barry is better and you're warm again. Keep us posted... and we'll keep you both in prayer.

It was fun to read all the comments from your bloggger buddies Jackie, and I'm glad that Vincent is naked again...and that you didn't dress him up for new years. He's so royal looking, I'm sure he's above all that... of course, we still loved him as Santa Paws.

Zoetawny, loved your New Years graphic. Girl you truly rock!

Again, Happy New Year to all. May it be healthy and prosperous!

meb said...

Oh, forgot... It's in the teens here and we're supposed to be in the south! must be kidding!

Our heater barely takes the chill off, so it is running continuously. The house is like three levels, so it's difficult for it to heat everywhere, and besides, it thinks it lives in the south too. I really hate to see our heating bill.

Margo said...

I found some start dates in todays paper.

American Idol Jan 12-13
Leverage Jan 13
Project Runway Jan 14 (back in NYC)
Golden Globes Jan 17
24 Jan 17-18
Lost Feb 2
Survivor Heroes vs Villains Feb 11
Winter Olympics Feb 12-28
Amazing Race Feb 14


Anonymous said...

I just read on AOL news the villians and heroes, that will be coming on Survivor. Pretty good list, but I cannot understand why Sandra is considered a villian. It is going to be interesting.

Colleen Seifert in warm Cali

NC in GA said...

Meb, I'm the "odd ball" of the family! I like winter and seeing snow. I loved snow days when I was a kid, we just don't have them as much as we used to. However, I will admit that I cringe when the gas bill comes!

Sally said...

The cold temps could stay around awhile, Jackie. It's been frigid here for four or five days now, although it might stay above zero tonight.

I enjoyed your photos and clever commentary again, expecially the snow pictures and the lady with the aura. Your strolling elephant incident...I can't imagine your surprise.

Joyn, glad to hear your husband is doing better. It must seem wonderful to be able to talk with him directly.

And may I just say, Vincent looks mighty handsome naked.

Happy New Year, all!

joy n said...

It was wonderful to hear his voice!

Well, one good thing about that furnace breakdown, I probably saved a few bucks. Then again, my electric bill will likely be higher because of the space heater. Figures. LOL!

It's 12 degrees out there and I'm warm. Hope all of you are, too.

I've been watching a "Life After People" Marathon on the History Channel. It's fascinating!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year all.

Has anyone watched thew little
couple on the learning chanel yet?

Thet are truly amazing.


joy n said...

My husband called again. They removed the chest tubes and told him it's possible he may come home tomorrow! The doctor will examine him later and make his decision then. I'll update later.

God bless the VA!

Nana from the NW said...

Jackie great pics.....brrrr it does look frigid!

Joyn that is good news! It will be good for both of you to have him home.....what a scare.

It's not really cold here in the NW....mid 40's but raining cats and dogs. Usually I'm OK with the rain but it has been raining, cloudy, gray and gloomy for days. I just want to crawl in bed and hibernate(with my TV on, of course)!

Tonight is The Bachelor. After the last few seasons I vowed I wasn't watching it again and then they made Jake the new Bachelor. I really liked him so will be interested to see how he does.

I am really glad the new season of TV is starting...I was tired of watching reruns and old movies.

Jim Pivnichny said...

My favorite is "there's no business like snow business" In black and white it conveys just the right mood. Keep on clicking!

joy n said...

Barry is coming home tomorrow. It's snowing tomorrow but I'll be in Buffalo at noon to get him (leaving early). He sounds good if a bit hoarse. I'll let you know how it goes in a few days.

Thanks to all of you for your prayers and good wishes. You are a great group of "GOOD" people!

AlbGlinka said...

Happy New Year folks--- ahh, the snow pics make me homesick...

Jackie: I'm waiting for you to comment on the new Survivor cast! Go Cerie!

Hugs to Joy N and family, Grove

Dottie Gutenkauf said...

Jackie, your photos are fabulous!

Now that Comcast has TCM we're able to see all kinds of classics--like the W.C. Fields pix they showed the other night. And we've gotten to see all sorts of others, too--most of which we haven't seen in many years. We're enjoying this new blessing!

Best to you for 2010!

Anonymous said...

Cold here in Indy too! Go Colts even though you should have tried for a perfect season.
Jackie, have you ever watched "Biggest Loser" It's very inspiring. It starts tonight, Tuesday.
Anon in Indy

Sally said...

Glad to hear that your husband is recovering so nicely, Joy. Must be a huge relief. I'm sure he'll thrive with your TLC and all the comforts of home. Hope the snow doesn't cause any travel problems for you tomorrow.

joy n said...

Barry is home and doing well. Tired and sore, but very happy to be here. Three surgical cuts (chest, inner thigh and ankle) that are clean and small parts of them already healing. He walks a bit, elevates his leg (left, not right as I think I said earlier). He has several meds, including vicoden (sp?) for pain. He dozes a lot which he needs to do. I am just so relieved that he is here and on the mend. He's been a hard worker all his life and the doctor says that worked very much in his favor. I am giving him plenty of TLC.

One more time, I thank you all for the good wishes and prayers. I can't express how much they've helped me as well as him. I'm thrilled that our lives are slowly returning to normal.

God bless you all!


Sydney said...

Hi Jax, I loved the snow ones at the train station, the first one especially, and the tracks in the snow. I wonder if you can take pictures of the squirrel nest now and again. They should be having babies in a few weeks too btw. How they can do it in this cold is a mystery to me, because when those little hairless newborns come my way it's a battle to keep their temps even with all my fleece blankets and heating pads and modern know how.

Sydney said...

BTW loved Hugos too, such great color!

Sydney said...

Margo, and the Bachelor started last Mon night. I know, we don't think we want to watch it again... but it's JAKE! (lol)

JoyN, glad to hear updates and see you back again.

Donna, I love the sunrise avatar.

NC in GA, I'm with you,love the snow, like I was a kid. Being in the cold was much harder when I lived in NYC and had to be walking in it all the time, lugging everything I needed for the day with me. But scraping off my car and letting it warm up for a long time before I could drive it when I lived in Chicago was a drag too. Still I LOVE SNOW!