Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Survivor 20 - Heroes and Villains Casting and Information

Tonight on the People's Choice Awards (CBS starting at 9 PM ET), Jeff Probst has promised a peek at the upcoming Survivor season. The season is slated to premiere on Thursday, February 11. It's to be a two-hour extravaganza with a look back at each contestant in their previous season(s).

Although CBS hasn't released the official cast list yet, there are plenty of cast spoilers on the internet. Here's what I found --


Heroes Tribe
Amanda Kimmel (S15 China and S16 Micronesia)
Candice Woodcock (S13 Cook Islands)
Cirie Fields (S12 Panama and S16 Micronesia)
Colby Donaldson (S2 Australia and S8 All-Stars)
J.T. Thomas (S18 Tocantins)
James Clement (S15 China and S16 Micronesia)
Rupert Boneham (S7 Pearl Islands and S8 All-Stars)
Stephenie LaGrossa (S10 Palau and S11 Guatemala)
Sugar Kiper (S17 Gabon)
Tom Westman (S10 Palau)

Villains Tribe
Coach Ben Wade (S18 Tocantins)
Courtney Yates (S15 China)
Danielle DiLorenzo (S12 Panama)
Jerri Manthey (S2 Australia and S8 All-Stars)
Parvati Shallow (S13 Cook Islands and S16 Micronesia)
Randy Bailey (S17 Gabon)
Boston Rob Mariano (S4 Marquesas and S8 All-Stars)
Russell Hantz (S19 Samoa)
Sandra Diaz-Twine (S7 Pearl Islands)
Tyson Apostol (S18 Tocantins)

Hmm. There are a few on there I really don't want to see on my television throughout the rest of my natural life. Coach Ben Wade isn't a villain, he's an annoying weirdo with grand delusions. Rob Mariano has already had too many fifteen minutes of fame. Although I thought he was a bit creative on The Amazing Race, I never cared for him much on Survivor. I'm not understanding the criteria for some of these choices, either. Courtney is a villain?

I'm looking forward to seeing how some of them do with this season -- Tom Westman, Evil Russell, Colby Donaldson (just because he's a cutie-patootie), Cirie, James. Yeah, I had to mix a villain in with my heroes.

Since Richard Hatch couldn't leave the country, he's not going to be in the show. It's a shame as I'd like to see him and Russell team up. Hatch was my choice to win the first season and, although I wasn't too keen on him in All-Stars, he's the ultimate villain.

One of the nice guy heroes I would have liked to watch again would be Ethan Zohn (Africa). I feel very saddened about the state of his health these days. Yul Kwon or Yau-Man Chan would be welcome back in my eyes, too. But I think they're both very busy in their own careers. They aren't bartenders like such a large bunch of the reality contestants!

What do you think of the cast list?


Anonymous said...

Can't wait for Survivor to start! Jackie, can you tell us anything about Ethan's health? He was a favorite of mine also. Last nite on Biggest Loser they had a man who weighed 526 pounds. He lost 34 the first week. Amazing.

Anon in Indy

Jackie said...

As of December 17, Ethan's stage II Hodgkin's lymphoma was in remission according to this People Magazine video

Sydney said...

I saw that article in People Jackie. I have my fingers crossed for him. Both he and Jenna is it (the brunette from the cast that has been going out with Ethan for several years) have a history of cancer in their families so they have supported each other a lot thru her mother's passing and this.

Anonymous said...

I think evil Russell gets voted out early on. The allstar season was filmed before the live finale from Samoa and I think that is why Russell was so dejected when he didnt win Samoa. He already knew that when given a second chance at Survivor he failed and was voted off.

RBennie said...

Hi Jackie. Hi All. I hope all is well with everyone. I know I haven't been around lately - life is really hectic at the moment. How are you and Vincent getting along Jackie?

I'm really looking forward to this new Survivor season. I predict it's going to be a really good one. I'm curious to see how the alliances will stack up.

SueGee said...

I am sooooo ready for more Survivor! Yes, there are people that are missing from these tribes that could have made for (imho) a better mix - but once it starts airing I'll be happy with what we have! There are some players I want to see gone very quickly - and others that I hope stick around to entertain us for a while.

Hope everyone is keeping safe and warm!!

Sue on the Left Coast

SueGee said...

Just read about a big Survivor Reunion party in Los Angeles this weekend. Those that have been on the show have these periodically and it seems to be one big happy club. Anyone in LA that can crash it for us and give us a report??

Sue (in Northern CA)

joy n said...

Yes, I read that there will be 250 past contestants there in Pasadena on Saturday. Sounds like it might be a real love/hate fest. Wish I could be a fly on those walls.

I'vr read that Jeff Probst wrote about it on his blog which I hope to get to later.

Margo said...

I guess with the new cast list up I can start collecting names for the SURVIVOR POOL. I'm thinking since I won the last 2 times I'll sit this one out. Maybe I'll put Mom in instead. We have to think of a name for her since she does not know how to get online she does not have a google account. Any suggestions?

OK who wants to come out and play?


Margo said...

hey Jackie do you like my avatar?
= D


Becky said...

Thanks for the info. Colby -- be still my foolish heart. Now if Ozzie and Rupert had been on there I would have been very happy.

Becky said...

Margo, I want in. Why not just call her Mom?

Lars Eller said...

Interesting list.

Go Horn's
win by 8


Lars Eller said...

Add my name to pool list,

Hello to everyone.

Delee said...

Mommy Dearest is my pick and not the J Crawford type of Mommy Dearest.

Becky Rupert is on the list...I saw him also on the PC preview for Survivor.

Please add me also...

Be safe with this cold weather all...when Starry was out a bit ago when she stepped on the snow it made this squeaky sound so even the snow is COLD!!! Kind of like the sound those styrofoam squiggles make...

Jackie said...

RBennie -Vincent and I are getting along great. He's a nut, but a sweet nut. (Hmm ... macadamia? Hazelnut?)

Margo - Mom would probably be fine. We don't have a plain old "Mom." Love the avatar!

SueGee said...

Count me in for the pool!!


ML said...

I hope everone's SURVIVING this cold and snowy winter!

Yes Margo count me in on the pool!

joy n said...

Margo, please count me in on the pool this season too. And Mom sounds good to me also.

Anonymous said...

It seems a bit unfair that the case know each other (or at least had the opportunity to see the other's seasons) and they wouldn't have seen Russell yet. Does that give him an advantage being the unknown?

And can anyone refresh me on who Danielle of the Villans is? I just can't seem to recall her.


monty924 said...
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monty924 said...

Woohoo, count me in for the Survivors 20 pool.

I didn't really see Courtney as a villain either. She did have some pretty funny zinger-type one-liners that were pretty villainous though. Remember when she said that Denise (lunch lady) didn't deserve the million dollars because... "she sucks at life"? That was mean, but pretty funny... especially when we found out things after the season about Denise the Lunch Lady.

monty924 said...

Anonymous said...
And can anyone refresh me on who Danielle of the Villans is? I just can't seem to recall her.

Danielle was on Cirie's original season. She went to the fire starting challenge against Cirie and won to go to the final 2. I only watched about two or three episodes that season and wasn't a die hard fan yet.

I'm not sure she was a villain either, but that's where they are putting her on the new tribes.

Brent McKee said...

Put my name on the pool list too.

I'm a Rob fan, but really do you want him without Amber? Ideal casting would have Rob on Villains and Amber on Heroes, but obviously she shouldn't be leaving the baby for a month when the little girl is less than 6 months old.

Laurie said...

Me, me, me!! I want to be in the pool.

You can play, too, even if you do win again. I love having your mom in, though.

AlbGlinka said...

I'd like to be in th pool! I'm a big fan of Cerie, was glad to see her included.

I hope and pray Russell gets voted out early!

Anonymous said...

Hi Margo, Please add me to the survivor Heroes and Villians pool. I cant wait for it to start.Thank you Karen

Anonymous said...

Hi Margo I forgot when I signed my name. I think there is another Karen so you can do mine as Karen in Ca. Thank you again

dla said...

Hi everyone! Happy New Year!

Margo, please add me to the Survivor pool... And I think you should definitely play, and add Mom, as well!

joy n said...

Reality TV World has a story posted about Jennifer Lyons, 37, of Survivor:Palau, (10th season) who died yesterday of breast cancer. She was the nanny who finished 4th that season. Tom Weston had won. There's a picture of her with the article.

She'd been fighting it for 5 years. The article said she'd noticed lumps shortly before her season started, but had no health insurance and thought the lumps probably had something to do with her earlier breast implant surgery.

She'd had a double mascectomy and had gone into remission but the cancer came back in her bones.

If this doesn't tell people how important breast exams and early detection is, I don't know what does.

37 is way too young to die.

Lisanne said...

Ok, so a terribly rookie question here:

Was this season filmed before or after the last season aired. I.E. are the others going in aware of Russell Idol-seeking abilities? Would be interesting to see if he could continue that trend of "no-clue' idol finding.

SueGee said...

The seasons overlapped. They were actually filming the season we haven't seen yet while airing the season we just watched. So to answer your question, no one should have know a thing about Russell nor any of his "special" abilities.


DARRYL said...

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Let's get him in,,,PASS THE WORD......